“My pain”~Swara (Episode 7)


Hey guys.. I know all of you must be very angry with me and most of you would have forgotten my story… Sorry guys. But even now it’s difficult, but just trying to keep my promise.. Thanks for your patience guys and apart from that Thanks to all the silent readers as well if there are any..
Episode 7

The next day morning in India was a gloomy one for both the Gadodias and the Maheshwaris. Except for 2 of them one was uttara who waited for her brother’s call and the other was Shekhar who was completely involved in making preparations for his ladoo’s wedding ceremony completely giving no thought to the previous day’s event….
At the same time in Australia ie Sydney, it was late hours of dusk, where we see a hot and handsome man in the arrival section of the airport waiting eagerly for his best friend to come as it had been years since they had met..
In half an hour, came sanskar in his casuals and gave his friend Viren a tight hug and both set out to their home. On entering the gate, Sanskar saw jeevika , waiting excitedly with the aarthi thal to meet his bro after nearly 5 long years.. Seeing sanskar, jeevika did his aarthi and asked him enter instructing the servant to bring her Bhai’s luggage and place it in the room. (Jeevika and Sanskar share a brother and sister bond)

Going inside, Sanskar , Viren and Jeevika had a short chitchat after which Sanskar moved his room to freshen up and have his favourite dinner prepared by his sister.. Before, that he made a call to uttara and told her he reached Sydney safely at the same time Laksh entered, Uttara’s room, apologised to Sanskar and yes the 2 brothers mend their relation. After which Sanskar dropped the job of taking care of SB industries on the shoulders of Uttara and Laksh..
Uttara and Laksh promised to never let the other family members to know about it as well…
Then Sanskar freshened up and moved to have dinner. After dinner, they all conversed for a while and then went to bed with all hopes for a new morning…
The later evening in India, Ragini and Laksh were pronounced Husband and Wife legally after all rituals and with that Ragini moved to MM
The souls became one in the night and all were set to start a new life and thus everyone slept…
(Guys with this there will be no much importance to the Gadodias and Maheshwaris, they will be part of the story but a minimal role only…)

The next morning in Sydney was a new one and everyone were set to move to Melbourne and Sanskar all set to get back with his love..
After a delicious breakfast, Viren, Jeevika and Sanskar moved to the airport and boarded their fight to Melbourne..
Reaching Melbourne in a few hours they moved to the VirMan Mansion all ready to surprise Virat and Manvi..
On hearing the doorbell, Manvi who was awake moved to the door and seeing her Di, jiju along with her Sanky Bhai squealed in joy and hugged all of them..
After they moved in, she told them she would wake up Virat and was about to move when she was stopped by Viren and Sanskar as they had their own plans. Seeing them going Manvi sat down , relaxed and starting enjoying her time with her Di..
Moving to Virat’s room, Sanskar and Viren were confused what prank to use in order wakeup Virat along with surprising him..
Moving to Washroom, Sanskar filled a bucket if cold water and moved to room, where Viren was ready with a loud music to start in time correctly. With a click started the music player playing the loudest beats while Sanskar poured the bucket if cold water thus waking Virat with a bang.. More than what had happened ,Virat was surprised as well shocked his his 2 brothers and sooooo
Virat jumped on his Viren Bhai who pulled sanskar along leading to them falling on the floor and getting completely wet as well.
Hearing the loud noises , Manvi and Jeevika moved up frightened as to what happened only to encounter the three friends laughing hard on the floor. Seeing them like that, the girls asked the boys to freshen up and come down soon for lunch.. After enjoying their lunch, all of them decided to enjoy in the mall a movie, some shopping and then dinner and return back home before Sanskar started working and join the company tomorrow..
After a short nap, in the afternoon all of them moved for a movie to the Melbourne central mall, the best in Melbourne..
After the movie when they moved for dinner, they noticed someone who was special in the same restaurant having dinner as theirs.. It was swara dressed in a simple white one piece along with her Nav Bhai in a casual white tee , blue jeans and jacket and bhabhi in a beautiful blue maxi and champ in a simple tee shirt and jeans..
https://www.instagram.com/p/BFWAQrnPNb4/ (that’s Swara’s dress)

Seeing her there sanskar was completely mesmerised and lost until he was brought back to reality by jeevika who reminded him that he hadn’t told swara that he was in Melbourne… Realising that sanskar along the virika and virman moved to a table completely out of Swara’s view and settled there for their dinner..
Lesser did Sanskar have and more he did admire his princess. Sanskar was happy and his twinkling eyes were sure the evidence.. Somewhere in the corner if her heart Swara too felt that her prince for close to her but brushed away her thoughts and mentally scolded herself for thinking that sanskar was in Melbourne when she knew he was in India.. Little did she know that her love couldn’t stay for long without her in India and had really come to Melbourne but dint tell her coz he was planning something really big for her…

