Pain Trust Love episode 44


Sanskar was now full free n enjoying n forgot dat once he was hiding from dis crowd fr his bitter now he had his swara wid him..
Swasan went towards d bike n sanskar started..swara was agn talking non-stop n sanskar was enjoying dat a lot n driving..

Swara: Sanku u saw hw was d expression of dat salesman wen i tried everything bt didnt buy..hahaha..he was si irritated..i mst say..i enjoyed his expression a lot..
Sanskar: Bt shona u shldnt hv irritated him so mch na..i really felt bad fr him.. Bt i mst say ur too mch naughty..y did u do dese wid dat particular man haan?
Swara: Arey u know..i did dat intentionally..once one of my gud frnd Payal n i went fr shopping n dat man didnt gv d bracelet which was lyked by me d previous day..he tld ki someone has already orderd him to keep dat..dat to wid double money..its so unfair naa..u know i loved dat one…
Sanskar: (suddenly stopped) U remember d shopkeeper n d bracelet still since eight months..
Swara: Haan how cld i..(realised)Wait wait wait…how did u know??
Sanskar: (fumbles) wo..wo actually d person who ordered dat wid double money was non other dan me..
Swara: (surprised)Wat it was u?u orderd dat bt fr whom..
Sanskar: Ofcrse fr u my darling shona..actually d matter
Swara: Will u plzz tell..

Sanskar: wen u were purchasing things wid ur frnd i was der only seeing u..den i saw ki u lobed a bracelet n wanted to hv it bt due to shortage of money u asked d shopkeeper to keep dat fr u n u wld buy it d nxt i thght dat as u luved dat its special n if d shopkeeper sells it after u went from dar i went n purchased it wid double amount..n thought to gift it to u secretly bt didnt hv d courage..

Swara: U know wat..ur such an idiot..uurrrgghhh…wen u secretly watched n followed me everywer den cldnt u secretly propose me..huh..atleast i wld hv secret lover n wld nt feel fr dat stupid tell me wers dat bracelet ?
Sanskar took out his wallet n took out d same bracelet..swara was more dan happy n excited to see she stopped smiling seeing something..
Swara: Once show me ur wallet..
Sanskar: Y??i will nt show..
Swara: Will u show me or not?
Sanskar: (accepting his defeat)Oj fyn take..
Swara opened it n found a single earing n a pendant in it.n looked at sanskar wid mixed emotions..sanskar seeing her looking at him bowed down his head unable to meet her gaze..
Swara immediately jumped on him n hugged him tightly as she could n started crying..sanskar was first shocked bt later hugved her back n consoled her..
Swara: Y didnt u tell me once y sanku y??really u loved me soo mch haa?
Sanskar: Hmmm..yeah n i still live u dat mch..n will alwys love u more n more..i promise u..
Swara: Me too…i also promise u d same..
Bth left fr shopping..before entering sanskar asked swara to go n called someone..

Sanskar: (bossy tone)Hello..send a driver n a car to XYZ mall..ok
other side: Yes sir..
Sanskar disconnected d call n went inside…
Both swasan headed inside n as ordered by swara sanskar was selecting dresses fr seeing which swara becomes shocked..
Swara: (shocked) sanku wat r u doing?

Actually sanskar was nt good in selecting soo which dresses were coming to his hand n looked good on swara he was giving her n he had selected all types of dresses staring from sarees to shorts..all types n now it was more dan twenty..swara seeing dose got irritated n was trying to stop her hubby bt he wasnt listening her at all..he went towrds d counter n payed d bill..swara was looking at him shocked..
Swara: Sanku is it done?shall we leave..n yeah one thing ur gonna carry all dese…ok who tld u to shop soo mch…ur mad..does neone buy so mch at a tym..
Sanskar: So wat??my wife my everything..n carrying dese stuffs wait..
He carried all d bags n went to parking lot..

Swara: (confused) sanku bike was dat side naa..den?
Sanskar: Bike is gone n car is lets go in my fav car…lets go on a long long longgg driveee…wat say sweetheart!!
Swara: Sanku m hungry…plzzzz lets go n eat something…naa plzz…
Sanskar: Okiezzz….chalo baby..

Both went to a restaurant n had dinner feeding eachother n enjoying n den went fr a long drive as per sanskar’s wish n enjoyed a lot..while retrning bth were vry tired..swara slept on d way n sanskar watched her silently..n closed d windows as his sweet shona was feeling cold…dey bth reached sanskar carried swara to der room n made her sleep n also slept lyk dat beside her embracing her tightly..completely tttiiirrreeedddd…..

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  1. Rosey

    After so long you posted I loved it

  2. Mica

    waaaa… sweet hubby..
    my mom ever told me that our husband select always the best for us if they choose them with love..maybe in display they (the dress) look bad, but if you wear them, it will suit for us (wives)
    aahh i wish have hubby as Sanskar *dreaming 😀

  3. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Aww..sooo Cute Parts…Plzz.continue soon dnt delay plzz

  4. Nice dear…

  5. Next past plz waiting

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