Which pairing do you like the most in Jaana Na Dil Se Door?

Jaana Na Dil Se Door did not let the viewers know the upcoming track till the moment the changes went on air. The show got a mystery track which was unheard before. There was no news about Atharv’s re-entry to take revenge from Vividha. While the guy loved Vividha from bottom of his heart, the rumors started about Atharv coming back in Vividha’s life to shaken up her marriage.

The actor Vikram Singh Chauhan, who plays Atharv in the show tweeted that his character Atharv will rise from the ashes and a new destruction will begin. Vikram has a huge female fan following. Watching him on screen with powerful dialogues and lover boy image made viewers like him, but his entry as the angry young man with vengeance will make the audience love him. This track was not expected. There was much gossip about Atharv getting mad and crying for his love, but with the horror and mystery track beginning, the show is really getting thrills. The fans of Atharv-Vividha are really missing to see them. Do you find Atharv-Vividha pairing the best or Ravish-Vividha’s pairing better than the former one? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. Shruti

    I really really really love Atharv and Vividha’s pair very much because they are just not lovers but are a true soulmate.And I have full faith that whatever be the current storyline they both will still remain together.They are not physically or mentally connected but there hearts are connected with each other there souls are connected with each other……… Love You VITHARV very very very very very very much…

  2. Prachi

    Atharv deserves all happiness in his life..he struggled and suffered alot by seeing his Mom crying in loneliness for her love….I don’t who will choose Vividha and I really don’t care about Vividha because of her Atharv lost everything….Vividhas presence doesn’t bother me …..Ravish is also good Guy and I really respect him..he has many Qualities similar like Atharv especially love and respect for Mom….he should help Atharv and Sujata getting JUSTICE…🙏 Please god help Atharv and Sujata really love ❤ them and miss them


    |Registered Member

    We all love Atharv and Vividha pair..
    But as per new track I do not lile show so, I have stopped watching it and more over now show will become like Hum Dil De Chukke Sanam… where Hero and Heroian are seprated… so its waste to watch now..

  4. Shivik fan 💕❤💕

    Vividha and atharv r made for each other ❤ whtever b the storyline nw,at the end our vitharv wil b together 😙 i luv them nt jst becoz they hav a sizzling chemistry,bt the way atharv’s love has encouraged vividha n taught her hw to stand by her own thinking is something which is wonderful 😙

  5. Ameera

    Plz it’s only vitharv….no more sorrows in atharvs life..he lost his dad n half of his life was just sorrow..he must get his love back..we just want ravish to sign his divorce papers…bas


    |Registered Member

    We all love Atharv and Vividha pair..
    But as per new track I do not like show so, I have stopped watching it and more over now show will become like Hum Dil De Chukke Sanam… where Hero and Heroian are seprated… so its waste to watch now..

  7. Reena

    Only atharv vividha..no rubbish at all..show is all about a msg of love empowerment n women empowerment through athrav vividha then why r u showing force marriage,rabbit n all crape..there is no any other girl left for that rabbit that u find vividha only..if u don’t know definition of love empowerment or women empowerment den don’t use these words if u know den make the show as it was earlier.. From which angle vividha looks like a symbol of women empowerment now..don’t make shows only for trips which u think u will get by showing these craps..which will never gonna happen..I hv already stop watching dis show since the force marriage track..if vitharv unite den I’ll start again n I know most of the viewers think alike.. BTW there were many ways out that u could show women empowerment through vividha instead of showing getting married to that rubbish..

  8. saanvi

    Its vitharv vitharv….forever v fans expect only vitharv not vivish at any cost….v al always luv vitharv

  9. Nikitha S Nair

    we like atharv -vividha pair onlyyy….feel pity for ravish..when our atharv left???? if atharv is not come, I willnot see this serial….

  10. Shivangi Pandey

    Atharva n vividha r d best…this rubbish can not take d place of atharva…never we want our hero of d show Atharva Sujata back…#Vikramsinghchauhan

    • jessy

      I like to watch vividha nd atharv yogether but due to force marriage i have left the show this serial is like hume dil de chuke sanam nd dhadkan plz writers and director dont say it is a love story nd dont keep such type of title iam sure with the separation of vivi nd atharv ur serial trp ratings has gone nd nw its waste to watch the show . Without athrav nd vivi together

  11. Reena

    Why this polling?? This polling is irrelevant coz there is no existence of vividha rubbish pairing

  12. shomaila

    atharv vividha will reunite . best jodi ever . he loved her , respect her, he gave her equal rights. no matter wat happend in tbe track but vitharv is connected through their soul . #viTharv is for ever

  13. soniya

    We luv the pair of atharv & vividha…coz tey both r made 4r each other….no 1 can replace atharv’s place in our heart…and as well as in vividha’s life also…so u plz try 2 undrstnd our feelings tat we need tem back as vitharv…& a huge request 4r u…wit all fans of vitharv…dnt make any romantic scens or watever wit ravish & vividha…the valu of romantic is very cute…wen it hapns vitharv…so….u plz rejoin our favrt couple together…dnt keep tem both alone…luv u atharv….come back in vividha’s life…& make her life so beautiful…make ur fans wit ful oj joy….

  14. Chandra

    Of courseAtharv vividha..we all want to see Atharv back in vividha’s life but not as a ghost… for God’s sake..we want to see the reunion of two soulmates..

  15. S

    atharv vividha only didn’t even think about any other pair missing my vitharvzzzzz😢😢😢😢😭😭

  16. Swapna

    Mr.director……viatharv pair is perfect…..plz plz….reunite atharv and vividha….i luv atharv…..
    Ravish is not a good pair to vividha…..vividha is only for atharv……please bring him back

  17. nisha

    well ! I support for ravish and vividha. ..Ravish is so nice and he must not face concequences bcz of vividha…but atharva should defenatly get justice…he lost everything for that f**** vividha..vividha is just …….

  18. sandhya

    Athrav Lost every thing because of Vividha. And Ravish is nice man, Suman also nice. So Vividha should live with Ravish. And Athrav should cure. And become more Rich then Vividhas dad.

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