Pain Trust Love Episode 37


The scene starts wid sanskar’s miserable state n seeing his state swara was also continuously crying..

Swara: I’m really very sry..plz dnt get angry..plz once tlk to me..i promise dis is d last tym m doing she was also crying sitting on floor..sanskar had till now nt looked at her bt wen he turned to lok at her he found her pleading him crying hardly sitting on floor..his anger vanished away from his face n mind seeing his love his life lyk dat..he realised dat he had shouted a lot on her in his anger..
Sanskar: (lovingly n full of guilt) Shonaa..
Swara: (listening her name) Sanku..u..u called me sho..shona?
Sanskar: (came towards her n sat near her on floor)shonaa..m really vry sorry..see m so so bad..stay away from cz of my past n anger i shouted on u n hurted u a lot..i made my shona cry so mch..m really sry..
Swara: (wiping her tears n trying to be normal)Sanku..come wid me to our room..lemme dress up ur wound..see wat hv u done to urself..plzz come..
Sanskar: Shona dis pain is nothing in front of d pain i got in my past n d pain which i gave u now n made u u plz forgive me?
Swara: Now not a word..come wid me..
Saying dis she took him to der room n did his first aid wid utmost love n care bt all dis tym she was silent n nt speaking a word n sanskar was going on apologising thinking dat she’s angry..
Sanskar: Shona plzz talk wid me naa..m really sry..plz..
Swara: Its ok sanku..m nt angry on u…actually u know wen i thought of dis plan n imagined d consequences it was worst dan wat i faced now..
Sanskar: Means?

Swara: Means i thought dat u will slap me for doing all dis bt u nly got angry n scolded me n hurt at last instead of me ur saying sry..
Sanskar: Shona..(sighed at her impossible nature)..u know..ur impossible..n wat all r u imagining? I can nvr slap u in my wildest dreams hands will alwys raise to hold u in my arms..lyk now..come on give me a hug my baby..u think a lot..
Saying dis he hugged her tightly n swara also hugged him back..
Swara: hubby is too i love u so so mch..
Sanskar: Hmm..dats ryt bt wat abt d punishment ur going to get now?
Swara: (breaking d hug) for wat?
Sanskar: (coming close to her in romantic n husky tone)Mmmm..punishment for giving me pills n doing all dese activities widout my knowledge..
Swara: (breathing heavily due to his closeness)Wa..wat..pun..punis..punishment?
Sanskar widout any words leaned towrds her face n captured her cute rosy lips n started kissing her gently..first it was a shock n surprise for swara bt later she also reciprocated n d gentle soft kiss turned to a passionate,hunvry n wild kissing wid sanskar biting n sucking her lips..while kissing eachother dey fell on bed n were totally involved in eachother..sanskar in dis kiss forgot evrything dat hurt him n caused him pain..after sometym dey botg broke d kiss breathing heavily joining der foreheads..
Sanskar: So how was d punishment my dear wifey?
Swara: (blushing)Great punishment my dear hubby..

Sanskar: (made her sit)Achha shona nw tell me..didnt u lyk me as i looked?Y u changed my look?
Swara: Ssshh..wat r u saying haan?I dont love ur look..ur status..or ne material things owned by u..i simply love u..nly uhh..i luv d person u are..i dnt love ne S.K. or sanskar..i ta only love my sanku..Understood!!
Sanskar: Den y u did all dis n yeah tell me y u made me unconscious?
Swara: Hehe..actually i had to cz if u wld be in ur senses den u wld nt hv listened to me n do all dese soo..
Sanskar: Uff..dis girl..
Swara: Wat? Ur so stubborn dat i had to apply other methods..n now please its enough m vry hungry..
Sanskar: Hmmm..ok lets hv dinner.let me call mary..
Swara: Wait i will go n bring..noone r der now..
Sanskar: Wer dey went?

Swara: Actually u wer vry angry na i thought to handle u in my way so i asked all of dem to go..
Sanskar: (guilty)Shona r u sure ur not ngry on me?
Swara: Sanku if u again ask me d same question i will be truly mad at sit quietly ovr here m going to bring dinner..
Sanskar innocently nodded his head n sat looking at her..swara smiled looking at him n he was looking too cute in dat look so she pecked his lips n ran from der..sanskar was in shock by her sudden move bt came back to senses wid her voice..
Swara: (peeping through door before going)Sanku i hv a gift fr u..n went from der before sanskar wld speak something..
Sanskar: Shona..wait..wat seems i hv to wait..
Soon swara came wid dinner n sat in front of him n widout speaking anything n listening to him was going on feeding him n herself eating as sanskar’s hands were injured..but sanskar was continuously going on talking n asking swara fr his gift..
Swara: (irritated)sanku..shut up n talking while eating..ok..
Sanskar was now quite n quietly completed his dinner n sat on bed wid a pout until swara returned after keeping d plates…

To be continued..

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