Pain Trust Love episode 28


Sahil: From dat day we lost our sanky completely in fact we lost sanskar maheshwari..he became a lifeless body he was so hurt dat he wanted to take revenge from his family..from his bro laksh who left him wen he needed him d most.. from each of his family inorder to hurt laksh he tried to hurt u..he hates his family lyk anything..we tried a lot nt to allow him to do lyk dis bt after all he was sanskar he was n is also now i understnd y he listened to he loves u more dan his lyf..n we all know wat is sanskar’s love..
Kavi: Yes..wen he hates neone he will destroy dem compltly n wen he loves someone he can gv his lyf fr d astonishing thing is dat princess u hv become his lyf..n i hv nvr seen dis sanskar befr also..nt even wen evrything was fyn..

After listening all dis everyone was hving tears in der eyes..swara cldnt believe dat d man who ws taking care of her lyk a glass doll has faced so mch..she was now angry on all..she was nw feeling his pain n crying..
Kavi: Princess cz of u nly we hv seen dis shade of sanskar after a long 5 yrs n nly u cn bring him out from dis darkness..we know it will be difficlt for u to love him cz we all know wat first love is..u will tk tym to love him bck bt nw its nly in ur hands..ur d one who cn chnge him n yes mst imprtnt to reveal his face infrnt of all..he still fears dat if he reveals his face people will agn strt der taunts..
Swara listened to all dis silently wid tears flowing from her eyes continuously…c was thinking kavi’s wrds dat c cnt frget her frst love..all were waiting fr her reply patiently dat wat c will do now??suddenly c spoke..
Swara: U all know wat..dat ur friend i mean d sanskar kumar is an idiot n stupid..n di u tld naa frst love…nw i undrstnd dat wid laksh dat ws nt love nly infatuation..wat love is nw i got to know nw m feeling dat emotion..nw m feeln dat m really falling fr someone..

Kavi: Wat!!i mean wat r u saying u didnt love laksh ??
Swara: Di try to understand ders something clled attraction n closeness which i had wid laksh n wen he confessed i thght dat yeah myt be i m also feeling fr nw i undrstnd dat ws nly my feeling… at dat tym wen laksh left me n didnt trust me i didnt feel dat bad..i was broken cz of my now..
Kavya: Now wat??
Swara: I think after i heard abt sanskar m feeling his pain..d way he takes care of me d way he..oh god i think i hv compltly fallen fr him in just four i guess i had some good feelings wen i frst saw him as a mad person..oh god..dis is all cz of dat idiot..who tld him not to confess his feeling..i cld hv got him long dat i hv realised he is gonna get a punishment..god save him from me atleast..
Thnks a lot di bhai fr telling me evrything othrwise god knows hw mch tym i wld hv taken to realise my feeling fr him..yippee i got my true love i felt wat love is..yes i love him i love my sanku..nw be ready Mr. Sanskar..ur lyf gonna chnge nw..BE READY.!!

At S.K. Mansion
Sanskar was pacing here n der finally he sat down on d couch..
Sanskar: (to himself)Oh shit!!wat will happen now..shona heard evrything..she heard dat i saw her before six mnths..wat will be her reaction..oh no..if she thinks dat i knowingly tried to break her marriage cz i wanted her fr no no..dis cnt happen..if she misunderstands me den??..i hv to explain her yes i will do dat..i will tell her its nothing lyk if c doesn’t trust me lyk others..if i again got d punishment widout any reason…no no no..i dnt hv dat courage to tlk to shona…let her tell me first wat c thinks n feels..god plz dnt make her hate me plz n dnt make her loose her trust on me…i jst hope evything is i shld call no..nt now will cll her tomorrow..dat wld be god n waise bhi she’s coming tomorrow i will tlk to her directly..yeah dat wld be good..
Shona plz come fast..nw m getting more restless..
Suddenly something came to his mind n he stood up in shock.
Sanskar: She tld dat she will come after two weeks n nt tlk wid me cz i called her devil n now dis six mnths secret..sanskar dis tym ur one cn save u..hw cn i stay widout seeing dose six mnths der was nt a single day wen i didnt watch her bt two weeks..god plz do something..send my shona bck..
Sanskar’s n swara’s faces r shown..
Sanskar is bit upset n scared abt wat is gonna happen nxt he wants his shona bck in front of him..
Swara is shown blushing thinking abt her new found love somewhere determined to change him back to normal n having a mischievous smile thinking abt her punishment..

Precap: Swara’s punishment n surprise..sanskar in shock..

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