Pain Trust & Love episode 1

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So guyzz lets start

Its shown dat Swara has entered baadi n all were watching her wid different feeling… Swara assures Sanskar dat c cn walk so Sanskar leaves her n stands silently…. Swara goes towards Laksh n asks..
Swara: Wats going on Laksh??Wat is dis?? We were going to get married ri8 den wat…
Laksh: (interrupted wid anger)Oh really swara..juzz stop ur drama n go away..dnt stnd in frnt of me else i dnt knw wat i will do wid u..
Swara: Wat r u saying Laksh plzz listen to me once..
Laksh: (comes in rage towards swara n holds her shoulder tightly) Achha u want me to listen u..come on speak..(swara ws silent)(Laksh shouted)Come on speak up dammit..
He shouted so loudly dat swara flinched at his voice n became afraid n his hold was so tight dat c winced in pain..
Swara: Laksh its hurting me plzz leave me plzz Laksh..
Laksh: Ohh its hurting u…u knw wat it shld hurt u more cz u r physically hurt bt wat abt me m mentally hurt my heart broke Swara knowing abt m somewat happy dat i got to knw befr our marriage else i wld hv been compltly destroyed..i regret d day i chose u ovr Ragini n i hate myslf cz i loved u.. Swara wat did u get doing dis? Wat was my mistake?
Swara: Laksh its hurting Laksh plzz leave
Laksh: Wat wll i leave Swara uhh ta hv left me n nw i dnt wnt to even see ur face …saying dis he jerked her hard n c lost balance n fell down.. Sanskar ws going to help her bt was stopped by his parents.. Swara somehow got up n went to Laksh agn..

Swara: Laksh plzz once trust me n listen to me i beg of u..gv me one chnce atleast to explain..
Laksh: Oh so u want to gv explanation fr ur cheap activities…so strt let me hear wat u wnt to tell…
Swara: Laksh plzz trust me atleast trust me once fr d sake of our love..
Laksh: No Swara its nt our love it was my love n d word trust doesnt feel gud frm ur mouth so juzz stop..
Swara: Laksh plzz lsten wen i was returning frm d temple Ragini took me to d bridge n c pushed…
Laksh: (furiously interrupted) Enough Swara nt a single wrd angst Ragini.. She is my wife n i cnt tolerate anyone speaking bad abt her cz evryone present here knows hw RAgini is n i cnt imagine u became so hide ur misdeeds u r blaming ur sister chii Swara chii…nw its enough i hv some rituals to cmplte soo nw u plzz may leave frm here…saying dis he went back to d mandap n asked pandit to perfrm d rest of d rituals… Swara saw dat Laksh did not trust her ,thinking dat c was broken inside bt c still had hope dat if d world also goes against her den also one person is always der to support her n has blind trust on her..yes its non other dan her mother Sarmistha.. She had a grt hope fr dat n slowly walked towards her mother n called her painfully..

Swara: Maa..
Bt before c cld tell tell anything c got a tight slap frm her mother bt still c stood strong n wanted to explain her mother.
Swara: Maa..m ur Shona Maa plzz once lstn to me n trust me it was Ragini who…
Before c cld speak further c was agn slapped bt dis tym by her father..
Swara: Baba..
Sekhar: Dont… Dont even dare to call me dat u r noone to me ok i hv only one daughter n dats My Ragini..juzz go frm our lives juzz get lost…
At dat tym dadi came n held her hand tightly wer c was injured n it agn strtd bleeding swara was crying more n more n suddenly c jerked dadi’s hands n agn turned towards her mother.. All dis was observed by Sanskar bt he stood helpless bt still could not cntrl himslf he went out n called sumone n was speaking wid him n intructing him ovr phn which was broke by d sound of a slap which was louder..

Here other side inside baadi
Swara: Maa plzz listen to me once plzz Maa..
Sumi: (Slapped her tightly) Wat will i lsten haan tell me ??agn slapped her …cz of u i m ashamed of myslf cz i gv birth to sch a cheap grl…agn slapped of u ur father’s reputation is at stake…agn slapped her cz of u ur own sister is suffering…agn slapped her n dis tym swara stumbled her steps…sumi shouted cz of u we all r facing all dis u r nt my daughter…my daughter juzz died three hours ago n d grl m nw tlking to is cheap dat i dnt also lyk to evn see ur face or touch u..
Swara: Maa..
Sumi: Dont call me dat n c gv a a tight slap agn n dis was it fr Swara c hit d pillar n blood agn strtd to come out of her injured head n dis tym c fainted..all wer juzz shocked to c Sumi’s anger..Ragini was slightly smirking seeing dis bt controlled her excitement.. Sanskar was too mch shocked to react nething bt suddenly reality hit him dat Swara has fainted… Dis tym he did not stop on neones protest n he ran towards her..
Sanskar: (worried) Swara plzz get up Swara listen to me.. Swara open ur eyes plzz once look at me…plzz Swara…
He was literally crying n den he carried her in his arms n gently placed her on d nearby couch…
All dis was noticed by all bt dey ignored..

To be continued…

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