Pain Trust & Love episode 4


Thnkxx a lot guyzz for ur sweet response…i hv written dis part three tyms bt due to some problms it is nt updated…soo m fed up of writing bt still aftr writing three episodes i didnt want to stop soo i wrote it agn…chalo frnds no more bak bak…

So lets strt wid d story..

Swasan were made to sit on d mandap n d pandit strted reciting d mantras… At day tym Sanskar saw d maheshwaris leaving..he turned towards Sahil n signalled him something through eyes..sahil smirked a bit knowing his friend’s intension…he went n stood infrnt of d family..seeing dis Laksh became angry..
Laksh: Wat d hell do u want now y r u blocking our way??
Sahil: Arey arey chill dude..dnt become so hyper…
Dp: Wat happened??wat r u trying to do by blocking our ways??
Sahil: Actly uncle aunty m sry to invite u lyk dis bt i hv no option othr dan dis…actly as u cn see all d guests hv left n my friend’s marriage was planned suddenly ders noone to bless d newly married couple soo cn u please do d honour by staying here fr some more tym??plzz
Kavi: Yeah uncle Sahil is ryt plzz…
Dp didnt want to create ne scene agn soo he asked eveyone to stay back fr some more tym…n evryone stayed bck unwillingly.. Seeing dem lyk dis sanskar was juzz smiling n thinking..
Sanskar : (thinks)juzz wait n watch dis is d strt!!
Soon d pandit asks swasan to do d pheras…swasan stands n r abt to take pheras wen sanskar noticed dat swara cz of weakness ws nt able to stand n walk properly …soo he carried her in his arms..
Pandit : Wat r u doing?? Dis is nt d way of taking pheras..
Sanskar : Ur noone to tell me wat to do n wat not to…n by doing dis m promising my wife dat i will alwys support her n be wid her lyk dis n we will alwyz be together in dis way…soo i think u understood..

D pandit juzz smiled looking his love fr her…n kavi n sahil wer juzz adoring der newly formed bond which seemed to be stronger like ages…soon d pheras wer completed…den d pandit asked sanskar to tie d auspicious thread d mangalsutra to swara’s neck n den put sindoor on her forehead…sanskar did everything as said by d pandit n d marriage was done..
Pandit: From today onwrds u both r husband n wife..n seeing ur love n seeing u bth m thinking dat u bth wer made fr eachothr dats y all dese happened n no muharat n all was required fr ur marriage all d tyms r good fr dis couple..May God bless u bth…alwys stay together lyk dis…
Saying dis d pandit left..
Den sahil came n congratulated him n swara also kavita came n congratulated dem…wen dey were abt to leave dey stopped hearing a voice .dey turned towrds d direction of sound n found sumi standing wid a suitcase at d door…
Sumi: STOP !!

before anyone cld ask or understand anything she threw d suitcase towrds swara n it just stopped near her feet n Swara n all looked at her in confusion…
Sumi: Take dese wid uhh before leaving..i dnt want a single memory of a girl lyk uhh in my house take all dese n never evr show ur face in frnt of take all dese n leave..
Hearing dis tears strtd to flow frm swara’s eyes bt c immediately eiped dem n stayed strong n picked up d suitcase n walked towrds sumi bt stopped in middle n put d suitcase n agn walked n stood in frnt of her looking straight into her eyes..
Swara: You know wat Mrs. Sarmistha Sekhar Gadodia…actly i was thinking something else..
Hearing swara call her by name sumi stood still looking towrds her blankly as c didnt xpct sch a bold behaviour frm swara…
Swara: Wat happened Mrs. Gadodia…ohh ur shocked listening to me calling u by ur sry to tell dat i gv respect to dose who deserve..n u knw wat u dnt deserve dat cz u pointed at a girl’s character being a lady itslf so i hv no respct fr uhh…n yes wat u were telling dat befr leaving i shld take dese things so dat my memories dont distrb uhh..den accrding to dat logic if i see dese things around me i will alwyz remember d memories of my so called family…so wat to do tell me..i will nt take dese wid me…
Sekhar: Listen i dnt wnt to hear nemore of ur stupid tlks…lets all go frm here…chalo Mishti..
Swara: Arey wait Mr. Gadodia…were r u leaving??ur wife nly strtd all dese naa so lets complete it…so wat i was telling ?? Mmmmmaaannnn haann…yes i dnt wnt to take dese wid me…
Arey den it will be a problem cz u dnt wnt to keep n i dnt wnt to take dese wid me…so i hv an idea…
Kavi: Wat Swara??n tell fast cz i wnt to leave frm here…
Swara: Haan so my idea is dat….(mumbled n strtd searching something)wer will i get dat??
Sanskar : Wat r u searching Swara??
Swara: Yeah i got dat…now lets directly execute my idea..okay??
All wer juzz looking at swara in shock n surprise as dey did not xpct dis avtaar of swara…

Precap: Swara’s idea n her breakdown.

To be contd..

Credit to: Kash

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