Hey guys m new here n having least experience about all dese stuff bt reading some of d ffs i wanted to write something ….m a silent reader so plzz tell hwz d juzz came to my mind n i wrote it…

So here’s d story….
(Its from d time wen Ragini pushed Swara into d river n did all drama to get married wid Laksh…der r slight changes in d story…u all will get to knw)

SANSKAR:27 yrs Handsome,hot,dashing,billionaire,youngest business tycoon. All fear by hearing his name. Very less people hv seen him. Has a vry bitter past,hates his family,came to take revenge fr his prev insults by his family well known as SK

SWARA:Cute,beautiful,bubbly girl,having modern thoughts childish bt thinks like matured wen time comes hates lies n liars 21 yrs still studying vry fond of music

A girl is shown walking on d road..its clearly visible dat she z hving too mch difficulty in walking bt still she keeps on walking..its seen dat her hand n head r bandaged [she z non othr dan swara]… On d same road from opposite site a boy is searching sumone frm long tym n is tensed nt to find he is sitting in his car n thinking wer to go [he z non othr dan sanskar] n his eye fall on swara…he immediately rushed towards her n held her tightly as c was abt to fall…soon he carried her in his arms towrds his car n gently placed her…n drove towards baadi..on d way he asked swara wat had happened n wen c narratedhe bcame shocked n angry listening dis n somewer felt guilty…soon dey reached baadi Swara saw dat Laksh was abt to put sindoor on Ragini’s head n shouted.
Swara : STOP !
Hearingdis all turned towrds d door n saw swara standingwith sanskar’s support badly injured…seeing her d guests strtd gossiping,Laksh became sad n vry mch ngry,maheshwari family ws looking at her in disgust,her family ws looking at her angrily noone seemed to hv trust on her or support fr her bt still c had some hope a small hope….

So m stopping it here now..

If u guyzz will lyk it i wll post nxt else will nt…its up to uhh…dis story izz completely diffrnt may be nw u all will find some similarities wid othr ffs or original story bt aftr 2-3 episodes u will find out wat i ws telling….leave its all up to uhh guyzz…bye tc

Credit to: Kash


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.