“My pain”~Swara (Episode 8)


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Episode 8
The night was a silent and beautiful one coz everyone was together… Though it wasn’t the same for the Gadodias and Maheshwaris coz they learned the truth that Swara and Sanskar haven’t forgiven them respectively… The Maheshwaris realised in the 2 months that Swara was for sure one of a kind and a gem really precious and special, but yet again they were late coz by the time of their realisation they had lost their dear son and daughter …
Ashamed they were of their backward thoughts because of which they had lost their children.. 2 months is a long time ain’t it?? And in this time, Shekhar had realised his mistake and wanted to badly apologise to his elder daughter whom he had sided considering his dear Ragini while Shomi was completely broken , ashamed and what not realising that being the one who had taught her shona everything and handling her all alone for nearly 20 years still couldn’t identify her daughter’s pain, console and stay strong by her side…
A daughter is always a dad’s princess and her mom’s sweetheart..
But it was for sure not the case for Swara though it was more like both a mother’s and a father’s princess in case of Ragini..

When parents begin to differentiate their own children the world learns to do the same.. probably that was the reason why none of the many who supported Ragini in her times of pain completely neglected Swara and turned blind to all the pain she was enduring despite no fault of hers..
Life they say isn’t a bed of roses but here it was a bed of roses with thorns hidden deep down causing no harm for one while it was nearly a bed of thorns for the other..
When u can’t decide which side of the body or rather which part either the left handed one or right handed one you like more how can u decide, whom of your two daughters you would support or tend to in their time of need?? Life isn’t cakewalk.. but ya, it isn’t very hard if people whom u love and believe are by your side..
Ever thought of living alone bottling up all emotions be it pain or happiness within yourself and bursting out on one final day all of sudden.. This could probably make a person mad and nothing more.. but this didn’t happen with shona coz she had her dida in whom she had her complete trust by her side thro all the times of pain..
History may repeat but remember it never really takes the same thing from you twice.. it only teaches a lesson which you gotta probably follow..
It was early morning and swara was disturbed by a knock on the door. On opening it she saw her bhai waiting to probably speak something important with her..
Moving to Swara’s room he directly questioned her whether she has happy with all that was happening. Though there was a glint of sadness coz of her missing parents she told him with a wholehearted smile that she was so happy that she wants nothing more now..
Satisfied by her answer her brother left the room to get ready coz he was heading to London for a very important meeting to be held after 2 days.. Swara was pushed back and before she realised she was backed to the wall and in front of her stood her dear Prince..

After a cute fight, both set out on the bed and spoke to one another..
Sanskar don’t you think it’s time you should go meet your family, they might be missing you na??
Swara how many times should I tell you that you are my family,. You, dida, Bhai, Bhabhi and champ.. The moment they withdrew from supporting my decision thinking about a single negative point that very day they lost me, I’m no more a part of that family..
Sanskar please, trust me I know the pain and trouble when you can’t meet and speak to your family though they are close to you.. I lost my family Sanskar I dont want you to go thro the same pain.. Trust me.. They have been trying to speak to you for nearly a month and also lucky and uttu told you that they are miserably missing you and repenting for their mistake… So, please for me speak to them once and sort out all your differences… Please..
She makes an innocent face with large puppy eyes irresistible and thus Sanskar agrees.
After which Sanskar leaves while Swara begins to think about the 2 months which brought her together with her love once again..

