Pairs are Made in heaven….episode 1

A mantion looks like beautiful palace…the  mantion name are written in bold big letter RHAIZADA MANSION..
A big room shown ..a man is sleeping.Morning  a sun rays fall on a person who is sleeping peacefully..his sleep disturb and he wake up and rub his  eyes ..suddendly his phone ringing sound came ..after seeing caller name a bright smile came on his face he attended call..
Man:good morning princess.
Caller: good morning bhaiyu. How are u ..hw is dadi amd manik..
Man:shona all are fine hw are u?(yes that caller is our swara and man is arnav)
Shona:im fine bhaiyy..
Arnav:when you are coming?
Shona:soon bro..after completing my project ..
Arnav:still how many days it take to complete?
Shona:may be 1week or more than that.
Arnav(sad tone) : come soon we all are missing u.
Shona:me too bhaiyu i ll try to come soon…bye bhaiyu need to go u ltr ..take care u.
Arnav:love u  too baccha
After that he ended the call and went to washroom to get fresh.

Sreen shifted to a badi where a girl is doing arti with her melodious voice …after finishing arti all prises  to her voice .. she  given prasad to there parents and took blessing …
Then she went to a room where another girl is sleepi  ..she went  near window and slides the curtain…the rays falls on our sleeping beauty …she  turn and coverd her face..
Girl1:hey baby wake up its mrng.
Girl2:di let me sleep na plz
Girl1: nandu wake up will come and scold u..(yes that girl 1 is our nandini )
Nadu:ragu di plz na 5 mins.(girl 2is ragini)
Ragini:nandu wake up mom came..
Nandu: di plz na
Ragini: no ..i ll call mom..she shouted mom..
 that girl suddendly woke and run to wash room seeing her sister antic ragini laughed..

Screen shift to a big mansion ..maheswari mansion..a lady came with cup of tea and given to man..that lady went upstairs and went to roon where a girl is sleeping…
Lady: beta get up its 8
Girl: mom 5 min..
Lady: beta its bad habbit .after marrige u have to wake up  early only na
Girl: mom that will see after marrige ..nt nw
Lady: then learn it frm now only na
Girl: mom please 5 min..
Lady (anger): kavita wake up .its 8 ..(tht girl is kavita and lady is ap).
Kav:  ok fine mom..that girl wake up and ap went to another room where a charming and handsome boy is sleeping with smile.
Ap: beta wake up its 8 ..
Boy suddenly wake and sat on bed
Boy:O shit its 8 u have to wake me up early na..
Ap: beta last night u  r doing work and slept so i havnt disrurbed u …u fresh up i ll make bf for u ..the boy went to wash room and after getting ge came down and want to main door without having bf..
Ap: sanskar have bf ( the man is sanskar )
Sanskar: mom its already late ..i ll have in office only … A man came down frn stairs ..
Man: beta first gave bf then go to office
Sanskar:dad i have imp meeting  i need to go.(man is dp)
Dp: beta think abt ur health.
Sanskar : ok fine lets have bf ..
They all went to dinning table and had bf

Screen shift to rhaizad mansion..
O old lasy is sitting in hall having tea..
A boy came and huged her and pulled her cheek sat beside her
Boy:good mrng darling
Old lady: good morning patner
Boy:so whats plan?
Old lady: plan?
Boy:o ho patner  our daily routin..
Old lady:ohoo lets think..
They both start thinking.. suddenly a hand came on both shoulder they turn and see arnav
Old lady : o arnav u came lets have bf
Arnav: dadi what u both are  thinking
Arnav(shocking):plan for what?
Suddendly dadi relise what she told ..before she telk somthing the boy intrupputed
Boy:bhai we are planning for surprise function
Arnav:surprise finction for what?
Boy: bhai shona di ll come after her success full project  so we are planing to surprise her
Arnav:nice idea manik..( boy is manik)..
Manik: thank u bro.
Arnav: u know when she is coming?
Manik (sad face): no
Arnav: then how u ll surprise …
Dadi: we ll call and ask her
Arnav : ok …lets havr bf .. he turn to gi dinning table … bt stop and turned and told …them
Arnav :dadi and manik ..i knw what ur planning..dare to play prank on me…
manik and dadi saw  each other face shockingly..
Manik: no bhai we  are nt planning for prank
Arnav: baccha i can  get knw whats gng in ur mind by seeing ur face better stop lieing..
Manik : bhai  . Before he ciuld say arnav cut him
Arnav: leave this come lets have bf.
Then all went to have bf.

Precap: lalsh and khush intro..arshi meeting

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