“My pain”~Swara (Episode 6)


Hey friends. You can see I’m back very soon this time. With the next episode of my series..
Hope u like and enjoy it..
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Episode 6
After a hearty laugh with her loving brother swara and her bro set out to reach their home where more people were waiting to meet swara. In a swift drive, swara reached the raizada mansion and with no regard to her brother swara went running in to met her dear bhabhi and champ..
Seeing her bhabhi dressed prettily in a lovely pair of white jeans and red crop top, she squealed and jumped on to hug her and after a few minutes she noticed an angry lil face and realised she forgot her champ thus quickly letting go of her bhabhi , she moved to champ , lifted and twirled him for a couple minutes and apologised after letting him down listening to the complaining voice of her brother who had brought her luggage..
** Oke So swara’s brother is arnav Singh raizada, bhabhi is khusi kumari Gupta arnav Singh raizada and finally champ is their dear son aarav Singh raizada more like a carbon copy of his dad.. ** ( You guessed it right crazy princess )
Swara what the hell, have u packed that your bags are so heavy. I am all so tired by just bringing your stuff from the car parking to here. Argh. I really don’t understand what you girls pack be it yours or khusi’s, the bags are always heavy.. Saying this he gulped as in return of his words he earned an angry glare from his dear wife. Seeing his funny expressions all the 3 apart from arnav stared laughing loudly…
Then, swara took her stuff and left to her room which was in the first floor to freshen up as it was time for dinner…
Her room, was a pretty blue coloured one with one walled all grained and patterned with a lovely picture of her laughing heartily and a lovely bed with a lemon yellow coloured spread and pillows.. a pretty room overall and probably a dream room for many..
After freshening , she wore a lovely white top with blue shorts and went down for dinner.
After a lovely dinner with her Bhai, bhabhi, and champ she went to her room to find a brand new iPhone 7 with a lovely card saying it was her new number in Australia and a gift from her lovely brother.
Overwhelmed she was by this gesture of her brother that without any second thought she ran up to her brother’s room barged in and gave him a big tight hug and kissed him tightly on both his cheeks muttering a loud thank you. Them she realised she had disturbed her brother so apologised wished them Good night and moved to her room..
Then she took her new phone made a call to dida and spoke to her for sometime and then she called another person told him she had reached safely and after speaking a long time cut the call saying love you Sanskar, Take Care, bye…
With that she slept with a cute smile as a reflection of her happiness with wait to start her journey afresh…
Otherside at the same time all the things till swara called Sanskar , many things happened in the Maheshwari mansion what that was let’s see.

Everyone came home and then noticed Sanskar hadn’t come and when he came half an hour later, everyone questioned him asking him where he was and then listening to his answer that he had gone to bid bye to swara everyone were shocked.
Before they could question him further he told everyone that he made a decision and wanted to let them know what it was.
He went to his mothers who were standing together and asked them, mom, ma do you have a problem if I want to make swara my life partner, I know she wouldn’t accept to this demand or wish of mine but I guess i cannot stay without her. So please, tell me do you have any problem with swara being the daughter in law of this house.
They were quite happy until it struck them that swara cannot become a mother, both the mothers had an eye contact only to realise that both were thinking the same.
When they questioned Sanskar about this he said, mom, married life is not just about children, please maybe, I will never have children who could call me dad, but the truth is I cannot live without her and apart from that if we really need children we can probably adopt, or maybe try out surrogacy..
Shocked would be a small word to describe the emotions of the Maheshwaris coz they never thought Sanskar would even think this way.
They weren’t able to accept the fact and hence decided they can’t support his decision and there was a long lasting argument where no one was ready to listen to Sanskar and with this Sanskar learnt the truth that his family still din’t want swara to be their daughter in law coz she can’t become a mother.
Sanskar was even astonished to realise that his family really dint care for swara and all that apologies were probably just a bit of drama.
Enraged was Sanskar right now and decided not to listen to them anymore. And left to his room determined to go ahead with his decision.
Then he made a call to lawyer Sarthak, who came in an hour with papers learning about which everyone was confused. In a few minutes Sanskar came down as well and told them that since his company was now spread in many places he has decided to move to his Australian branch either the Sydney or Melbourne branch and so is naming his India branch and handing over all its responsibilities to his father Ram Prasad Maheshwari, when questioned why her was doing this, he answered saying, probably u have a problem with my soon to be wife swara, so I cannot afford to lose her and hence I have decided to move to Australia and stay by swara’s side from now on…
With that he signed the company papers and moved to his office to meet his staff for one last time around wishing all of them there very best of luck for all their future endeavours..
He went to his office and there told all his staff that his father Ram Prasad Maheshwari will now take over his company, and that he is moving to his Melbourne or Sydney branch.
And wished them Good luck for their futures..
He then moved to his cabin and spent the last few hours working and reached home to encounter all his family members enraged and disheartened with his decision excepting for uttara who was happy and told him that she would help him in packing.. Asking his pa to send his flight tickets scheduled for an hour of the later hours in the evening with the driver he set out with his sister to packing the luggage and by the time he was done , lunch was served which he enjoyed , his last lunch probably at mm with his sister troubling and enjoying with her and with all the members’ blessing he started on his journey to the airport with his dear sister ignoring everyone else’s pleas of asking him not to go.
He hugged his sister tight with teary eyes seeing her crying bitterly, promising to meet her every two months once and also to take her to Melbourne once he has settled there saying to call her everyday..
Love you uttara, Take Care, bye. He said while uttara said love you more bhai, u too take care said please don’t forget to call me…
Another quick hug and Sanskar moved in while uttara started on her travel to reach home.
Uttara reached home and told them that she was tired and wanted to have a nap before going out in the evening and left the place on the other hand, Sanskar boarded his flight after calling his friend Viren and asking him to come to the airport and pick him without fail..
Thus, bidding bye to India, he started on his journey of getting back with his love on a very special day as surprise.
And then he got swara’s call which he answered delighted but did not disclose that he was coming to Australia soon as well..
Muttering the words I’m coming swara he sat down in his seat waiting to complete his travel around reach Australia as soon as possible..
( Oke to all your confusion all this is happening at the same time when swara is meeting her bhabhi and champ. That’s in Australia while this is in India, same time )
Arnav Singh raizada a very big industrialist world wide.. an Arrogant and Ruth less business man but veer kind hearted in nature towards his family. Was Sanskar’s senior in college but doesn’t know he is swara’s husband. Has made many swaps with karma industries and also helped Sanskar set in his business in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney..
Viren Vadera Sanskar’s best friend both were in the same school. He is one of the best lawyers and hasn’t lost any case till date. Lives with his wife jeevika and younger brother Virat who is a well known singer and virat’s wife manvi.
Manvi and Jeevika own boutiques for all types of clothes throughout Australia and in India where Viren and virat’s family live..
Uff.. Done with the 6th episode. Sorry friends with episode is a shorter one as I had a doctor’s appointment.. sorry once again.. Hope u like it saying please suggest whether it should be a ff or a ss or a few shots..
Please don’t forget to suggest. Thanks a lot..
Take care..
See you soon..
Love you all.❤?????????

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      Your welcome dear. Thanks for commenting.. That I will tell you in some other episode where I shall show u the flash back of the four months…

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