Pain Trust & Love episode 8


Thnkxx a lot guyz fr ur sweet cute comments…n yes d truth will come out bt not soo soon..n yes dis ff is is mostly abt i will also show raglak n mf n gf also..n d pairs are sahil n kavya and arjun n kavitha..dnt get confused..
So here’s d nxt part..
Sanskar : Haan…haan..wo…wo..i was thinking..wait wat did u just call me??
Swara: U didnt hear!! I called u an idiot which u are soo..haahaahaa..
Sanskar: (again lost in her laughter)Haan..den he realised..wait u called me an u hv to bear d he cld do nething swara was swara c strtd her drama..
Swara: (wid cute puppy face in a childish way)Sanskarrrr..m hungry here n ur scolding me too baadd..i dnt lyk u…n..aahhh..c shouted holding her head fr which sanskar got tensed…n asked her if c was fine n was her head paining…to dis wat swara replied he looked at her in disbelief..
Swara: Dnt wry sanskar i shouted cz my stomach is paining..arey buddhhu mujhe bhuk lagi hai…
Sanskar : Bt u wer holding ur head ryt?
Swara: Haan wo dat..hehe..i was acting (den c realised)..wo i mean i was thinking no..i was..
Sanskar: Shut up n sit quietly..nw no more talking nly eating n resting..okay..saying dis he strtd feeding her..
Bt how cld swara remain silent..c is sch a chatter box..c agn strtd her fun..

Swara : Sanskarrr..
Sanskar : Hmmm..
Swara : U r vry nice
Sanskar : I know..
Swara : U r too gooooddd…
Sanskar : I know swara..
Swara : Ur very very handsome n dashing..
Sanskar : I know dat also…
Swara : U r an idiot..
Sanskar : I know swara..
Swara : Really sanskar??
Sanskar : Yaaa…(den he realised something)..wait u agn strtd??ur really impossible swara..till now noone dared to tlk wid me properly n here my wife is calling me idiot…waahh sanskar isse kehte hai life..shaadi to karli bhugto abb…
Swara : Stop praising urslf..n wait wat u wer telling just ki mujhse shaadi karke tum bhugat rahe ho dat means mein tumhe pareshaan kar rahi hun?? Jao mein tumse baat nahi karungi.. Shona is angry on sanskar..go she will nt tlk to uhh..

Sanskar : Smiled a little looking at her den gave her medicines n she took dat silently widout telling anything..almost half an hour passed n sanskar got annoyed wid her silence…
Sanskar : Enough yaar Shona stop ur silent treatment..ok m sorry..look at me naa..see m really sry…aagey se yeh galti mujhse kabhi nahi hogi thik hai…
Swara : Achha so u want me to forgive u n tlk wid u??
Sanskar : Ofcrse yaar plzz..
Swara : Okay den u hv to answer some of my ques n promise dat u will not lie..
Sanskar : Achha okay m ready n i promise i will not lie..
Swara : Okay ur frst ques..whose dress is dis which i m wearing?
Sanskar : Wat kind of ques is dis..ofcrse its urs..
Swara : room is dis??
Sanskar : Umm…my no now its our room
Swara : Wat??…whose house..i mean..mansion is dis??
Sanskar : Ofcrse mine n now urs also..n u know dat den y r u asking sch silly take rest..
Swara : Wait sanskar my ques r nt yet ovr n i thght dis to be sahil’s house or arjun’s house..i didnt expect dis to be urs..
Sanskar was now looking at her blankly n trying to read her face abt wat c was thinking now..
Swara : Sanskar..i trust u..tell me wat work u do??
Sanskar : I m a business man..
Swara: (slowly n bit shocked now)Name of ur company??
Sanskar : Karma industries..
Swara : Now a bit more shocked..wats ur post i mean manager or ceo??
Sanskar : M d owner of d Karma’s..
Swara : (Her shock level was just reaching to a mch highest point now) Dat means ur..ur..ur…non other dan THE S.K.??
Sanskar : (very slowly judging swara’s expression)yes swara m nly S.K.
Listening dis swara immediately stood up n looked at sanskar wid shock n many more mixed feelings…

To be continued..

Now wat will happen ??wat will be swara’s reaction ?? Keep reading..
N yeah i will put some songs bt not now… After two to three episodes..N m sorry i want to gv d links of prev episodes bt as i m new here i dnt knw hw to give.. so m sry fr dat…n u guys hv given me nice ideas i will try to include dose..

Credit to: Kash

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  3. awesome…… hey u said swara ask sanskar to call her shona only…. some times ur showing that he is calling her swara and shona both… but plz show he caling her only shona not swara…. it will be nice as for nw only he has right to call her.. so plz show it.. awesome continue soon…

  4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    V.nice dear.

  5. It’s awesome loved it 🙂

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