Pain Trust Love episode 34


So sorry guys being soo late..m really sry i cldnt post cz of some personal lets start wid d nxt part..

Sanskar agn comes n peeps through d door..
Sanskar: Shona r u sure nothing is going on in ur naughty little brain!!
Swara: Noo..i tld naa..wait u agn strtd..I’ll nt leave u tody..saying dis c strtd chasing him..
Sanskar was now running n laughing n teasing her..swara was also shouting n running behind him..dey didnt realise dat dey wer nw running in d whole house..hearing der laugh n shout all d servants stopped der wrks n looked in der direction n were shocked to see sanskar like dat..der state was sch dat one touch n dey will faint..
Sanskar ran inside his study n immediately closed d door before swara cld enter..swara continuously banged on d door n shouted..
Swara: Sanku..u idiot..u d door i dare u tell my brain naughty n little..haan?..just come out once n i’ll show u..wats my d door i said..

Wen sanskar didnt open d door she got irritated n kicked on d door n went from der stomping her leg on d ground…after sometym hearing no more sound sanskar slowly opened d door n popped his head out n checked here n der n sighed in relief nt finding swara out..he came out n den reality stuck him dat till now he was running n shouting lyk mad in d house n all d servants wer still looking at him..he felt little embarrassed bt hided..
Sanskar: Wat r u all looking? Get back to ur wrks..
Heqring him all strtd doing der respective wrks agn..den he realised dat in all dese he frgot to bring his file n its in d room..n now he has to face swara..
Sanskar: (to himself)Shit!! I forgot to bring d i hv to go to my room n der my wildcat shona wld be ready to pounce on me..plz someone save me tody..saying dis he strtd to go towrds d room..

Here in swasan room..swara was on call wid someone n bit tensed bt looked determined..she didnt close d door n had her bck towrds d dat tym sanskar entered widout making ne sound n saw her tlking seriously wid someone..he stood der silently..
Swara: No no dnt worry all will go ryt..
Opp. Side: ..
Swara: I hv to make my plan successful at ne cost..
Opp. Side: ..
Swara: No..he will be busy in meeting..dnt wry abt him I’ll handle him..
Opp.side: ..
Swara: Yeah byee love uhh..
Sanskar: (confused)Shoonnaa..
Swara: (startled)
Sanskar: Y..shldnt i be here haan?
Swara: lyk dat..jst..
Sanskar: Shona r u sure ur nt doing nething stupid or wrong?
Swara: dear hubby..relax..u go for ur meeting.see ur clients also came..go now..
Sanskar: Bt wat pln n wid whom ur talking?
Swara: Offo sanku…u ques a lot..i was tlking wid bhabi n we hv planned to go fr shopping n nw m leaving u also go..
Sanskar: Shopping..if i wld hv no meeting den i wld hv been bored naa..
Swara: Huh..u planed fr meeting dats y i plnned go.
Sanskar: Okay den!!(kissed her forehead)Take care haan..
Swara: (smiled) go..
Sanskar: (to himself) Y i feel dat she’s upto something wat? No no i m over thinking i guess (he saw kavya coming)..arey kavya really came means dey r going fr still i feel dat…offfoo sanskar ur thinking too mch..saying dis he went to d conference hall n swara also left wid kavya..
[yeah swara was on call wid kavya at dat tym bt shopping was nt in her was something else..which will be revealed later..]

Here in MM..
Sujata is in temple doing aarti..
Ap: Sujata..ur doing aarti now?n y r dese tears in ur eyes?
Suju: Jiji dnt u remember..tody is his bday..
Ap: Yeah i remember bt we hv cut all relations wid him n if dp ji will get to know abt ur praying today fr him he will get vry ngry soo control ur emotions okay..
Suju: Haan jiji..m trying to do dat nly since five yrs..controlling my emotions…saying dis she went away from der crying..ap looked on..
Ragini: (to herself) i think today is sanskar’s bday..huh..watevr..u saw naa sanskar d consequences of nt supporting me in my pln..u agn suffered..u r agn thrown out of everyone’s lives..dats y i tld u..dnt think mch abt swara else u wld d way watevr happened hw cn i frhet dat once u wer my bst frnd n nw enemy..soo wish u mny mny happy retrns of d day..happy bday sanskar..hahaha(laughs evilly)
At dat tym she saw laksh coming n went to him..
Ragini: Laksh actually i wantee to ask fr some permission from u
laksh: Haan ragini tell..
Ragini: Actually i hv completed my studies n m getting bored if u gv permission den i wnt to help u in office works n join u in office..

At dat tym dp n rp entered
dp: Dats good ragini beta y shld be independent..u cn join office from tomorrow..ryt laksh?
laksh: I dnt hv ne problm papa..
Dp: Annapurna is it okay?
Ap: I hv no objection in dat..i m happy dat our daughter in law thinks so mch abt our business n wants to be independent..
All blesses her n ragini smiles looking at all..
Ragini: (to herself)Independent..huh..dis is d way i cn stay wid laksh alwys..

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