One week had passed and finally everyone was free of their work and it was time for a lil masti..
Weekend was well spent one after which the following week Sanskar met Arnav and told him almost all the truth about Swara’s past from which she was running away apart from trying to start afresh.. Though, Arnav was initially very angry on the Gadodias and Maheshwaris he was very proud of the step his sister had taken.. Though Arnav was ready to support Sanskar he knew his sissy was gonna be very angry coz of sanskar’s decision and also his lieing that he was India when he was actually in Melbourne… Another 2 weeks passed by and now Sanskar was ready with a variety of plans and he decided to surprise his princess from the very next day coz it was the day they had genuinely confessed their love for one another…. Aah.. such a special day..
The weekend came back with full spree and Swara along with her Bhai, Bhabhi and champ set out to the theatre to watch the latest movie coz it was time for relaxation for her..
During the interval of the movie when her Bhai, Bhabhi and champ moved out she noticed that the theatre was empty except for a single person who was sitting at another corner.. Suddenly the lights died out and video started playing making Swara teary eyed.. the video was a collection of all the moments Swara had spent with Sanskar in form of photos and finally was a video where Sanskar asks her if she would step into his life one again but this time forever… Tears stared rolling down when the lights came back and she noticed the man who was sitting earlier, on his knees on a high table set up in the centre.
Seeing her love, swara rushed to him and hugged him tight, they stayed still and in he same posture until her Bhabhi and naughty champ started teasing them making them flush various shades of red.. after that they continued to watch the movie and reached home for dinner when Swara questioned Sanskar of his decision and various other things.. Learning the truth about what Sanskar had done, Swara was boiling in anger as she always dreamt of joining families and never breaking them.. She had very little dinner and of all that she refused to speak a word to Sanskar making him realise how angry she was.. However angry she may be , Sanskar knew how to melt her angry and thus planned the week accordingly.. Swara was Swara after all and she took nearly 10 days to calm down..
After which they spent a lot of time together though Swara couldn’t take much leave from her work she tried her best tis won’t s much time as possible with her prince.. And time passed.. Then came the awards day when Sanskar told swara he won’t be joining her as he had an important meeting.. Though that wasn’t possible he had planned a really big surprise for her and thus refused to attend the party though he was there and had actually arrived very late.. He surprised her at the exit and then made her day completely memorable by calling all her kiddo patients.. with a lot of fun the day ended and the next day they arrived in India….

Sanskar went to meet his family and on entering he was hugged by his siblings.
He was taken in a bone crushing hug by his lil sister and two brothers after consoling them when he moved in he noticed his Bhabhi facing the other side, completely ignoring him..
Moving closer to her he noticed her tiny baby bump and took her in a bone crushing side hug and did a lot of drama to buy her forgiveness… Mood swings after all..
His Bhabhi was finally blessed with a child and was now 4 months pregnant..
Then, he noticed his parents all in tears taking their blessings he told them he wanted to speak to them and sort out everything when his badepapa came forward and told him that they were ashamed of the act they did 2 months ago and now want Sanskar and Swara to bond thro a pious relationship of marriage in all their presence and start a new married life with all happiness and prosperity…
Amidst all these talks, Sanskar dint react to any of Ragini’s words be it her question of Swara’s well-being or where she was, etc…
Ragini felt dejected and was about to move to her room when Sanskar stopped her..
Ragini, I dint answer a few questions of yours and you felt so bad that u were about to move to your room then what about Swara’s pain she was left alone for 4 months Ragini. Damn it.. Goddamn 4 months and every moment she wished someone would come and console her but no-one turned up and u know why it was because you wanted to move on in life leaving Laksh with Kavya… Ragini everytime u commited a mistake it was Swara who bore the punishment.. and this time, it crossed all boundaries and though she doesn’t show it she still feels the pain of being left alone in the times of need.. Trust me , this time all of you, broke her way too much beyond repair.. though I will never come between the two of you sisters believe me she needs time and please stop pressurising her and making her feel even worse..
I know ragini my words would have hurt you but this is by all means the truth.. Please give her space and time when she moves into this house again..
With that, Sanskar shut Ragini up.. After enjoying lunch with his family after so long , Sanskar moved his belongings and shifted back to MM while sujatha along with ap set out to meet the pandit and match the kundlis of their kids and bring on the wedding function soon coz they were impatient now and wanted their daughter in law back at home with all rituals complete..

Swara on the other side was very happy learning that sanskar had moved backed to mm. Though, she dint know that her marriage plans were going , she felt somehow content with all that was happening around.. though she still missed her parents and dear sister she was happy for the rest of the things happening everywhere coz she was back in her form and was performing the duty of completing and joining families like before..

Done. With another episode… Guys I’m gonna wind up with chappy 10 maybe a small epilogue following it.. please comment and let me know if you think the story is moving fast or if it’s very slow.. please comment flaws..
Thanks to all my silent readers apart from all those commenting. Thanks once again..
Donno when I will be but will try my best and post asap.. also I’m planning to start a new story of a completely new idea once I finish this.. Hope u continue to support me..
Love u all… ❤???????????

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