Pain trust love 2 shots (epilogue -2)

Hello guys I’m back with another one I know u all eagerly waiting for this chappy But I’m sry for this late update ?

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Epilogue 1

Let’s start
Screen starts with both swasan where in unconscious state and both are tied to chair

Slowly Sanskar was gaining conscious he opened his eyes and shocked to see swara tied to chair soon he realise even he was tied to chair He was not getting anything y both are here He shouted her name

Sanskar: swara swara get up
He was trying to mover near her Listening His voice slowly swara was opening her eyes And shocked to scene in front of her she saw few men where standing at back of Sanskar holding sticks
Before she say something one man hitted him on hands with the stick Soon all started beating him

(guys listening Sanskar sounds goons came inside)

Swara: (tears) sanskarrrrrrrr
Leave him who r u all y r u beating him San…… Sanskar…….. Leave…… Him..
Sanskar: ahhhhhh
Soon a laksh entered the room ordered the mans to stop

Both are shocked to see laksh
Swasan:(whispers) laksh
Swara: (anger) laksh wts all this leave him y r u all beating him
Laksh: (psycho manner) arey shona y r u angry see for u only I did this

Swara: (shocked) wt ????
Laksh: I know Shona u Only love me Not Sanskar but now I came na we will kill him and lead our life happily
Sanskar was shocked to listen him not with the word kill but with the word love he wants to beat him blue and black

Swara: (she kicked laksh with the legs) how dare u Mr laksh maheswari how dare u thought to kill my Sanskar
If u wont say to ur man to Leave my Sanskar I’m sure that I will kill u with my own hands

Laksh was shocked to see her in this avthar
But still again he started his stupid talks
Laksh: (trying to cup her face) arey shona don’t worry I’m here na no one can do anything u don’t worry even about ragini I will kill both of them and we will stay together happily Saying this he signaled his man To get ragini

Swara: (trying to be calm) see laksh I don’t love u in fact I never loved it’s just that ragini made me think that I love but the truth is I love Sanskar not u so plz leave us and move on ur life
In all this Sanskar didn’t even utter a word he was silently looking at swara without any emotion
Soon goons came with ragini

Laksh: come on swara now u don’t worry about me they can’t do anything thing to us (signed in high relief) okie now I will clear ur fear from u right know saying he untied her

Ragini: laksh wt r u trying to do see laksh now swara won’t love u she love Sanskar not u plz accept that
Listening this he got more angry and slapped her hard
Laksh:? this only bcoz of u if u wouldt have stopped our marriage Now me and swara would be the most happiest couple In the world but don’t worry now I will do everything perfect
He took swara and Dragging her outside

Sanskar seeing her princess dragging he came out His thoughts
Sanskar: ? laksh leave her if I see a scratch in her and I’m sure I will kill u
Laksh: (same way) To do that 1st u have to be alive na not u I will kill u for touching her I know u would have scared her that’s y she was telling she don’t love me but I know she only love me not u
He signed his goons to get ragsan

Laksh took swara and kept her on car
Laksh was smiling evily seeing him swara looked towards the direction where he was seeing she was shocked to see the scene in front of her
Swara: laksh yeh kya hai plz leave us if u want u can kill me but plz don’t kill my Sanskar plz I beg u
Laksh: nahi yehi dono hamari pyar ke bech hai I will kill both then we both will become one
Swara: laksh plz don’t do anything I will do wt ever u want me to do plz hit him

(yes guys their Both legs and hands are tied infornt of them with few meters distances)
Soon laksh started the car he took reverse 1st here swara was begging laksh to stop she was crying
Sanskar was crying not bcoz of death but seeing his love condition she was crying badly and pleading him to leave me

Sanskar:(monologue) ??laksh how many I have to tell u she is my life she won’t love u u made my love to cry now I won’t leave at any cost laksh

Ragini:?? Laksh don’t do like this I have done mistake 1st but u also repeating the same don’t do this puzzle

Laksh Stopped and started move front with full speed swara closed her eyes in fear of loosing her love
Swara: (monologue) don’t worry sanku we can’t live our life Together so what but we can die at same time
Sanskar listening her voice – I LOVE U SHONA EVEN I CANT LIVE WITHOUT U

But laksh pressed car break suddenly but not bcoz of their love but he was seen another person standing in front Ragsan he has took that step
Laksh got down furiously and went near the person
Swara some how managed to open the door legs bcoz of her hands where tied

Laksh: (held the person shoulder tightly) ?maa y u Came her u know wt would have happen if I don’t apply break now

