Pain Trust Love episode 41


Swasan met wid d ice-cream vendor n he wished dem..
Man: I must say u mr. ur really lucky to get swara beta as ur wife..
Swara: No uncle actly m lucky to get him..
Sanskar: Actually uncle..webth r lucky to get eachother..n i love her a lot i mean webth love eachother a lot..
Swara n d man smiled looking at him..
Swara: Ok uncle now give fast fr wat icame..
Man: Haan beta sure..n he gave ice-creams to her..swara took dose n went wid sanskar to d orphanage..
At orphanage..
Swara went to d head of d orphanage’s room..
Swara: Excuse me mam..

Mam: (surprised)Swaraaa betaa u..come come wat a surprise beta u came after so many days we all missed u a lot..
Sanskar was surprised to see everyone’s love fr swara..he was vry mch proud of his shona..his love n respect fr her increased more..
Swara: Wo actually mam..i was bit busy..actually wo..
Mam: (looked at sanskar)Swara beta whoz he?
Swara: Mam he is my husband..sanskar..
Mam: Oh my god ur married m so happy fr u..godbless u my child..congratulations Mr. Sanskar..
Sanskar: Thnks a lot mam..

Swara: Mam may we meet d children??
Mam: Sure..from wen did u strt seeking permission?
Swar: Okay mam den m going to meet dem…
Swasan went inside n found d children playing in d playground..
Swara: (shouted) Suurrrpprriiisseeee…
Children: Swaraaa didiiii…

Saying dis dey ran to her n hugged her tightly..
Children: Didi u know we all missed u a lot n u know wen u didnt come fr two two days Sriya cried a lot..
Swara: Wat? Wer is she now..
Some children took her to a room n a small girl was sitting n drawing something..
Swara: (slowly n lovingly)Sriya..hello howz my doll?
Sriya: Swara didi..she frst became shocked seeing swara n came running to her n hugged her tightly..

Sriya: U know didi i missed u soo mch dat manu is alwys troubling me n noone tells him nething..
Swara: Manu beta come here..see she is lyk ur little sister naa u should love her n protect her
manu: M sry didi..from tody i wont trouble het ok..promise..
Swara n all children talked fr sometym n sanskar was admiring dem specially his cute shona..
All d kids looked at sanskar who was smiling looking at dem n went to him..
Kids: Excuse me..uncle y r u staring our swara didi n us haan..
Sanskar: Actually i was looking..
Kids: (interrupting) wat wer u looking haan??waise frst tell us who r u?swara didi u tell us whoz dis uncle..
Sanskar: (sat on his knees)Bachoo frst of all listen me..m ur swara didi’s husband n from now m also ur friend like her..will u be my frnds..
All d kids looked at eachother den at swara..swara smiled n nodded her head..all d kids ran n hugged sanskar..
Kids: Yes uncle we will be ur frnd also bt u hv to give chocolates n ice-cream to us like our didi..
Sanskar: (hugged all n smiled)okay bacho bt u all hv to call me some other name..ur calling her didi n me uncle..
Kids: Den wat should we call u?
Sanskar: U all think..

Kids: We will call u bhai..she’s our didi n ur or bhai..sanskar bhai n swara didi…wow..
Swasan n d children played wid eachother fr sometym njyed der ice-cream n chocolates wid eachother..sanskar was vry happy n excited he was completely different nw smiling n playing whole-heartedly lyk a kid..swara saw dis n became happy n looked at him lovingly..
Sanskar: (seeing swara lost)Shonaa wat happened wer r u lost..
Swara: Nothing..did u enjy?
Sanskar: Enjoy..shona u dnt know hw m feeling m so so so happy tody..n thnks to u fr all dis..i love u so mch..

Swasan after sometym left from der..
Sanskar: So now wer do u wanna go?
Swara: Mmm..yes after some distance ders a big garden lets go der..wait wait m coming..
She went n brought a paper n pen n wrote something n kept it in envelope n asked sanskar to put 1000 rs in it..sanskar was confused bt did as she said..
Sanskar: Wats dis for?
Swara: U will get to now lets go to dat garden..
Both went der..sanskar was mesmerised to see d place..he was jst amazed…
Sanskar: Shona its jst i loved dis place soo colourful fliwers its lovely..
Swara: Hmm dats true i too love dis place cz der r different types of flowers here n all r vry beautiful..dey bth went inside n roamed everywer..dey clicked many selfies n njed d beauty of d place n left from der…

Sanskar: Wow shona wat a day..m sure noone wld be ever bored wid u..n tody is d mst amazing day of my life i nvr enjoyed dis mch evr…now wer shall we go..
Swara: (smiled seeing his excitement)Sanku now r u ready fr some adventure!
Sanskar: (confused)Adventure??
Swara: Yes after a little distance ders a big orchard wid mango n guava trees only..n we bth r going to steal hiding from d caretaker..n i remind u he is vry strict..
Sanskar: No no no..m nt going to take risk..n think once d great S.K. stealing mango from doesn’t sound good..plz shona..

Swara: Ho gaya..n let me remind u..ur nt ne S.K. tody ur my sanku shona’s he shld behave lyk shona ryt!!now lets go..
Sanskar: Bt shona if he caught us n will beat..

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