Pairs are made in heaven #1

Guys, author of two os ‘truth makes all things beautiful’ and ‘love for lifetime ‘ is back with a fanfiction this time ‘pairs are made in heaven’
So here goes the first partHi i am kitu .
My story begins with shivika fighting because unknowingly anika saved shivaay’s live .

Lets begin:
He boarded a chopper and opened a file to go through it as he was going for an important meeting to make a deal with the great singhaniyas of world and leading business families who have just arrived from america to india in search of a special Person and by not wasting they wanted to make a deal with leading business companies of india the Oberoi ‘s . So when our great sso opened the file his temper reached skies as he saw some papers with his cartoons and entitled as below:

Tadibaaz kanji aankhon wala bagad billa
Stone singh oberoi
And so on
He thought how their files got changed and got a flashback that he bumped into anika in the morning and may be that time their files got exchanged
He got off the chopper and at the same time the chopper bursted and caught fire .
Due to this sudden act shivaay fell down and rolled down the cliff as the chopper landed on the abandoned land and shivaay got uncoincious

In oberoi mansion(OM)
Everyone was present in the hall
Tej and shakti were discussing about an important deal while pinki was guiding anika for the wedding preprations and tia and pinku were chit chatting with rudra interrupting them and saumya taunting him. Dadi and jahnavi were also discussing about some issue and om was busy on phone talking about an order and suddenly shakti recieved a message and got up with a tensed face. He asked pinku to on the t.v
Everyone watched it and got a shock of life that in a bomb blast shivaay had died

Tia started sgedding crocodile tears and her emotional melodrama while dadi just fell on the sofa in a shock whereas jahnvi was crying and consoling dadi . Phone from om’s hand just slipped and fell on the floor like a thud and he was standing numb
Rudra and pinku started crying and saumya consoling them
Pinki was also crying and anika was consoling her whereas tej and shakti were shocked
Anika behaved sensible and said tej to call police and said in a consoling manner- how can u all believe that billu ji died nothing would happen to him
He is the great wall of shivaay singh oberoi how can anything happen to him
Saumya went to rudra and he just hugged her tightly and was sobbing in her arms and she was continuously blabbering nonsense to attract everyone’s attention because she knew nothing can happen to her billu ji

So i hope u all liked it and would update soon
I may be bad but not so bad so pls let me know if i am 1% good ir not through ur comments and votes
Ok bye bye

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  1. Awesome start kitu…. Keep going dr…

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    Interesting start. Update next part soon…

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    Amazing update

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    It is nice one dear


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    Great start… waiting for the next update…

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    Awesome start

    Lets see whats there for us as readers in the mystery box

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