The next day, was beautiful day indeed
We can see a lovely , beautiful girls laughing with a few kids while their parents’ were admiring them. A closer look onto the table we see a tag, Dr. Swara Bose in hold and capitals.. (Yes, I know u would have guessed it.)
Swara was now working in Sunshine Hospitals, the best in Australia as a Pediatrician in its Melbourne branch.
She was more of the doctor who would suggest home remedies and definitely not loads of medicines.. she had a special name as well along the kids… She was the most loved doctor by kids around while parents admired how good natured she was Suggesting natural and home remedies and surely not tonnes of tablets and syrups..
On the other side, we notice a well decorated office with all the staff carrying bouquets waiting for their new me to join the office.. All staff were eagerly waiting when a brand new and the latest Rolls Royce enters the gates..
From the car, gets down a very handsome young man in a lovely black tux and w walks into the building. Seeing his employees waiting he gets them all takes all the bouquets and moves to his cabin. We see a picture of a lovely girl on his table next which was a tag reading Sanskar Maheshwari ,MD.

The picture was of his dear sister uttara while on the wall hung a lil picture of his brother and him another was his parents and finally a lil larger sized one of his lady love Swara..
While the two love birds set on their day’s work enjoying their work and also thinking about each other and mouthing ‘’ I love you’’..
Let’s see what is happening in India..
It was probably mid night since we see a couple’s room in MM where the mean is sleeping peacefully while the lady is in deep thoughts.. it’s Laksh who is in a deep slumber while Ragini was list in the thoughts of what Kavya had done and how since head got her love back..
(Oke guys I never told you of what had happened to Kavya, so that’s what this is)
The initial marriage life of Laksh and Kavya was a simple and lovely one but with passage of time Laksh noticed missing amount in both his and the company’s accounts though he dint mind it earlier he then started noticing it and learned that it Kavya who was withdrawing so much money on a basis..

Though he never confronted Kavya he always noticed her lost and guilty .. With passing time, he noticed and realised that Kavya was in grave trouble.. it took quite some time but he noticed in three months that Kavya one had an affair with a guy who was now troubling her to upload her obscene pics on the net.. Learning the truth he device to do something for her.. He decided to meet the guy but he was all set on to kill Laksh to make as much money as possible. Then one day when he set out to meet the guy, he noticed Kavya missing from the previous day and noticed that she hadn’t returned at night as well and that her phone was switched off. Then he got the call of the guy and reached an old and worn out factory where his work Fe was tied down.. Then set out a fight between the two guys and when the guy was about to stab Laksh Kavya came in between and in the same time came the police who shot the guy and took him to custody while Kavya closed her eyes uttering the last few words that she dint love Laksh and wanted him to marry his true love which was Ragini.. Then one day after all the last rites rituals of Kavya Laksh meet Ragini told her all the truth spoke to all the elders and then after doing a lot of convincing he finally got married to Ragini.. Even during all these four months and during all the rituals and talking etc, etc none of them tried to speak to Swara or rather dint even try to see how she was or what was happening to her..

The sun rises while Ragini was in these thoughts and seeing her sitting in the balcony and noticing her lost in thoughts Laksh came and hugged her from the back snapping her from her thoughts and questioned her what she was thinking. Seeing Laksh she put a full stop to her thoughts and told Laksh that she was very wrong and now greatly regrets all that happened with Swara because if her and the Gadodias and also added that she is missing soo very much.. Being consoled by Laksh both of them set out on their daily chores..
At Gadodias as well we can see a gloomy shomi while on the other hand a lil sad Shekhar, dadi and Dada because of all their carelessness as a result of which they lost their elder daughter Swara all of them were busy recalling their moments of Swara while tears rolled down their eyes thinking about all the pain they had given her apart from which the feelings in their eyes was that of complete regret, pain and guilt..
They were suddenly brought out of their thoughts all because of the courier guy who had brought a parcel to them..
In case of Melbourne it was night and we see Sanskar and Swara in their homes all tired after their long day work in office after their dinner they went back to bed after Sanskar seeking to his dear sis and bro while Swara spoke to her pyaari dida.

