Pain Trust Love episode 13


Heyy guys dnt think dat ragu is guilty i wrote dat ..somewer she is feeling sad abt dis bt nt realising cz her evil thoughts r overcoming dose..n mny mny thnkxx fr ur lovely comments..nw enough of my bak bak lets strt now..

At S.K. Mansion
Sahil: Sanskar was calling u shona so i called u dat in a flow..dnt get ngry yaar..
Swara : See m leaving u dis tym coz ur sanskar’s best frnd bt remember one thing..i hv never gave neone permission of calling me in dat name..(now bit calm)m really sorry for being only sanskar has dat ryt..m sry sanskar for being rude wid ur frnd..
Sanskar : Arey shona its okay dnt be sad..see look at me..its okay i understand..n i know u dnt lyk wen someone calls u dat widout ur permission..
Kavi: How dare u sahil!! See cz of u my lil sissy has become ask sry from her come on..
Sahil : Ok ok m sry..swara see m really ab toh swara nahi bhabi bulana bhabi doesnt look gud..i will call u swara..
Sanskar : Y??y u will nt call her bhabi..she is ur frnd’s wife u shld call her bhabi as i sometimes call kavya..
Swara : Its ok sanskar..

Kavi: Okay okay now listen swara we r telling abt us..m kavita malhotra,wife of arjun malhotra,best frnd of sanskar,mother of a four years old child rishi n a doctor by profession m 27 now n yes yes i forgot now m ur elder sister also..listening dis swara smiled brightly..
Arjun: i hv nt mch description abt me bt still m arjun malhotra happily married to kavi n hv a cute boy rishi..m already 30 now bt nt too old too doctor by profession n we husband wife hv a hospital..n i consider sanskar as my small bro..
Kavya : Swara we two met yesterday also bt still dat was a small intro..m kavya mehra wife of sahil..hv a cute doll tanvi..n a fashion age is 26..bas fr now u knw me dis mch nly
Sahil: Yeah cz ur going to know her better in future..attitude queen..okay now my turn..hey m sahil mehra happily married to my beautifl wife kavya n hv a cute doll tanvi n jobless i mean cz i work wid S.K. as his company’s age is 28 now..n yes sanskar’s partner in crime from school days..soo dis was all abt us now its ur turn sanskar..
Swara : Not needed…his name suggests his character n his personality suggests his job..n work…so no intro required for him..saying dis she looked at sanskar n dey had a cute eyelock..
All four: Aawww…howww ccuuttteee…lovely couple!!
Swara broke d eyelock n suddenly stood up n shouted…
Swara: (suddenly shouted)sssaaannnnkkkkaaaarrr….
Sanskar: (bit confused n tensed)wat happened shona??tell me..

Swara : Sanskar i couldnt take it more now…
Sanskar : Wat shona r u feeling pain anywer??arjun check her see is she fine..
Swara : Arey arey wait Mr. Patidev…m not hurt anywer bt if i remain lyk dis fr some more time den my mind n talks will be hurt..
Sanskar : Wat do u want to tell shona tell clearly..
Swara : Arey yaar..r u nt noticing something weird in me..i mean something which i dnt usually do bt m doing or atleast trying to do..
Sanskar : Shona..see now dnt irritate me..tell clearly..
All others were just looking at her silently n completely confused as to wat happened to her suddenly..
Swara: Urgghh..sanskar i hate uhh…arey u shld hv tld ur frnds dat i tlk a lot..n looks lyk u hv nt how mch tym will my mind control d silence haan…tell me??
Sanskar : Shona..wat was dat..i mean…i thght u wer giving respect n u behave lyk dis wid others except fr me..
Swara : Y u r an exception or wat dat only u hv d ryt to listen to my nonsense haan…eveyone shld know who’s d real me..wat say guys??
All : Just nodded der heads..dey wer just amazed to see d girl wat she really was..
Sanskar : Soo who told u to keep quite n d way u know i was happy n feeling peaceful dat u wer bit silent now..
Swara : Haww..wat did u just tell now i will not tlk wid u till tomorrow…happy
sanskar : Very happy..
Swara: I will never talk to u..

Sanskar suddenly felt something n engulfed swara in a bone crushing hug to which swara as well as others wer confused..
Sanskar : (scary voice)shona..never do dat wid me..m ready to listen to u all my life bt plzz never stop talking to me i just cant tolerate ur silence..plzz shona promise me..
Swara : Sanskar relax wat happened to u suddenly i was just kidding…okay i relax.
To lighten d moment something stuck to swara’s mind..
Swara : Waise sanskar ur truly an idiot see..widout ne reason ur crying like a baby..cry baby huh..
Sahil n kavi chuckled listening dis cz dey know sanskar doesn’t like if neone calls him idiot…listening dis sanskar broke d hug..
Sanskar : U again called me dat..
Swara : Huff..finally sanskar is u all listen to me i got to know dat u five r vry close to now plzz add me in ur grp before dat i hv an imprtnt work..
Sanskar : Wat work??

Precap: Swara’s bond wid others..

To be continued..

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