Pain Trust & Love episode 7


So m strting another part…plzz do comment..n give ne kind of suggestions u wnt to give u all r mst welcome fr dat…
Here’s d nxt part..

Sanskar went to freshen up n kavya n swara were now alone…kavya was opening d bags of dresses c had bpught fr swara..
Swara : Excuse me aapka naam??
Kavya : K m introducing a little abt myslf tody…m kavya mehra wife of sahil mehra n a mother of a three years old girl tanvi n a fashion designer by profession dnt wrry slowly u will get to know all bt fr now take dis n go n freshen up else sanskar woll surely kill me cz m tlking wid uh…now go…c gave d nyt dress to swara…swara smiled n took dat n went to freshen up frst c was confused bt kavya helped her…till now swara doesnt knw dat its sanskar’s house nly n c thght to ask Sanskar wer dey r d nxt day…soo fr now she remained silent..n went into d washroom n den sanskar entered n kavya left bidding him goodbye…

[[so sanskar’s room was somewat lyk dis.. Its was completely white wid one wall having a messy bt beautiful greyish painting above d bed der was a huge bed in one block wid a dressing table in one corner which was previously empty bt now filled wid swara’s things d othr block was separated by a big seagreen coloured screen which looked like a small drawing room wid big beautiful sofa sets n a big led tv on dat side ders a huge glass movable door which leads to a beautifully designed swimming pool whose water looked glassy n d reflection of d twinkling stars was seen clearly in d small drawing room many beautiful paintings were hung bt one side of d wall was completely empty d bedroom had three doors one was fr washroom othr door was fr swasan’s all kinds of clothes n d third door was just like a small gym n entertainment room it had music boxes a big tv guitar n piano n some gymming equipments]] Miss mary bought d dinner trolley wid swara’s medicines n gv it to sanskar…sanskar arranged evrything near d sofa n waited fr swara ..juzz den c entered n came near sanskar wer he was sitting…sanskar was juzz lookinv at her blankly y shldnt he he got sch a beautifl wife…swara was wearing a light baby pink dhoti pant eid a blue t-shirt which slightly fit her n c was looking vry cute as usual..seeing sanskar staring ar her c snapped her finger in frnt of him n he came bck to his senses…
Sanskar : Haan..haan…wo..wo…arey swara u came come hv d dinner..wait wait i will feed uhh..okay..
Swara : Relax relax..i cn eat by myslf
Sanskar : I said naa i will feed u means i will nw no more arguemnts okay!!..swara silently nodded n he made her eat d food n den made her eat d medicines…n agn carried her n madr her sleep on d bed..n was abt to leave tking a pillow to sleep on d big couch like small bed infrnt of d bed…bt swara stopped him
Swara : Wer r u going sanskar??sleep here i dnt hv ne problem waise bhi dis bed is too mch big fr me…soo u n i cn share…come…
Sanskar : Its ok swara…bt i hv othr reasons nt to sleep wid u..
Swara : N may i know wats dat?
Sanskar : Ummm… dat ki…i..i…turn a lot around while sleeping so if we bth sleep on d same bed i may…i mean..
Swara : (started laughing) Oh my god Sanskar…ur seriously soo funny…hahahahaha…oh god i cnt believe dis…hahaha…
Sanskar just glared at her n seeing dis c stopped laughing..
Swara : Ok ok…no problm u sleep here lets keep d pillows in between us..soo problem solved…nw come…
Dey bth slept peacefully aftr d most hectic day of der life…

Next morning
Swara got up n found sanskar missing..while c was about to call him he entered with breakfast trolley wid first-aid kit n medicines…he came in n asked swara to go n freshen up…
Sanskar : Good morning Shona
Swara : Good morning sanskar actly i wanted to ask uhh something..
Sanskar thght dat c got to knw its his house n c is going to ask him abt his work n all so befr c cld ask nething sanskar interrupted her..
Sanskar : Swara u first go n freshen up den i will dress up ur wounds den uhh hv ur breakfast n den medicines n den u cn ask me watevr u wnt nw no more ques answr session go..go..go fast…saying dis he randomly brought some dress n handed over to her to change…swara was surprised to see his weird behaviour bt knew dat its better to do wat he tells else he will eat up her brain..thinking dis c went to freshen up..after she came sanskar just looked at her widout blinking his eyes..swara was wearing a red kurti wid yellow leggins wid open wet hair..
Sanskar : (in mind)y dis girl is alwys looking more beautiful n more new to me each day??huff sanskar ur gone crazy control ur thghts…swara cane towrds him n shaked him holding his shoulder…
Swara : Saannnssskkkaaarrr….wer r u??
Sanskar : Uff..swara y d hell r u shouting haan??
Swara : Wat i m shouting haan!!m calling u since wen n ur in some othr world…idiot!!
Sanskar : Haan..wo..wo..i was thinking…wait wat did uhh just called me ??

To be continued…

Credit to: Kash

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