Pain Trust Love episode 31


Sanskar was shocked wen swara angrily asked him to get out of d he strtd pleading..
Sanskar: Ok m sorry..although mistake is urs fr giving me sch still tell me wats my mistake now..plz plz plzzz..
Swara: Achha toh ur asking wat ur mistake is haan??
Sanskar: Yes plzz tell naa..
Swara: Ok so ur mistake is first of all u ta didnt tell how m i looking,didnt tell hw d decoration is,didnt say thnk u wen i wished u first..wats ur problem haan…n upar seh ur scolding bhai n all fr all dese means indirectly scolding me..i did dis all fr u..n nt a single compliment..ur too bad jst get out from here..u dnt lyk…
Sanskar: Achha baba m really sry..see tody is my bday naa so forgive me today..nxt tym i wont repeat dis..
Swara: Wat forgive haan..u spoiled my mood i thought to propose uh n…(realised)
sanskar: Wat..wat did u jst say??
Swara: (blushing)wo..wo..actually..actually..i was thinking ki…
Sanskar: Wat were u thinking!!
Swara: (taking a deep breath)Actually sanskar d thing is dat i want to tell u something..
Sanskar: Go on..
Swara: Sanskar i dont know how wen n why i fell for u..u came to my life at dat tym wen i had lost everything..u gv me support at dat tym wen i was nt able to stand even..u loved n cared fr me wen none cared whether m alive or dead..ur d person whom i cld trust on more dan myself..i found a best friend in u..found everything best in u..ur my favourite person..I LOVE U SANSKAR i truly truly love u..being ur wife n being urs is d most awesome thing in my life..i want u to be my everything..i want to be urs everything..i want to be mother of our children i want to grow old wid u..will u gv me dat privilege??will u love me n completely accept me as urs??…

Sanskar listening dis was in tears..tears were continuously flowing from his eyes..he never ever expected dis..he was nly looking at her wid lots of love..den something stuck to his mind suddenly..
Sanskar: Shona i alwys had loved u i love u n continue loving u till eternity..i never expected u to love me u fell for still ur unaware of d biggest truth of my life…u need to know dat i guess after knowing dat u may chnge ur feelings for me lyk everyone..
Swara: Achha..tell me wat u want before dat let me tell u..i know all d happenings of ur lyf strting from school till becoming S.K. from Sanskar wat else i need to know tell me..
Sanskar: (broken voice) kn..know evry..evrything..n still u me??
Swara: Haan i know evrything n ders no mistake of u nvr feel low fr dat evr ok..n remember one thing watevr may be d situation u will alwys find me beside u..soo now no more tears..n moreovr tody is ur bday definitely no tears should come out of ur sharp hazel eyes..hai naa..
Sanskar was nly looking at her..swara sensed dat he was still sad so she decided to change his before dat..
Sanskar: Shonaa can i hug u please..
Swara: Of course sanku..
Sanskar widout wasting a moment hugged her tightly nuzzling his head in her neck n strtd crying badly..swara frst became worried bt later thght its better to let him cry to let all his pain flow away once for all in d form of tears..after
sometym she sensed dat he was nly still n nt crying nly hugging her..she broke d hug n looked at him..he looked tired bt a layer of satisfaction was seen in his eyes lyk a heavy burden was lifted from top of him..he looked bit relaxed..swara took him n made him sit on d couch n hold his hands..
Swara: Sanku i warn u dis is d last tym m seeing u cry lyk dis if ever agn i saw u lyk dis den i will also cry more dan u want ur shona to cry?
Sanskar nodded his head in no vigorously..
Swara: Den come on smile now please..n yes a bright smile..
Sanskar smiled looking at her..
Swara: (back to bubbliness)Sanku ur too too too bad..u didnt gv my answer yet..
Sanskar: Wat answer n to which question..
Swara: U dnt know naa..ok leave i will not ask u..go
sanskar: Arey meri cutee pyaari si Shona..d answer to ur ques is yes..yes yes yes I LOVE U SHONA..I LOVE U SWARA…i love u very vry mch..ur my Life..ur my happy?
Swara: Yes now gv d small box which u got..sanskar took out d box n gave it to swara..
Swara took out a beautiful platinum ring wid SS encraved in it..n made him wear dat..sanskar was beyond happy seeing dat n kissed d ring..drn swara took hom to d table were a beautiful chocolate cake was kept n he cut it..dey celebrated his bday together happily..n talked randomly ovr mny things..den suddenly..
Sanskar: Dese all r alright bt wat abt my gift?
Swara: Dese r nt enough..ok leave tell me wat u wnt if i cn i will definitely gv..
Sanskar: A promise..dat u will never ever leave me..u will alwys be der wid me..
Swara: I promise u my sanku..nething else?
Sanskar: Noo..dis is too mch fr me bt now m hungry hv u planned something fr dinner or not?
Swara: Yaa u got another packet from ice-cream parlour ryt it has ice-cream n dinner come lets hv…

To be continued.

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