(yes she is Annapurna she came to the place at exact time soon all came there Sahil and Arjun Went near Sanskar)

Ap: (slapped laksh hard for doing this act) shame on u laksh I never thought u would have stoop so low
Laksh:(whispers) maa but he could saying anything sujata and Ram gave a slap again

Ram: see bhaisa this ur son and before u point my son see ur son wt he was doing he came to kill his own brother whom he used to play from childhood he tried kill that person who sacrificed everything for him…..
Ap and dp bowed their heads

Laksh: (shouted) Intrepted him Ur so called son only made me like this wt u r talking about Sanskar he also came to home for revenge only na
Sujata: ???ha he came for revenge only but he didn’t harm u bcoz he think still u r his brother he harm swara not u but wt u did u r Trying killing him

In meantime Sahil and Arjun untied Sanskar and ragini Kavitha and Kavya untied swara without wasting time both ranned and hugged each other this was seen by everyone

Both are hugging tightly Not even letting air between them swara was crying miserably Sanskar didn’t stopped bcoz even he was in same state both are consoling each other only with tears

Ramtha dragged laksh and shown him to swasan love for each other
Sujata: can u see their both love U have eyes god have given u everything see wt u have don’t to both of them see them how miserable state they both are kya when u broken swaras heart Habe u seen swara crying this much ha why don’t u understand laksh swara to tum pat sirf attraction hai not love vo attraction Ki karan bi u both raglak if u both have set her like that even she thought her sister saying right that the reason she accepted u but the truth she never loved u

Laksh was just listening all this without any emotion

Ram: from childhood onwards u have taken everything from Sanskar And he has given whatever u want bcoz he thought u r his brother that is wt the biggest mistake that Sanskar have done if he was become selfish then this day wont be seen I guess

Swasan side both are not even bothering wt is happening beside them they where just wanted feel their in embrace they where just involved in that
After sometime both break the hug

Sanskar: Sahil kavi how u all here I’m mean I didn’t even cl u ppl to give surprise for u all
Sahil: when my sweet sister is here then y fear sanky
Sanskar was looking at him in a confused manner

Swara: okie okie don’t get confuse I will say when laksh was talking about kidnapping and all stuff to his goons ragini has listen that and she called me But we are flight it can’t get connected so she messaged me all the matter but the our fate I have seen msg when I got into the car so I msg bhai and di to trace us by location
U remember Sanskar u asked me wt u r doing with phone that is wt I’m doing in my phone but bhai and dI came late (pout)

Kavitha: ohh hello we are not late but on correct time wt can we do laksh has switch off ur phone so we are unable to trace that we reached last location and then we got to know there is an old factory of maheswari company so we came here

Sanskar: but y u brought maheswaries

Kavitha was about to but Kavya stopped her
Kavya: stop kavi u only saying all now I will tell
Okie listen to me when ragini listened laksh conversation ragini called us bcoz ur both are not lifting her call But laksh don’t know that she was on call he blurted all and kidnapped even ragini to kill her

Swaras great brother and her jiju can’t stop their anger knowing the truth so they called them and started scolding them that’s y they also came with us after that u both know Everything

Swara: wow bhai and jiju u r awesome u know that’s y I love u both very much
Sahil and Arjun: we love u too doll/ princess

Sanskar: ohhh hello Mrs swara Sanskar khanna my sister And my bestie are great Not these both dumb a**

Swara: don’t u dare Mr Khanna my brother and jiju are best not like ur sister and bestie saying she hugged both of them

Like this all started their moment their itself forget that all their tension and all that’s all say family is important for everything and here is their sweet and cute family who support them always in any situation

All family members are seeing in shocking expression bcoz just know wt have happened after that no one can’t become normal for few days but here these all are playing and pulling each others legs But only Ramtha where smiling seeing them bcoz they know that if these all are present they all forget everything

Swasan side
All are laughing loudly but soon reality hits to Sanskar he was raging with full anger On him he turned towards laksh a beat him
For second all didn’t get wt was going on

Laksh: ahhhhh
Sanskar holding his collar with full rage – I told u na stay away from my shona I told u na she is my life and I wont Let her snatch from Me U snatched my family I didn’t said anything but now I won that u snatch my love mr laksh maheswari saying this he again hitted him Again
Laksh fell down but Sanskar was hurting him with leg

All shocked to listen Sanskar words but more than that they where concerned about laksh now

Sahil Arjun kavitha and Kavya didn’t even try to stop even they hold swara not stop him bcoz only they know how he was suffered bcoz him

