Pain Trust Love episode 24


A voice came from back listening to which bth sanskar n sahil were startled..kavya went to leave tanvi fr school..dey bth turns to find swara looking at dem lyk nething..
Swara: Wat do u mean by six months??
Sanskar: Shonaa..actually..i..wo..i ws telling sahil dat..
Swara: Sanskar..just stop it i heard every word of plzz clear it..
Sahil: Haan sanky tell naa..

Sanskar: (surprised by hearing sanskar from swara)actually before six months i saw u for d first tym while i was waiting fr sahil near d park..(after dat sanskar explained her everything abt his feelings his following her aimlessly n evrything)
swara n sahil bth stood der shocked listening him..bth did not speak a single word..swara was surprised n shocked bt sahil looked lyk he may slip to coma at any moment..sanskar looked at bth standing lyk a statue..
Sanskar: Atleast u bth speak something..
Hearing him swara came bck to her senses looked angrily towrds him n shouted..
Swara: Ur such a Stupid..IDIOT..saying dis she ran away from der leaving behind a confused sanskar..sanskar turned towrds sahil who was still in same position..sanskar shaked him holding his shoulder n he came bck to reality..

Sanskar: Arey yaar plzz chnge ur stupid expression..der shona called me stupid n idiot n went frm here n ur speaking nthing..tell naa..
Sahil: Sanky betaa..m i dreaming or wat all i hearx was real..i mean u following a girl den taking revenge after knowing also u feel fr her den finally realising ur love on her marriage day dat to wid ur own bro..if d marriage wld hv been happened den..u wld hv lost her..she knew laksh i guess before three montgs only bt u knew her from six months..wat d hell yaar…god knows wat she mst be feeling now..n wen kavi will get to knw abt ur deeds den ur gone…. At dat tym bth got startled listening a voice…
Voice: Wat should i not come to know??
Sanskar: Ufff..not who came to take my class..saying dis he turned towards entrance n found kavitha standing wid a confused look..
Sanskar: (horrified)Kavi..taa…oh noo..m gone today..
Kavi: Sahil sanky…guys did i miss something ??
Sahil: Kavi wat r u doing here i mean early morning..

Kavi: M here to take my little sister wid u guys tell wat r u bth trying to hide from me..sanskar got afraid n tried to cover bt sahil blurted out everything including morning incident also..arjun n kavya also came at dat tym n heard everything..dey were also hving same expression lyk sahil..shocked surprised n more dan happy..
Kavi: Sanky u really did all dese..i mean convincing princess n all..m soo happy dat our old sanky is slowly returning to us..
Sanskar: (to himself) Thank god..bachh gaya..m saved..n smiled looking at his smile faded listening kavi’s words..
Kavi: Sahil kavya do u hv a broomstick in ur house??cz m in no mood holding my sandals in my hand..
Sanskar knew wat was coming next so he ran away from der widout listening to anyone..after he went all burst out laughing seeing his condition..der eyes were filled wid tears..dey were very happy..
Kavi: I nvr evr had expected dat i will see sanky again lyk dis..n today seeing him lyk dis i really pray to god dat d smile on his face should now nvr be affected by his past..
Arjun: Dnt worry..kavi..evrything will be fyn..its all bcz of princess we all r seeing d old sanskar returning bck to us..
Sahil: Everything is alright bt wat abt his past which is still affecting him n ruining him from which d great business tycoon S.K. is hiding his face from which d fearless person is d most fearful person of d which he is deprived of d love he which he is afraid of d word love..i just hope by some way or other his pain just diminish n he be happy always…bt it all comes n stops at his past..
Swara had heard evrything..n spoke finally..

Swara: Wat past bhai??
All turned n found swara standing wid a confused expression n tried to cover it bt swara was swara once she heard something half means she tries to find out d whole she asked dem n dey all thought dat swara shld know n has d right to know d truth soo sahil n kavi decided to tell her..
Sahil: Princess..m going to tell u sanky’s past which not only chnged him bt also his lyf completely..he was never lyk dis before..he was very cool,kind,helpful,friendly,naughty,brilliant student of college,everyone’s laadla at house,girls were dying fr his charm during clg bt he nvr noticed ne one of dem also,nvr drank alcohol nor misbehave wid neone by mistake also..his parents especially his badepapa Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari was vry proud of him bt in one day everything changed everything..
Kavi: N i still remember dat day in morning how excited n happy he was bt after dat nyt we lost our sanky we lost sanskar maheshwari n got nly sanskar or sanskar kumar..or to be more precise S.K…
Swara : Wat happened dat day..
Sahil: Dat day..he went to flashback n strtd telling swara abt sanskar’s past..

Precap: Sanskar’s past revealed

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