Pain Trust Love episode 46

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Recap: swara n kavya n kavi were decorating der cabin in hospital fr kavi n arjun’s anniversary n dadaji’s heart attack. N he also in same hospital..

All gadodia family members along wid Raglak bought dadaji to hospital n he was immediately rushed into d emergency ward.. At dat tym nurse called d doctor n he was nonother dan arjun..
Arjun didnt remember d gadodia family properly cz he had met dem only once nt even met properly.. Ragini seeing him thght fr sometym bt nw her full concentration was on her dadaji..
As arjun was checking him inside all GF were tensed abt him..
In kavi’s cabin..
Kavi: Ok So all done ryt
Kavya:Yeah n its jst Wow..
Dey bth looked at swara fr her comment bt madam was busy munching her chocos.. Kabhi n kavya at same tym..
KavKavi: Princess..
Swara came out of her choco world n looked at dem blankly..
Swara: wat??
Kavi: Princess howz it?
Swara: Ohh.. Haan its nyc I mean beautiful.. Ok So now wat!!
Kavi: now we hv to find arjun n bring him here I hv to be here So either u go or kavya u go..
Swara: Di Di plzz plzz cn I go to Call jiju..
Kavi: Princess r u sure if ur lost?
Swara: m not a baby Di.. I cn manage.. So dnt worry.. Ok
Saying dis she went frm der..
Wen swara was searching arjun asking everyone she got sanskar’s Call.
Swara: Hello sanku wer r u… Come fast..
Sanskar: shona ur fine naa.. Y hospital??
Swara: offoo.. M Perfectly fyn bt u forgot dat today is Di n jiju’s marriage anniversary.. How cld u forget?
Sanskar’ Arey haan ryt.. Bt baby dnt worry tell wer r u.. Am at d gate…
Swara: Hmm its k.. Now m searching fr jiju… U n Bhai go to kali di’s cabin Bhabi n Di is der nly..
Sanskar : Ok come soon..
Dey disconnected d Call..
Swara asked a nurse passing der abt arjun n d nurse pointed towrds d emergency ward.. She went der.. Before she cld think or react anything she saw Ragini der.. Ragini also saw her n was shocked n surprised as well..
Ragini : Swara u here.. Wat r u doing here?

All d family turned towards d direction n found Swara standing der wid all emotions flowing on her face.. She had thght dat she had forgotten evrything n Moved on bt she was fooling herself by thinking dat.. Wat she found today was dat all her memories became fresh by seeing all in front of her.. She was again shattered n needed someone’s support.. Dat day she had shown boldness bt wer was dat boldness of her gone now.. She cldnt even utter a Single word.. She looked at everyone bt found nly hate towrds her in everyone’s eyes..
Laksh: Swara dnt tell me dat ur spying on us.. Hw r u here… Ohh dat means ur spying ..
Ragini : Yeah laksh is ryt I also think dat.. Wat u came to see if dadaji is alive or not.. Haan… Jst go from here..
Dadi: Tell dat cheap girl to jst go from here she is a bad omen I dnt want her here.. Tell her to go.
Sumi: Ragu beta y r u wasting ur tym n energy on strangers… U pray fr ur dadaji’s well Being…
Swara seeing her mother’s behaviour was jst having No emotions now.. She was jst standing der looking at dem n thinking dat r dese d same family whom She loved to d core n was She d same mother who gave birth to her atleast..
At dat tym.. Arjun came out after treating dadaji.. All turned towrds him to know d situation..
Arjun: nothing to worry Mr. Gadodia is fyn now jst a attack nothing more u all cn take him home After two hours..
Sekhar: Thanks a lot doctor..
Arjun: its my duty.. Now I will take ur leave.. U all cn meet him After 30 mins..
Swara seeing arjun wiped her tears immediately n tried to be normal.. D GF was still der… Arjun saw Swara n became vry happy.. N shocked..
Arjun : Princess.. U here?? Wow wat a surprise..
Swara: Hmm So hw cld I nt come today is a spcl day ryt..
Arjun: Hmm not bad u remember haan..
Swara: ofcrse hw cld I forget.. Now chalo chalo lets go else ur wife will eat me up..
Arjun: No dnt worry my wife will eat me cz She will think I made u wait n was late.. So nw lets go..
Gadodia family was jst looking blankly at dem..
Laksh: excuse me doc arjun do u know her??
Arjun: ofcrse n y r u asking Mr.
Laksh: Laksh… Laksh Maheswari..
Arjun remembered him n evrything dat dey were d same Maheswari n Gadodia.. He looked at swara who was trying to be normal.. He hold her protectively n looked at dem..
Arjun: Ohh If m not wrong den ur Princess’s So called family.. Not nyc to meet u all.
Ragini: Princess..(confused)
Arjun: yeh Princess.. She is our Princess n I can’t tolerate anyone speaking anything abt her..
Dadi: doctor m giving ua advice dnt go on her innocent face.. Ur a doctor So She is behaving lyk dis cz She knows u hv a lot of money n reputation.. So beware before Being ditched.. N see her dressing sense chii.. U wer married dat day ryt den.. Ohh I guess u left him also…
Swara was Just numb n emotionless hearing all dese.. At dat tym a voice came from back..
Voice: I guess someone is searching me over here.. Not bad haan..

All turned towrds d direction n found Sanskar Standing der wid full attitude n anger on his face..
Sanskar: So I think Dadiji u were missing me haan.. Tell how cn I help u..
Laksh: jst Shut up sanskar wat d hell r u thinking of urself haan??
Sanskar: nothing m jst answering her ques..
Laksh: dnt u dare tlk to my family lyk dat.. Else u dnt know wat I cn do..
Sanskar: Ohh So ur family cn tell anything to my only family n my life bt I can’t tell ur family anything.. Dats totally nt fair..
Swara: (interrupting) sanskar plzz lets go from here.. Jiju plz lets go..
Sanskar : Bt Shona..
Listening shona from sanskar’s mouth Raglak n sumi looked at him cz dy know swara never allows anyone to Call her shona except sumi bt now Sanskar was calling her dat..
Swara: plzzz.. I dnt want to be here..
Arjun knew dat if Sanskar stays der fr some more tym he wld get more hyper n Something wrong may Happen So he thght its better to take dem bth from here..
Arjun: Sanskar Princess needs u more now plzz stop dese n lets go frm here.. Y r u wasting ur tym on dem..
Sanskar’s looked towrds swara n found dat She is nt in a state of talking anything also.. So he held swara from her waist protectively n turned to go.. Bt before going he turned towrds all..
Sanskar: U all r going to regret fr dis.. N Mr. Laksh Maheswari be ready its tym fr d game to begin..
N he went from der taking swara wid him..

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