Pain Trust Love episode 42


Sanskar was hesitant wid swara’s adventurous plan bt swara being stubborn convinced him..dey bth went to d orchard..sanskar looked at d place n was surprised seeing soo mny trees in real n all having fruits..
Swara: So ready?
Sanskar: Shona r u sure..
Bt widout listening him swara dragged him inside n bth walked slowly widout making ne noise..swara went near a mango tree n started climbing..
Sanskar: (whispered)Shona wat r u doing u will get hurt n if someone comes..plz come down n lets leave..
Swara: Shut up sanku..dis is nt d frst tym fr me..u keep quite n stand der i will throw n u catch it ok..
Swara climbed d tree n plucked mangoes n threw down..sanskar kept all dose in d bag dey got..
Sanskar: Enough shona wat will u do wid so mny mangoes come down we will leave..
Swara looked at him n smirked..
Sanskar: Shona i said come down..n y r u smiling lyk be more precise smiling wickedly..he saw her looking towrds a direction n followed her gaze only to find d caretaker coming in dat direction..he became afraid n asked swara to come down fast..
Swara: (winked)Ready to run my dear hubby..saying dis she jumped down held sanskar’s hand n ran wid him..d caretaker saw dem n shouted n ran behind dem..swasan were running here n der n d caretaker after dem..finally after running n running dey reached d exit..sanskar was abt to go out bt found swara returning to a place..

Sanskar went n saw swara hanging d same envelope she got wid her in d nearby pin..n came out running n dragged sanskar wid her n hided in a nearby place from wer d envelope was visible..sanskar was confused wats going on..after sometym dey saw d caretaker coming der n cursing d one whoz he stopped der seeing d envelope n widout opening he smiled n wat he spoke after dat sanskar was completely surprised..
Caretaker: Swara betiya..come out..nw no need to hide..
Swara slowly came out holding sanskar’s hand..sanskar was nly coming wer she took cz till nw he cldnt frst d caretaker was angry n running behind dem to catch dem fr steaking mangoes n after seeing d envelope he smile n widout opening he knew its swara..only question in his mind was why n how..
Caretaker: Swara betiya y u alwys make me run forcing me to think dat someone is here stealing..u jst come n tell me n take how mch u wnt u knw na sir tld dat its all free fr u..
Swara: Kaka..its fr ur excercise purpose..n u know since childhood i hv fun in dis chasing game..
Caretaker: N as usual u put a sry letter wid a thousand reupees note..

Now it became clear fr sanskar..
Caretaker: Bt betiya whoz dis boy wid u?
Swara: Ohh..he’s sanskar my husband..see he’s soo handsome..ryt?
Caretaker: Hmmm he is…bt beta bad luck she’s completely crazy all d best fr lifetym..hahaha..
Swara: (pouts)kaka..plz..
Caretaker: Hahaha..betiya i was jst happy married life to u bth n god bless u..
Sanskar: Thnkx a lot n i must say dis place is really nyc n d trees here wid fruits just wow..
Caretaker: Hmm thnkx beta..n one thing u cn come here netym bt dnt come lyk betiya to steal n trouble me..jst tell wat u need n i will gv u..ok..
Sanskar: (laughed looking at swara expression)hahaha..ofcrse uncle..n ur ryt she’s crazy..
Swara: (fake anger)U wait i will see u once we reach home..
Sanskar smiled seeing her cute angry expression…
Dey bth bid a goodbye to d caretaker n left frm der..
Sanskar: Soo?
Swara: M hungry lets hv lunch..
Sanskar: Hmm sure..chalo..
Dey bth went n had der lunch in a restaurant laughing talking n enjoying..n left from der..
Sanskar: Now wer u wanna go?
Swara: Shopping..
Sanskar: Waattt..!!???

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  2. Lol awesome dr?????????

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  4. AnuAnn

    Awesome deàr

  5. Mica

    hahhahahah… omg, the caretaker’s wishes so hilarious but it’s true….
    all the best on lifetime for swara craziness
    3 shot in a raw ? ty soo much Kash.. have nice day…

  6. Awesome

  7. Drishya

    Wow awesome…

  8. Hahahahhaha love swara and shopping Amazing its Gona be fun

  9. Loved this bubbly Swara…she is so pagal…hahahaha????..

  10. Hey its just awesome thanks for giving three episodes in a day. I was so happy after reading your episodes. I am just waiting to see the expressions of laksh when they get to know that Sanskar is not poor

  11. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Omg, hahaha???. It’s so funny… Loved it.Their bonding is awesome. Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

  12. wow nice epi
    swara is so cute.
    keep writing dr
    be happy always

  13. It’s really awesome.lovely n lively.
    But who is this sir,by seeing the way u have portrayed the bondings of the icecream vendor,chlidren,caretaker,gardener vth swara, is he swara’s step dad or someone who is close to swara since childhood?seems so. But ur story / n d way u write it is fantastic.

  14. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Awsum..lover it..all.da 3 new parts r jst awsum…loved swasan their new Avatar ??..CONTINUE SOON wid SwaSan Intense Romance plxz

  15. Tanug

    When you are gonna post next part please post it soon as I love the concept of the story very much so please plzzzzzzzzzzz post it soon

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