Ram and dp trying to stop him but he was not at all stopping Slowly with much effect they holder him tightly Ap and ragini immediately went near laksh and trying to help

Sanskar: (shouting) leave me papa leave me
Ram: Sanskar calm down calm down control urself I know u r angry but this not correct
But Sanskar didn’t stopped his eyes fell on a goons ? he immediately took it and shooted laksh
All got shocked

Ap & dp:(shouted) lakshhhhhhhh
Without no time do slapped Sanskar hardly he was about to slap again but Ram stopped him and pushed him lightly

Ram: how dare u to beat my son bhaisa
Dp: see wt ur so called son did he killed my son my laksh
Ram: but once see back bhaisa

Dp saw back and seen laksh is fit and fine but in front him ragini stood thinking that bullet will hit him

All shocked to see laksh fine ap hugged him tightly
Do was looking at him in confuse manner

(guys Sanskar shooted but he shoot the bullet In way that laksh will not Get shoot)

Sanskar: see laksh I have shooted but before it comes to u ragini stood in front of u This is called love laksh
Urs is not love it’s just that she love me that u can’t bare the fact that we both love each other urs is not love bcoz of u obsession insecurities made U like this bcoz of u I have away from my family I have forgave u for snatching my family but now I wont even give u chance to take my love from me

Sanskar: thank god I have changed ragini mind or else I don’t know wt will happen to my shona and u know wt lucky even u loved ragini but it’s just that u though u love swara but the truth is u love ragini not swara
If u loved swara u would have trusted swara not ragini u thought ragini was silent girl like buddu but swara was naughty girl thats the reason u thought u love swara not ragini buy u fell for her But u didn’t realise that u love her

Laksh was shocked bcoz wt ever Sanskar said was true I believed ragini instead swara

Swara: laksh wt Sanskar said was true may u loved ragini but u didn’t really that u thought u love me think laksh u trusted ragini bcoz u have full faith on her more than me and plz accept the fact that I don’t love u I love only Sanskar my Sanskar saying this she intertwined her hand with him
Sanskar smiles seeing his love

Swara: wait Sanskar y u said that bcoz of laksh u r away from ur family
Now Sanskar realised wt he was going to blurt out
Sanskar : arey ntg like that shona it’s just in anger I told even don’t wry speak u know me na in anger I will stupid things
But swara can clearly see that he was lying

Kavitha : stop it sanky how much u lie for him now I will say truth Bcoz of him u where in dark in these years if swara wouldn’t enter into ur life may be u will be in the same state

Kavitha: all of u listen mainly u both Mr and Mrs druga Prasad maheswari u have proud on ur son na but ur son when Sanskar was in trouble on that day he didn’t even helped him

Swara: di wt r u telling tell cleary I’m not understanding
Kavitha: princesses u know about Sanskar past on that night when Sanskar was in unconscious state laksh passed by the way where Sanskar was there but he didn’t even helped he just left him like that and he only brided police to keep him in police station so that Mr maheswari will get away from Sanskar

Kavitha: princess u know y he did this bcoz every time dp used to proud on Sanskar than laksh so he want to defame. Him in for the of his family so that all give attention to him but bcoz of his stupid act only we know how Sanskar have gone these years without his family I’m the only one who made Sanskar mind to take revenge from the family so that may be they can know the truth but I was wrong these all blo*dy burgers don’t understand anything wt they want to see that only they will see

Dp: laksh wt is this true???
Laksh was standing bow his head down he was not even saying yes or no
Ap: u did this no I know laksh u can’t do this say this s not truth They are lying about u

Sujata: bad jiji Now everything is clear cut like a glass that laksh is jealous of Sanskar that’s y he did this Shame in u laksh bcoz of u I have stay away from my son these years he spended In dark night only bcoz of u

Laksh: I’m sry Chachi that time I was jealous of Sanskar papa used to praise him in front of me and used scold me that’s y I did that so that all will give attention towards me

Swara came and stood inform of laksh and gave tight slap to him but after she said thanks to him
Swara: This slap is for to suffer me and Sanskar and this thanks to make my Sanskar out of the house if u would not have send him out may be there will be no revenge bcoz of that only I got him so thank u so. Much

U may think of he was in home still I may love him but the truth if Sanskar know that u love me he will sacrifice his love for u but bcoz of this revenge I got saved thank u so much Saying this she went near Sanskar but he passed him and went near her di and bhabi hugged both of them saying thanks to them

