Pain Trust Love episode 39


Swara on seeing sanskar shouted closing her eyes..
Swara: aahhhh…
Sanskar hearing her shout closed her mouth..
Sanskar: Shona y d hell r u shouting..tell me..
Swara: (jerked his hands n closing her eyes)sanku go n wear something..see urslf..go go go fast..
Sanskar realised dat he was only in a single towel around his waist..
Sanskar: Oh shit..wait wait dnt open ur eyes shona plz..
Swara: Haan haan yes yes u go fast..

Sanskar was abt to go bt seeing swara he smirked naughtily thinking something ..after sometym swara felt hot breath near her lips n slowly opened her eyes n found sanskar too close to her in dat state only n before she could speak anything he kissed her lips gently yet passionately n wid dis sudden act swara widdened her eyes bt later melted n reciprocated wid same passion..after a long tym bth broke d kiss in lack of oxygen breathing heavily..sanskar looked at her lovingly..

Swara: (fake anger)Wat was dat?ur so shameless..idiot go now i dnt want to see ne half naked person in my room..
Sanskar: Shona m ur husband..u behaving as if m someone else u shld be happy seeing me lyk dis ryt..
Swara: Sanku u will go from here or i will use my tricks to make u do wat u shld..
Sanskar: Ok ok chill m going by d way i love u my shonu baby..saying dis he pecked her lips n ran from der..
Swara: (shocked bt later smiled) i love u too..saying dis she got up n went to freshen up in other side..
After swara came she saw sanskar in his formals n sitting on couch n working on his laptop..she got little angry seeing dis..n went n stood in front of him wid narrow eyes n hands on her waist..sanskar felt her standing der n looked up n was lost in her completely..n didnt hear wat she was telling or scolding..
Swara was wearing a cute pink tops wid white jeans till her knees n had done slight makeup wid high pony tail..n she was looking too cute..
Swara: (scolding sanskar)Sanku wat is dis i told u yesterday only dat today i dnt want ne sanskar or sanky or S.K. today i want only my sanku bt no u wont listen to me ur working over here n wats dis ur wearing yesterday i bought so many dresses fr u bt u wore wat u were wearing..(saw him lost)n y r u staring at me lyk dat r u listening wat i m telling or not..

Sanskar: (still lost)Hmmm..
Swara: Den ur going to stop ur work now..
Sanskar: Hmmm..
Swara: Den ur going to wear wat i will choose fr u..
Sanskar: Hmmm..
Swara: Get
sanskar: Hmmm..

Swara realised dat he is nt listening to her bt lost she holding his shoulders shaked him..
Swara: Ssaaannnkkkuuu…where r u lost!!
Sanskar came back to senses n pulled swara towrds him n she fell on his lap..swara was completely shocked wid dis n confusedly looked at him..sanskar slowly leaned towrds her n kissed her slowly..
Sanskar: My shonu baby is soo cutee…i love u my shona..u looking soo beautiful n cute in dis dress..m falling fr u all ovr again…

Swara: (blushing) i love u too my dear darling hubby bt let me remind u dat i had some plans today n u seem to be nt interested..chalo naa plz n plz change dis boring dress..n from today ur nt wearing dese all..
Sanskar: But..
Swara: Pleeeaassseee..
Sanskar: Ok..swara gave him d dress she bought fr him n sanskar went to change n after sometyms he came it was tym fr swara to be lost in his charm..
Sanskar was wearing a plain black t-shirt wid a half sleeve white jacket wid black prints n blue jeans..he was just looking wow..
Sanskar: Staring is rude baby..
Swara came back to senses n went towrds him n slowly pecked his lips..

Swara: Ur looking too mch handsome n hot..oh god..
Sanskar: Wow shona i didnt expect soo nice compliment..i love u..
Swara: Ok ok..lets go n yes we r going on bike..
Sanskar: Bt i dnt hv any bike..n bike y we can go in car also naa.
Swara: No i want to go imon bike n i hv already arranged.. John’s bike was completely damaged so i gv him some extra money to buy a new one..he didnt want to take money from me lyk dat so i sked him to give his bike fr one day n he agreed so bike na..
Sanskar: Ur crazy shona..
Swara: I chale its already late n yes except helmet ur nt taking anything wid u..chalo..
Sanskar: Bt shona my…
Swara: Noo nooo no i dnt wanna hear nething…lets go now..saying dis she dragged him out wid her n both left..

To be continued..

Sry guys fr being soo dese days m reqlly busy..n guys plz someone tell me hw to give previous episode links..n thnkxx a lot fr ur wonderful comments which motivates me a lot to write…

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  1. Wow awesome bt y so late dear

  2. i miss dis ff sooo much.
    early u gv us 2 epi in a day, so i bcm habited 2 it. so missing it badly. cn u plz uplode nxt epi asap?
    lv dis ff alot.
    our sanskar ab sanskari nahi rahein. 😉 lols
    keep writing dr
    be happy always

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  4. Wonderful episode dear..

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awsm dear. Sanskar became asanskari??.Loved their cute romance.Keep it up. Waiting for nxt
    Take care
    Keep smiling

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  7. Too much awesome…..?????

  8. nice..continue soon..

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    :d :d :d they are soo naughty and sweet
    luv it so much Kash.. ty

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    awesome….missed this ff

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    Wow superb dr….. But pls post next soon…. Dont take too much time…. ?

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  13. Nice one,update soon

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