Pain Trust Love episode 45

Really vry sry guys For soo late post.. Mobile was out of order So typing frm new one…
So lets strt frm wer it ended…

After one month..
Sanskar was sitting in his cabin n checking some files.. After lots of wrk he was bit tired So put his head back on his chair n thinking abt d one n nly important person of his life.. His Shona..

Sanskar’s p.o.v.
Its been one month n my life is now far more better dan it was before.. Its all cz of my Shona.. After she came to my life I got to know wat life is… She is my life.. She is my breath.. Leaving her fr sometym also seems difficult.. Bt wat to do.. She is sch a stubborn girl She litteraly throws me out of my house to office cz For her wrk shld be given more importance… N I too agree wid her… Bt I complete my wrk as soon as possible to Stay wid her n spend tym roaming out wid her… N She too njys dese.. Sometyms I dnt understand her.. She behaves like a kid n fights wid me n makes me do things Which is nt For S. M. She makes mr a kid too along wid her… N Sometyms She handles things So maturedly dat I fail in front of her… Bt watevr She is.. She is mine n I love her a lot.. More dan my life.. No No She is my life… While sanskar was thinking abt his Shona his thought was broken by d ring on his Mobile..

Sanskar’s p.o.v. ends
Sanskar saw his Mobile n found swara calling him..
Sanskar : Take d name of d devil n here She is… He picked up d Call..
Sanskar : haan Shona tell..
Swara : sanku come to XYZ hospital as soon as possible.. N Yeah dont forget to bring a beautiful bouquet… N yes yes also bring Bhai wid u… Ok
Saying dis She cut d Call widout listening to him
Here sanskar was confused to hell.. He immediately called sahil to his cabin..
Sanskar : Hello sahil yaar come fast to my cabin..

Sahil came to him..
Sahil : wat happened?? Anything serious!
Sanskar : I dnt know yaar.. Shona called me now n asked me to come to XYZ Hospital… N Yeah tlk to bring u along wid me wid a flower bouquet… So wat shld we do know??
Sahil : if Princess his called means den myt be Something.. Chal lets go..
N dey bth left..

At Baadi
Dadaji was sitting n reading newspaper wen He suddenly felt uncomfortable n a ache in his heart.. N felt down unconscious.. Sumi was going to kitchen n saw dis n shouted… All came n was shocked to see Dadaji like dat.. Raglak were der cz dey were passing dat way n thought to meet d gadodia family… Laksh called d ambulance n Dadaji was rushed to XYZ Hospital.. D same hospital wer swara asked sanskar to come..

At XYZ hospital…
Swara Kavya n Kavita r in Kavita’s cabin n yes its arjun n Kavita’s hospital.. Dey r discussing Something n busy down some decorations..
Swara : Di Bhabi u bth go I will do it..
Kavita: No Princess… Nt done its my marriage anniversary I will do it…
Kavya : Yeah Princess u nly need to assist us No wrk.. U ta did d main things n its d surprise planning.. Nw u nly sitting..
Swara : But..

Kavya : Noo.. Keep quite n sit…

To be continued..

Now lets see will Swara n her family come face to face or not n if dey came wat wld be der reaction…
Plzz guys do comment n sry again fr soo soo soo late post


  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    KaasssH! yeah you late.. but sorry to hear your bad news…
    love it soo much.. waiting in century for your update.. huhuhuhu

  2. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Finally u posted I thought you forgot
    But alas I’m happy that u posted
    I really loved the episode and plz upload next faster

  3. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Mobile disorder is d most annoying thing that can ever happen in my beautiful world… huhhh !!! n dear i think u have suffered a lot …
    chappy was beautiful dear .. loved it
    … thnk u… ;-*

  4. anu

    awesome.. finally u posted.. please dear from now post regularly and dont say sorry we understood… update next part soon…………..

  5. chanu

    I miss dis ff sooooooooo much… 🙁 🙁
    Evn 2dy also I think abt this ff.. and u post it.. wow..
    nw im soooo hpy.. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thank u 4 updating
    Nice epi sr..
    lv it as always

    I dnt care abt gododia fmly reaction. Cz thy r no 1 2 my swasan.. im angry with dem..
    bt if their sm prob hope swasan will hlp them.. I wnt 2 show swara lives hpy without them…

    keep writing
    be happy always

  6. krutika

    hey i am a silent reader i love your ff pls can you post the previous chapter i have missed the link

  7. aanyasiri

    i missed ur ff..pls post soon ….can’t wait…………………waiting for swara’s reaction after seeing their family and gadodia’s and maheswari’s reaction after seeing swasan

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