Pain Trust Love episode 18

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At S.K. Mansion
Swara: I will go wid both of uhh..
All: (Shocked)wat!!bt how??
Swara: Relax guys..dese games n all were just lyk u guys took dat more seriously n bought sch things fr me n did so mny things for me dat now i felt relations r dose which r made from emotions n heart not blood..i lost d love of everyone bt didnt know dat i had a perfct family waiting fr me here…n all thanks to my dear husband..hehe..ok ok now enough of my emotional drama..actually d thing os i had already planned wat to do..first i was going tp stay wid bhai fr one day n den wid di for one problm solved…dats y cancelling three days i made it two so dat it would be even..
Sanskar: (pouting)i thought u tld to stay two days cz of me..ur too bad swara..
Swara: (frowned)wat did u call me sanku??
Sanskar: (realised)ohh i called shona…y wat happened ??
Swara: Nothing i guess i heard some other name..listening dis sanskar smiled nly cz he nly knows wat wld hv happened..
Miss Mary: Sir..d dinner is ready.
Sanskar: Yeah guys come lets hv dinner..
All hv der dinner left..swasan went to der room..

At midnight
swasan were sleeping wid pillows inbetween lyk dey did..suddenly sanskar’s sleep broke wid someone’s murmurs..he switched on d bed lamp n saw swara murmuring something in her sleep..
Swara: (murmuring)Ragguu..u know naa i hate it wen u keep dese blo*dy pillows inbetween us..u cnt tolerate ur sister in ur sleep..stupid girl..i want to hug u while sleeping n u know dat…saying dis she strtd throwing d pillows…sanskar was frst little hurt listening her talks dat she still misses her sister aftr so mch den got shocked seeing her throwing pillows in her sleep..n before he could react nething swara came near him n hugged him tightly n slept hugging him peacefully leaving a dreamy n amazed sanskar behind
sanskar: (to himself)dis girl is too mch now..i thought only i hv dis habit of sleeping dis way bt wid my pillows bt dis girl needs human..ufff she’s making me crazy n see how peacefully she’s sleeping…huh..watevr..truth is dat m feeling bit good n relaxed…oh god MR.S.K. control ur emotions..n sleep..saying dis he slept hugging swara…both were having a cute little smile on der face revealing der peacefulness..

At mm
Raglak room…same tym at midnight
Ragini: (in sleep)ufff…not again swwaarraa u hv become too heavy..hug d pillows n sleep naa..nowadays ur becoming intolerable..ohhoo dis…girl..oh swara enough..(saying dis she suddenly got up)(to herself)offoo..abt whom m thinking maybe she’s my sister bt i hv to forget her lyk a past..saying dis she looked at laksh sleeping on d couch n den slept…

At morning
AT S.K. Mansion
Sahil: Princess..princess wer r uhh come fast m waiting..
Listening sahil’s voice sanskar came down first n both had a brotherly hug..
Sanskar: Wah very punctual dude..sometyms show dis mch love fr ur frnd also..idiot..
Swara: u came..chalo m ready…see
sanskar: Shona ur soo excited to go??
Swara: Of crse sanku..n moreovr u know wat my one ritual aftr marriage was left n dats also done…sahil n sanskar looked at her in confusion..
Swara: Arey pagphera..remember..d bride has to go to her maternal house m going wid my bhai…ryt..saying dis she had some pain in her eyes bt controlled which was not gone unnoticed by sanskar..
Sahil: Yeah ryt my chale..come n yes my dear Boss Mr. S.K. I need a day’s njy wid my byee..
Sanskar: Bye sahil n yes take care of her…bye shona..take care haan..saying dis he hugged her..she hugged him back n smiled looking at him..
Sanskar: Shoonnaaa..come fast i will miss u…
Bidding a goodbye to sanskar swara left wid sahil..

At baadi
Dida’s house
Dida: Today in place of ragini my swaruu wld hv come fr dis wer is she?is she fyn?i hv to find her..yes..i will n i hv to..maybe noone cares for her bt i do..i hv to search fr her at ne cost n hv to ask her y she married sanskar..i know he’s a changed guy bt y she married him??
At dat tym she heard some noise n went outside n found ragini wid laksh..she looked at her in disgust..seeing her ragini excitedly came running to her n started her drama..
Ragini: Oh my god..dida ur fine now..y didnt neone tell me??m soo happy..
Dida: (sarcastically)ur happy or shocked or sad??dat m fine now haan??just stop ur so called drama n get lost i dnt want to see ur face aftr wat u did wid my swaruu..just goo away..n if u cant go m calling ur mother..she will help uh..okay..
Dida: (loudly)Arey Ragini ki maa…come fast outside…mrs.sarmistha gadodia wer d hell r u??looks lyk people of ur house hv forgotten d way..take dem frm here..i dnt wnt ne guests of ur house also stnd at my door..
Sarmishtha felt bad listening dis n came n took ragini inside..

Precap: Dadi came to know Ragini’s truth

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