Pain Trust & Love episode 3


So again another part
Here we go..

While Sanskar n Sahil wer tlking Swara was slowly getting back her senses…n c strtd to blabber something n Sanskar n sahil became tensed at dat tym kavita entered
Swara: (blabbering) plzz maa trust me maa plzz maa dnt do dis to me…maa plzz maa trust me plzz maa…n c strtd to cry

Sanskar: (tensed n worried)Swara nothing happened see open ur eyes Swara…bt Swara was continuous weeping n blabbering soo Sanskar shouted her name n jerked her…so c immediately got up n sat down looking completely blank n shattered…
Sanskar: Swara i hv taken a decision…Do u trust me??
Swara: Just looked at him bt did not utter a single word bt her eyes spoke a lot…soo Sanskar continued..

Sanskar: Swara i dnt know wat to tell u n how to tell u bt m really sry fr wat all i did wid u m really feeling vry guilty cz of my mistakes bt ders one truth which u shld known dat is wen i fr d first tym saw u near d music academy i strtd liking u n i didnt knw wen i fell fr i got shocked wen i got to knw dat u n Laksh love eachothr n going to get dat tym my urge to take revenge overpowered my feelings fr wen u made me undrstnd i agn fell more fr uhh n thought dat now i will make everything fine bt did not expct dese all will happen…so all i want to.tell is I LOVE YOU Swara i really really love u frm d day i saw u…
At dat tym both d family members came out n shocked to hear d confession… Before Sanskar could speak nething further Laksh interrupted…

Laksh: Really Sanskar ??!!m surprised u love her or u love something else in her i mean u can understand it better naa cz u r experienced in all dese…
Sanskar: (angrily shouted)Laksh nt a single word else i will frget evrything..dnt test my patience..

Swara: Sanskar no stop n i dnt love u bt i like u i really do bt i dnt wnt u to spoil ur life cz of me i mean m already tagged as a cheap girl n whole life m gonna hear d taunts n i dnt wnt u to be included

Sanskar: (interrupted)Swara now nt a single word …if u hv really forgave me fr my mistake n dnt want dat i shld feel guilty den marry me..n u dnt need to love me my love is enough fr bth of us…

Swara: (surprised) Sanskar wat r u telling i hv really forgave u n dnt feel guilty n how cn u marry a girl like me… Sanskar ur family hates me n..
Sanskar: Stop right der Swara i will be more dan happy to marry a girl like u..n abt whose family r u talking…u might be mistaken Swara i hv noone in dis world m compltly alone my family died before five dnt worry abt dat…
Hearing to Sanskar’s statement d maheshwari family somewer felt bad bt controlled…den agn Laksh spoke

Laksh: (sarcastically laughed)Dnt wry Sanskar c is also somewat like u bt not soo cheap bt bad luck dude u dnt hv dat mch money to gv her a luxurious life soo c will reject u…tch tch tch tch m really feeling bad for u…try somewhere else u may succeed..c only wants money n luxury nt love..
Dis was it fr Swara c angrily went towards Laksh n slapped him hard n shouted at him..
Swara: (shouted in rage)ENOUGH MR. LAKSH MAHESHWARI ENOUGH ..u spoke a lot n i heard a lot i didnt gv anyone d right to speak a word against my character bt u spoke a lot nw nt a single word else u will c d worst of dat tym ragini came n held swara’s wrist tightly n shouted at her

Ragini: How dare u Swara ??hw cld u slap my husband …ohh i forgot truth is bitter naa dats y u cldnt bear it may be…

Swara: Bas!!now its enough Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari…n yeah ur ryt truth is alwys bitter shortly ur also going to hv d taste so dnt worry…fr now happy married life n leave my hand…saying dis c turned towrds Sanskar n went towrds him n held his hands softly n spoke..
Swara: Sanskar i dnt knw wat wrk u do or how mch money u earn or wer u stay…d thing which i know is u luv me n care fr me n u hv trusted n supported me wen d whole world was agnst me…so i m ready to marry u n i trust u no matter wat n m ready to go werevr ur gonna take me soo lets marry…its true ki i dnt love u bt i lyk u..i really do…

Listening dis Sanskar became vry vry happy n der was a big smile on his Ragini became ngry n Laksh was sad jealous ngry shocked all kind of emotions was visible on his face…
Kavita: Come on guys wat r u waiting fr sit on d mandap n panditji strt d rituals n evrything shld be perfct tody is my frnds marriage n my sister’s marriage…listening dis swara turned towrds her in surprise

Kavi: Wat happened Swara dnt look at me lyk dat frm tody u r my sister my small cute sister so nw come on dnt be sad nemore tody is ur marriage ryt…come now… Sanskar u also come…saying dis c took bth swasan to d mandap followed by Sahil

PRECAP: Swasan marriage n Swara’s breakdown

Credit to: Kash

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