In the blink of the eyes, 2 months passed by and we see a lovely award function called the Doctor’s Day.. We can see all famous business man and doctors waiting eagerly for the last 2 awards the patient’s friendly doc and the most famous and youngest doc…
After an eager wait of about a few minutes , it was announced that for the first time in all these years the 2 awards are being taken by the same doctor..
Then a lil kid was called upon stage to call the awardee which she did with joy and complete happiness, and said FLOWER, I LOVE YOU..
And then the girl called up and said, to all those who don’t understand it’s flower yaaniki the one and only Dr. Swara Bose.
Everyone around were happy including Arnav Singh raizada who lifted his sister in his arms and twirled her around without caring who was around while her Bhabhi squealed in happiness and gave her a tight hug and her champ wanted to be in her arms on lifting him in her arms he kissed tightly on both her cheeks and let her goo. She moved on stage and after taking the award firstly thanked her lil butterfly.. (the girl who called her upon stage to get the award). ( All those who don’t remember the kids gave Swara a name which is flower and she calls all the kids butterfly or sweetheart)
Though, no one noticed Sanskar was there as well mesmerised by Swara and bowled with happiness seeing her achieve her dream and collect the award.. Swara then thanked her Bhai, Bhabhi, Champ and dida and then spoke about Sanskar without disclosing his name making him all the more joyous and happy…

The next morning in Badi, we can see a lovely white Mercedes in the gate while a beautiful girl in simple blue one piece just to her knees in a lovely pair of Steve madden heels and matching simple yet elegant jewels enter the Badi with a lovely cake.. Entering the Badi and seeing an elderly women she squealed or rather shouted “”HAPPIE BIRTHDAY DIDA”” and then moved the cake from her face and then she is dida’s shoru.. Seeing her , dida was overjoyed that she was about to hug when she Swara pointing to the cake and thus she controlled herself and then lighting a few candles , Swara and dida cut the cake in front all the Badi people and then after feeding each other and asking the maid of dida to feed all the children around.. after which blind folding dida she took her to the gate and then opened her eyes and there was dida’s gift.
A magnificent new car, a lovely black coloured Porsche car.. (https://www.google.co.in/search?q=porsche+cars&client=ms-android-letv&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi99datkIfRAhUHQ48KHaDICXkQ_AUIBygB&biw=412&bih=652&dpr=2.63#imgrc=QvYXKotYpe56aM%3A

Guys this is the link check it out, the car is a super cool one)
Seeing such a costly and beautiful car everyone were left mouth wide opened. Seeing the car, dida was confused and realising that it was her gift questioned her naathin saying shoru I don’t know how to drive a car then why this gift, then she noticed a driver nearby and guessed that her shonu was not going to accept any excuse and so accepted the gift and everyone moved inside..
And then Swara’sface lost the colour answering a call. In a few minutes, 3 more people entered shouting “Happie Birthday DIDA”.

And then meeting dida, they questioned her about the cake and learned that their dear friend Swara had already cut the cake.. They were all irritated and then set on chasing Swara while she kept going around the place and then lastly brought out a new chocolate cake which they all cut together and enjoyed it. By this Ragini had come as well and wished her dida though dida wasnt happy seeing her shonu signalling her she accepted the wishes with a fake smile.. The 3 people then dipped their hands in the cream and spread it on Swara’sface while she shouted Sanskar, Laksh , uttara Ka bacchi, ruk mein abhi bathathi going and then she applied the cream on their faces.. The three people are none other than Sanskar, Laksh and Uttara.

Following this entered Arnav, Khushi and Aarav with another cake which they cut and then all of them went inside dida’s house and after packing everything there came out to encounter the Gadodias who questioned dida where she was going and then she answered she is moving out from there and then they left after dida was once again blindfolded.. Then they all set out and moved somewhere nearby MM and entered a lovely mansion which had the name Shobha Bose. Entering it they removed dida’s blind fold and noticed that she was teary eyed in happiness coz it was completely based on her tastes..
Then they set out of the furniture and stuff they bought from Bose house and then went about to rest.. Whereas Sanskar and Swara went out on a long drive enjoyed a lovely evening and returned before dinner after having loads of pani Puri..

Finally done..
Guys, I know all of you will be angry with me that’s why as compensation I have given you such a long chapter. Hope u like it.
Sorry once again. Even now it’s a lil difficult to post but I shall try and be as regular as possible. Hope u enjoy this chapter and please comment any flaws if you do notice.
Now what happened in the 2 months that Swara speaks to Laksh and Uttara and how come sanskar and Swara are together and no one has a problem with it??
Think about all these questions till I come back.. Till the next episode signing off.
Please comment and a hearty thanks to all silent readers as well. Please don’t be angry..
Also please forgive any typos..
Bye and Love you all. ❤????????

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