“My pain”~Swara (Episode 5)


Hey.. I’m so sorry for making you all cry but that wasn’t my intention. Please forgive me..
Here is the next part. Hope u like and enjoy it.
Thanks to the silent readers if any and all those reading the story…
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Episode 5
The night was peaceful for dida and swara so was it for Sanskar coz he had decided something very strongly…
On the other were all the Maheshwaris and gadodias were completely in pain and guilty for forgetting and ignoring their elder daughter’s pain. They knew they committed a very big crime coz the truth was it was their swara who always set out on making things right alongside perfect for both families..
Though they were still happy regarding Ragini’s life , had completed the mehandi ceremony, none could really reflect their happiness coz at this moment it was more of regret and guilt they were facing rather than the happiness for the upcoming wedding ceremony

Though ragini was extremely happy, she felt more bad coz even she realised that she was never with her sister during her pain and it was only because of her that Swara had lost her love not once but twice in her life..
They knew the next morning was going to be a long one thus everyone went to bed with the words of dida’s ringing in their ears and teary eyes…

The sun rose more brightly today coz it was the day finally swara was going to make a new start in her life forgetting all the past moments.
In the morning, we can notice hustle and bustle in the Bose house where swara and dida were roaming around packing all things along dida by the side feeding shoru her breakfast..

An hour passed by and swara in a beautiful simple blue coloured maxi, with blue flats and minimum accessories of a simple pair of matching studs and light pink lipstick, started bringing her luggage out coz now it was time to leave to the airport.
Noticing her walking out all the gadodias came out as well and ragini rang laksh and told him to bring the Maheshwaris coz swara was leaving.
Swara ignored the Gadodias but was stopped by a tug on her hand only to see Mrs. Gadodia holding her hand with teary eyes.
Before swara could say anything all of them requested her to listen to them for once and by now even the Maheshwaris had come..

Seeing their pleading eyes, swara decided to give them one last chance and said they had 10 minutes and not a minute more to say everything they wanted to.
Everyone were happy thinking that therefore swara would forgive them but little did they know that, swara wasn’t the old one who would forgive everyone despite however big their mistake was.
Swara, please forgive your mother, I’m very sorry dear . Being your mother, who brought u up for 20 years single handedly, still I couldn’t understand your pain. Please forgive me said Sharmishtha…
Then said Shekhar, I’m very sorry beta, the truth is that I did accept you but could never consider you equal to my Ladoo probably that was the reason I couldn’t see your pain and the darkness you were engulfed in..

Then came dadi, re chori, it’s true ki I never liked you but trust me when your marriage broke with Sanskar, I wanted to be by your side but couldn’t do so because seeing Ragini’s pain , I forgot about you. Please forgive me..
Dadu finally spoke, swara, I know dear how much ever I say sorry or all of us say sorry , it would be very small in front of your pain. Yet , knowing the pain u went thro, we really can’t do anything apart from apologising…
Hope u have a wonderful future dear, please forgive us if possible..

Then were the Maheshwaris as well who apologised and knowing there was no fault of theirs as they were already tied up with Kavya and their own problems, swara said they weren’t at fault and asked not to apologise.
When the Gadodias dint receive any answer about them being forgiven, they said, shona we know ki, u can never be angry for long. U have forgiven us na? So please dont leave us and go beta…said Sharmishtha…

If u think, I have forgiven u , then u are highly mistaken, Mrs. Gadodia.
I said I shall listen to you but never did I say I shall forgive u as well so please come out of your dreamland..
And let me clear one thing, how much ever u apologise, it’s too less infront of all the pain I had to bare and so probably I would never be able to forgive.
I yearned for your love and support in these four months , but u were never there, I cried all night for ur presence by my side. But none was there to console me excepting for dida.

I’m so sorry Mrs. Gadodia. I haven’t forgiven you and probably I may not any sooner.
U know what Mr. Gadodia the truth is u have never accepted me as your daughter and apart from that, Ragini is always superior for you coz she is your Ladoo and u probably have no relation with me..
Dadi, Dadu, u are elder then me so I never wanted you to apologise, I’m happy u accepted me but presently I cannot stay back with you so please, let me go and start a new journey.
I want to move on in my life, so please let me go..
With those words, giving a last glance to everyone and having a sweet and short eyelock with Sanskar and asking him to take care and saying I love thro her eyes, swara took a step forward only to feel a major pull on her hand. Turning back, she noticed, Ragini with tears running down her cheeks clinging to her hand like a lost child.
Swara , please, u heard everyone speaks, but won’t u listen to me, u always said , swaragini is because we two are together right, then how can u leave me and go. Tell me? How can u leave us and go far away , swara every one here are your family as much as they are mine. Please, listen to me, dont go swara, none of us can be happy if u leave us and go, please listen to your sister’s words. Please.. Forgive all of us and stay with us. We can make a happy family please.

Ohh.. Please ragini, just keep quite, u r right none if u can be happy if I leave only because u won’t see me in pain in front of your eyes, otherwise I’m sure, my going away would make no blo*dy difference to you so please, let me go I’m getting late. By the way, today u remember I’m your sister what happened to this sisterly bond and affection when u dint think twice before defaming infront of everyone, before proving that I’m characterless and of all pushing me into the river and giving me drugs. I very well know how much u love me, so please stop your drama, and leave my hand, I’m getting late for my flight.. So Bye.
With that she started leaving after giving her dida a tight bear hug, asking her to take care and always stay strong also saying I love you.
Dida, inturn told her to take care, say strong, take supper on time along with her medicines and never forget to call her asked her to leave and start a new journey of love and happiness..

With that left swara to the airport in the car along with Sanskar…
On reaching the airport, swara’s eyes brimmed with tears and seeing her teary eyes Sanskar hugged her tight and told her to be strong and move on in life.
Asking her to take care and saying I love you Sanskar was about to leave but swara hugged him tight and said I love you, please take your vitamins on time and don’t forget to call me.
Love you she said once again and moved in while Sanskar though felt sad that his princess was going far he was happy that she was starting a new journey and moved out wishing her good luck…
Swara boarded her flight and started on her new journey with all hopes to begin a new life in Australia..

A few hours later we can see swara moving out of Melbourne airport with her luggage and heading towards a man in formals standing leaning against his black Mercedes looking completely handsome and dashing..
Swara left her luggage as such seeing the man and running towards him gave a tight hug and shouted missed you Bhai. And with that she gave a tight kiss on his cheek while he hugged her back and gave a peck on her forehead and asking her to sit in the car while he went to bring her luggage with an innocent face, questioning her why her things were so heavy.
While swara had a hearty laugh looking at the faces her brother was making to bring the luggage…
Thus ends the 5th episode.. hope u like it.

Now, who is this Bhai???
Keep wondering till I come back with the next episode.
See you soon ..
Till then bye.
Love u all. .????❤?????

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    again saying this ff is really intresting update next part soon.. want to see how swara starts her new life and how sanskar lives. how they unite again..

    1. Akshara14

      Thanks. Will try my best to make it an ff. Hope u continue to enjoy my story.. Thanks a lot.. 😉 🙂

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