Pain Trust Love episode 19


Hello guys m back wid another part..i guess dis story is going bit boring..m really sry fr dat bt m trying..n thnks a lot to all dose who r commenting n who r reading..
So lets strt..

At baadi
Gadodia house
Ragini: Maa..y is dida angry on me??wat hv i done??she used to love me same lyk swara naa..den..
Sumi: Dnt wry beta..ders some misunderstanding n u know naa hw mch c loves swara so dats y…bt u dnt wry..everything will be fine..
Dadi: Wat evrything will be fine..everything is laadoo is happy n is married to d guy c loved..her love was true so c got her love bck in her life aftr soo mny troes of dat cheap girl also..
Ragini: (fake concern)dadima please..aftrall she is my sister..let it be she got d punishment fr wat she did now frget d topic..

Dadi: Haan ur ryt..u wait here i hv made ur fav dishes today n i will feed u by myself ok..
Ragini: Okay..maa i want to go to my room..
Sumi: Okay beta goo..saying dis sumi left n strtd helping dadi in kitchen n ragini went towards her room or swaragini’s room..after she entered d room she took out an album from her cupboard n took out a photograph..seeing dat a tear drop escaped her eyes bt she quickly wiped dem off…n strtd tlking to d photo..
Ragini: Swara..swara…swara…offf finally..see wer i am n wer u r…u knew from d starting dat i loved lakshji more dan my life bt becz of u only becz of u..he rejected me n loved u..wat u thought m like dose great lovers who sacrifice der love cz of no no..i never loved lakshji to let him goo like dis..out of all d girls he loved could he haan..we bth r sisters..we bth r completely same..den..ohh..ur vry modern n m traditional..soo he went on let it he’s completely mine…hahahaha…bt u know wat ur luck was quite good all d tym cz watevr ways i n sanskar tried..we cld nvr defame u or break dis alliance…bt yaar i forgot one thing..sanskar u know wat…pata nahi wat happened to him suddenly dat he backed u know i cldnt i had to get my love..n yaar tell me one cld u attract evryone towrds u..i mean first laksh den sanskar..i mean my sister is soo talented u cld hv used dis talent to hlp ur ragu a bit noo..u also fell in love wid laksh..huh..wen i tried evry means to stop u..n evrything went in vein i had d last option n dats ur murder bt see agn ur good luck..ur never mind..if u had died den u wld hv left peacefully bt now d torture ur facing ..tch tch tch..death was better dan dat…maa..she is ur own mother bt see she chose me ovr u…u tried to snatch laksh from me naa..see i destroyed u completely..evryone hates u now..ur dead fr all swara ur dead fr all..saying dis see tore d photo into pieces n threw dem..she suddenly jerked hearing a glass breaking sound..wen she turned she was shocked to see her dadi standing at d door shocked..n completely angry n furious…she hurriedly closed d door behind her n came towards ragini in rage n gave her a tight slap..she slapped her twice..d intensity was soo mch dat ragini fell on bed…
Dadi: could u??

Ragini: M sor..sorr..sorry dadi..i just..
Dadi: Bas..enough now..not a single word..did i ever teach u to do sch things..haan??
Ragini: Dadi m sry i really love lakshji dats y.i..
Dadi: I dat doesn’t mean u will murder someone..y did u try to kill her..haan..y did u become soo blind in love dat u wanted to stain ur hands wid blood..u cld hv tld me..i cld hv done something..i cld hv killed her bt y u..
Ragini: (surprised)Dadimaa..u..
Dadi: Haan laadoo..i cld go to ne extent fr i dnt wnt u to do sch things..nxt tym nvr try dese all..leave it on me n yes dnt frget ur dadi is always wid go n wash ur face..n yes remember dis is ur past n from now on nly think dat nothing of dis sort happened n concentrate on ur lyf..ok..
Ragini: Thank uhh dadimaa..n m vry sorry..n she hugged dadi tightly..after something she left for mm..

At mm
Ap: Ragini beta..u came??hows evryone der n sarmishthaji is she fine??
Ragini: Yes maa..all r fine n dida is also fine now..she’s out of coma..
Ap: Dats a gud news bt how did she react after knowing abt swara ??i mean..
Dp: (interrupts angrily)Annapurna..i hv tld dat her name is also abandoned in dis house like sanskar..noone will dare to take der name evr..dis is d final tym m telling dat SANSKAR n SWARA..bth r dead fr dis house none shld take drr name here from today..
Ap: Okay jii..m sry..
Sujata: Par bhaisa..
Dp: Sujata i understand dat he’s ur u also know y m telling lyk dis..if ur against my decision den u may leave from here..n goo to ur so called son..
Sujata: M sorry bhaisa..
Saying dis she went away from der crying..afterall she was a was also helpless..ap followed her..
Sujata: (crying) Jiji..its all becz of dat cheap girl..dat swara..nly cz of her my son again is separated from me..i will nvr frgive her in my lyf nvr..i hate her jiji..i hate her..
Ap: Relax sujata..

To be continued….

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