Sanskar was overwhelmed seeing his love happy But soon his smile faded away seeing swara fainted down
Sanskar: swaraaaaaa
Kavtha: princess/doll wt happen get up
Arjun: kavitha check her 1st don’t forget u r doctor idiot

Kavitha checks her and started dancing happily yeah yehhhhhhhhhhh
All are confused with her behavior
Sanskar: (shouted) kavi tell me wt happen to her and y r u dancing like a mad person

Kavitha: arey buddhu this is good news I’m becoming massi Kavya u r becoming bua

Sanskar: that means I’m papa im papa saying this he kissed swara all over the face
Kavitha: hey stop ur romance we have to go hospital 1st she was weak bcoz of some bastard (seeing laksh)
Ramtha gave blessing to them in happy tears
Ragini came and hugged swara tightly in happiness

Ragini: I know u all are angry on me but I’m changed now I’m asking sry from all of u plz forgive me
Sanskar: that’s okie ragini u r changed and that’s enough for us
Sahil: okie leave that we all have to go hospital 1st
Ragini: bhai can I also come with u
Sahil was shocked to listen
Ragini: swara calls u bhai in that way u r also my bhai right I’m sry if u don’t like it I will stop
Sahil: it’s okie ragini u can call me but don’t except I will give more importance to u more than doll bcoz it is only for her
Ragini smiles and nodded her head

All left to hospital all present now even gadodia family is also present ragini called them and said about swara

Swara was gaining conscious
Swara: san…..skar
Sanskar: arey shona u woke up u know wt I have good news for u
Swara: wt
Sanskar: vo vo swara I’m becoming father
Swara: wt how can u become father when I’m not pregnant u idiot how dare u to cheat me

Sanskar was shocked to listen this but swara was beating him without letting him to speak
Sanskar holding her hand tightly – arey buddu u r pregnant duffer
Swara: what ????I am pregnant wow sanku I’m pregnanttttttttt
Yehhhhhh bhai I’m pregnant saying this she was dancing and and twirling all of them in happiness even she did with ragini she didn’t even realize in happiness wt she was doing

Kavitha: arey princess now stop u should not jump like that come sit here
Swara silently went and sat on the bed but 1 person was seeing her with shocking expression that non other than our Sanskar

Arjun: arey Sanky wt happened to u
Sanskar came to senses – shona I know that behave like a kid but I don’t know that u r really a kid
(dramatically) hey bhagawan save our children from this kid wt if she fought with them for chocolate and all

Swara stamped his foot in anger – Im not a kid Mr Sanskar khanna
Sanskar: awweeee my cute little baby naraz hai ohhh lululeeee yeh lo beta ? now smile (teasing tone)
Swara: ahhhhh bhai tell him to stop or else I will kill him

Sanskar: kavi plzzzz Mujhe Bhachao she will kill me it seems
Swara: ahhh bhai (thinks) teasing me wait bhai di aap sab log 8 Minute bahar jao Except Sanskar Plzzzz
All nodes their heads and left the place

Swara stood in front of Sanskar at u said I’m kid, baby and wt u said cute little
Sanskar: haha u r cute little baby only na
Swara: acha saying she started caressing her finger in his cheek romantically
Sanskar was sweating seeing her bold act
Swara slowly travelled her fingers under the shirt and Caressing her muscle soon he lost his sense in her touch

She smirks and open his 1st 2 bottons and bitted on his n***** for teasing her
Sanskar: ahhhhh shonaaaaaa And started rubbing the bitten area
Swara: this s punishment for teasing me my sanku
Holded his collar and pulled him towards her and whispers in his ear by the way I’m not cute my husband is cute not me Saying this she kissed on bitten area to soothen the pain
Now smile don’t keep that face may be I can loose my control now

Sanskar holder her through waist acha then show me wt u will do if u loose ur control
Swara: u want know he nodded his head she smiled and smashed her lips on him soon both kissed each other passionately After they joins their heads

Sanskar: I love u shona
Swara: I love u too my sanku
Soon both hear a voice
Voice: if ur romance is over then we will go to home

Both get embarrassed Soon all left to home

Screen freezes on swasan…….

Precap: ur wish…….

If u all don’t want epilogue 3 then u can think swara gave birth to twins and ragini forgave laksh for his deeds even dp and ap asked forgiveness from swasan they forgave but still they didn’t went to their home they still stayed with their small family even sahkav and arjkav started staying with swasan in same mansion Now ss mansion changed to SSASKK MANSION

keep smiling always
Bye bye ……

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