Which pairing looks the best in Udaan?


Udaan started as a story of a girl’s flight towards freedom. The journey of Chakor through all odds and difficulties was shown very well. With the leap and new actors, the pairings in the show were initially Chakor-Vivaan and Imli-Suraj. While Chakor and Vivaan were very much in love, Imli’s love for Suraj did not turn mutual. The marriage and bride swapping track went for long. Chakor planned to get Imli married to Suraj, but ends up getting married to Suraj. Imli gets married to Vivaan and regrets to believe Chakor. Gradually, Imli starts accepting what destiny had written for her.

Imli got Vivaan’s support and friendship by the twist of fate. She started falling in love with Vivaan, because of his extreme care towards her. Vivaan’s genuineness wins Imli’s heart. Imli breaks all ties with Suraj and does not have any emotions for Suraj now. On the contrary, Chakor and Suraj got married and are unhappily staying together. Suraj realized his feelings for Imli lately. Suraj wants Imli back in his life, while Imli wants to stay with Vivaan. Vivaan and Chakor still love each other. The new track got complex relations indeed. Which pairing looks the best in Udaan? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment about your fav. pairing.

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  1. According to me chakor and sooraj ka jodi achi aur vivan android imli dhono look liked chota sa bacha isliye un dhono ki jodi thoda achi and I want to end their character and increase more sukor scenes

  2. Want to See Choka Vivaan and Suraj Imli
    But it’s impossible now, we just get used to Choka Suraj and Imli Vivaan.

    It doesn’t matter our reviews as the writer don’t care about it

  3. Cuteprincess

    eventhough suraj did wrong to imli. I think lovers should be binded together.

  4. Mona146

    I don’t want Suraj to use both the sisters.

  5. Sukor and imvaan are perfect suraj is only guy in show whose brains work very fast and he is also very smart so chakor and suraj are very compatible

  6. Chakor with vivaan?? please i want imli to be with suraj.. They look cute


    Chakor Vivan and Imili Suraj…
    Honi yeh chiye but yeh hoga nhi, isliye i do not watch or read episodes…

  8. Chakor and vivaan are the best couple why the track change like this bakwas

  9. Sukor forever

  10. Chakor vivaan and suraj and imli


  12. Suraj and Imli i think now its impossible

  13. they make the serial wosrt maha bakwass serial………..

  14. Vivaan and Chakor they are the best jodi

  15. Chakor vivaan is the best jodi. Plz unite them.

    1. Chakor- vivaan are the best & awesome pair. I want see vikor and imli- suraj.plz reunite them.

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