Pain Trust Love episode 26


FLASHBACK continues..
Sahil came to MM n picked up sanskar n bth went to d party..all were very excited n njoing d party to d core..after sometime sahil got a cll from his father..he was asked to reach home as soon as possible for some reason..he tld dis to sanskar..
Sanskar: Arey yaar u goo dont worry abt me..i will call lucky or arrange something n go..u go myt be something imprtnt..
Sahil: Thnks yaar..byee..

Sahil left from der..after sometym njying wid othr frnds sanskar went to a corner n called laksh bt he didnt pick up..he called mny tyms bt no he thght dat its his brother’s usual activity..if he becomes busy in tv or video games he doesn’t respond to neone’s calls..while he was standing der one of his frnds sameer came to him..
Sam: Arey yaar sanky wat r u doing here?
Sanskar: Actly i ws calling my bro to pick me up n he is nt picking up my calls..
Sam: Bas..dis mch dnt wry yaar i hv got car today i cn gv u a lift..wid my othr frnds..
Sanskar: Thnks yaar n who else wid u??
Sam: Rishab,bunty n chirag..

Sanskar: Hey samy..i tld u mny tyms stay away from dose guys dey r nt gud bt u..
Sam: Arey dey r jst frnds leave it come lets go..
Sanskar n sameer n othrs went from der in sameer’s middle of d road all were hving drinks sanskar was feeling bit uneasy at dat tym rishab offered him some drink n he refused..
Sam: Arey sanky doesnt drink..saying dis he took out a separate bottle n gv it to sanskar n said dat its normal cold drink n he can njy..sanskar had little trust on sameer dan othrs so he drank dat bt he didnt know dat alcohol was already mixed in it..after drinking it as usual sanskar went to deep sleep..after sometym othrs saw a girl standing alone n asking fr lift..dey saw her wid lustful eyes n had a lot of drinks fr which dey were unable to control demselves n took d girl inside d car n brutally raped her..dis was all unknown to sanskar..someone saw all dis n called police n all were arrested including him..he was still unconscious bt still as he was present in d same car he ws arrested..after sometym due to regula splashing of water on his face he got up n found himself in an unknown place..wen he asked he got to know dat he was in police station in d crime of molesting a girl..wen he heard dis he was shocked..he pleaded a lot n tried every way to convince dat he was nt at he failed..his family was called bt due to dis type of case noome came nt even his bro laksh whom he actly expected..sahil n kavi tried by der own means bt dey also failed to take him out after abt a week aftr mny investigations d police came to conclusion dat sanskar was innocent..after hr ws proved innocent he ws vry happy n directly went to meet his family..he expected a warm hug of his siblings n a pat on his head by his elders n mst imprtnt to be sure dat dey still trusted him a to hos shock he was nt even allowed to go inside d main gate aftr lot of arguments n fyts he went inside..

Sanskar: Wer r u all uttu lucky bhaiya maa mom..see i came..m proved innocent..i tld naa m innocent..wer r u all??
At dat tym dp came n looked towrds him wid disgust..
Dp: Who d hell r u? How dare u enter my house which is as pure as temple?ders no place fr an impure minded person lyk u..get lost from my sight..
Sanskar: me i didnt do nething..really..i ta evn didnt know wat all ws jst happening
Dp: U hv lost all d ryts to call badepapa..n if ur fake explanations r ovr den u may jst get lost..n trust dat wrd doesnt suit people lyk u..jst go..
At dat tym all d family members had come out.. He went to his mother..
Sans: Mom trust me..m innocent u know naa..before he cld complete sujata slapped him hard twice..
Suj: I named u sanskar bt wat u did it is a slap nt nly our face bt also our principles n teachings we hv given u..m ashamed to be ur mother..
Sans: Maa plz u trust me..plzz..

Ap turned her face n closed her eyes n didnt look at him..he was completely broken seeing still went to adarsh..
Adarsh: Sanskar we will trust u bt wat abt people dey r telling in media dat cz of our money n power we hv saved u n proved u innocent..bcz of ur one mistake our family’s reputation n good name is at stake..

Utt: bhai..oh sry aftr wat all accusations u hv on u..m ashamed dat m ur sister…chii..
Lucky: Chii bhai..ok i agree dat u didnt do all dat wid dat grl bt sanskar u cld u..we all had soo mch trust on u bt u..
Sanskar was not completely broken..he was in shock he was surprised he didnt know hw to react he didnt know wat his mistake was wen he was proved innocent in frnt of court n got justice den y is his family nt believing him..dont dey hv a little trust on him..was der reputation soo imprtnt fr dem dat dey cldnt accept der own son..dese all thghts were running in his mind..he stood still in one place..neither his parents nor his siblings had a bit trust on cld it be possible??

Precap: Flashback

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