Pain Trust Love episode 11


Thnks a lot guys fr ur response..
So here’s d next part..
At baadi
Dida: U bth may leave now i want to stay alone..
Sumi: Maa ur getting angry on me..if swara is innocent n ragini n sanskar r guilty den how cld she marry sanskar dat to happily??tell me..
Dida: (surprised) Wat!! My swaruu is married..
Sumi: Maa m telling dat y c married wid sanskar wen according to her he was also guilty ??
Sekhar: Yes maa mishti is telling ryt…
Dida: (sarcastically)ohh soo shomi u strtd calling her swara now from shona..i still remembr dat day wen c fought wid mrs. Verma fr callingvher shona cz only u had dat c wat happened tody..
Sumi: And d reason is c herslf..

Dida: U wer asking naa how cld c marry sanskar ?? Den listn to me i trust my swaruu’s decision n u knw wat i dnt think its necessary to give ne explanation to u cz ur nt gonna trust me…now i need to take rest plzz leave n dnt disturb me…
Sumi felt bad fr her mother’s behaviour towards her bt c felt helpless..aftr sumi n sekhar left..
Dida: (to herself) I have to meet swaruu anyhow n ask her wat actually happened n y c married sanskar??n yes wen dat nyt bth came to tlk to me i found dat sanskar is a gud guy..i lyk him bt still i somehow need to meet dem…yes i have to..
Swasan mansion
Swara was still sleeping n it was alredy afternoon..aftr sometime her sleep got disturbed hearing some sound n c realised dat it was her stomach..c looked at d time n it was already 3:30 n c didnt hv anything..c den searched fr sanskar bt was unable to find him n wen c was abt to call cll him c noticed a letter near d bedpost..
Sanskar’s letter
Dear Shona,

Sleepy head finally u got up…god how mch u sleep…dnt u get tired of sleeping??Ok chalo leave all dis..actually m sry i hv an imprtnt meeting soo i had to leave hurriedly…bt i hv asked Mary to give u ur lunch n ur medicines..n yes dnt u dare skip ur medicines n if i get to know dat u skipped ur medicines den be ready fr d punishment…i will be der byeey 4:00 ok..till den bubyee..cya..
Swara : Oh god dis sanskar is completely mad..n he tld he will retrn by 4:00 n nw its already 3:45 n i hv nt yet taken my lunch n medicines he is gonna kill me now..god plzz send him a bit god didnt listen to her prayers n he was at home already c got confused y he was shouting so to know d rewson c got up from d bed n slowly tip-toed to d living area n hide herself in a corner..
Sanskar : (shouting) Wat d hell!!how cld u be soo careless Miss Mary??how cld u..u know dat c is nt well bt still u didnt gv her lunch n medicines on time..i never expected dis from u..y didnt u wake her up haan?? Nothing shld happen to her due to ur carelessness ok…else u know me…now go n bring d lunch to d
Swara was shocked n afraid seeing dis side of sanskar soo c agn went back to her room n quickly slept on d bed completely covering her face..jusr den sanskar entered n saw her sleeping in dat way..he got worried seeing her lyk dat..n he went towrds her bt he noticed something n looked at her surprised n amused..yes he noticed d letter which he wrote on d side of d bed lyk someone has already read it n he knew it was non other dan his cute shona..he slowly went near her n called her..
Sanskar : Shonaa…shonaa get up how mch will u sleep haan??
Swara : (acting lyk c just got up)arey sanskar..u came.. how was ur meeting ??(den c realised dat c had blurted out d truth n now c is gone)..i mean actually i..i..
Sanskar : Shona i know ur acting to sleep…bt tell me wen did u wake up??
Swara: (in one breath) At 3:30 n wen i read dat u wer abt to come at 4:00 i got tensed dat u will scold me fr sleeping soo mch n nt taking lunch n medicines in tym..n wen i agn checked d tym i saw its already 3:45 so i prayed to god to make u come a bit late so dat i cld hv evrything bt god didnt listen to me too bad (pouting) den i heard u shouting n scolding Mary aunty..i got afraid soo i agn came running n slept here hiding my face to avoid ur angry face n ur scoldings…
Sanskar looked at her she spoke evrything in one breath c was nw breathing heavily bt agn got tensed hearing nthing frm sanskar..
Swara: M sorry naa sanskar..dis is d last tym i will nt repeat dis mistake ever ok..nw plzz say something dnt look at me like dat aur waise bhi m feeling vry hungry due to which my sleep broke else i wld hv slept more…

Sanskar : Bas shona bas…enough yaar..dnt u get tired of talking soo mch..oh god..hw cn u manage to waste dis mch of ur energy by just tlking..ur impossible…
Swara : Arrey waah dat means ur nt ngry on me..woohooo…m saved..yes yes yes…
Sanskar : Ohh hello …who tld m nt ngry on you haa??
Swara : The great shona ofcrse who else will tell…by d way shona tld sanskar is nt ngry means sanskar is nt ngry now over no arguments…listening dis sanskar gave her a smile..
Just den Mary entered wid lunch..
Miss Mary: Sir here’s d lunch..
Sanskar : Ok keep n go..
Swara : Wait aunty..

To be continued..

Credit to: Kash

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