Pain trust love 2 shots (epilogue -1)

Hello guys I’m here with epilogue Part 1 of pain trust love
Thank u so much guys u all liked this 2 shots

I’m sorry for the late update I know u all are angry on me but Kay karu yar my college got started and my mam’s are eating my brain with continues classes classes I’m so sorry for my late update

I know all are angry on me but plz understand my position to and nagamanasa Im posting today only for u bcoz u request me and how can I deny anyone request and it’s in 2 parts epilogue I’m so sry for my late update Plz don’t get angry

Let’s start

Screen starts with a Villa which is looking classy with with white paint and connected with a garden Slowly camera turned to a room where our cute couple where sleeping peacefully in each other embrace

The room was dark bcoz All curtains are closed There is only a bed light on slowy Sanskar woke up rubbing his eyes lazily soon his eyes fall on his love seeing her sleeping peacefully he was smiling Seeing her in his shirt he was going crazy again seeing her in his shirt but he was controlling himself not to disturb her from sleep already he didn’t let her sleep whole night

He slowly pecks her lip without disturbing her sleep feeling his touch she was smiling even in sleep

Sanskar was staring her lovingly after sometime slowly he sensed some movement in her but he closed his eyes to see wt she will do now she slowly opened her eyes but again she closed her eyes but a small difference now she was upon Sanskar hugging him tightly Sanskar was smiling sensing his action finally she opened her eyes successfully seeing Sanskar she thought he was sleeping

She pecked her forehead wwhispes good morning she was about to get up but seeing him She stopped

Swara: how cute my sanku was sleeping god I’m sure one or the other day I’m gonna die

Sanskar captured her lips with In a second she was startled for his sudden action She was not responding to him in shock but Sanskar was kissing her madly listening the word death he was unable to control his anger He started biting her lips in anger she was trying to respond to him but he was making her difficult respond she was just trying to respond soon both break the kiss to breath

Swara: (shocked) wt was that???0
Sanskar: (breathing heavily) how dare u to think about death
Swara now realised wt she said when she was lost in him
Swara: Sanskar that was… wait wait U r sleeping right then how u That means u r not sleeping
Sanskar: vo I was acting I thought to see wt u will do but u r talking some stupid talks

Swara: u asanskari maheswari spying on me
Sanskar: no I’m not spying on u I’m spying on my wife shona
Swara: Sanskarrrr
Sanskar: swaraaaaaa
Swara was glaring him
Sanskar: acha sorry but plz shona don’t even talk about the death plz I can leave without you if something happens u I will can’t live (tears)
Swara Was overwhelmed seeing his love for her and hugged him tightly

Swara breaks the hug and was about to leave Sanskar holds her wrist
Swara: Sanskar
Sanskar : where r u going
Swara: washroom
Sanskar: acha then chalo today we both will do bath at a time

Swara eyes got widen in shock ??
Swara: wt ??
But Sanskar without letting a word he Left with her in his arms

Both swasan where staring each other lovingly swara just lost in his touch his one touch is enough for her to lost her senses

Sanskar make her stand under the shower and on the tap
Both swasan where drenched in water her white shirt got wet Her curves where clear seeing to him

He was admiring every part of her has if he gonna eat her right now he stopped the shower tap and slowly moved towards her face and started sucking every drop on water on her face

She was feeling heavenly in his touch his hands where under her shirt soon he removed her 2 buttons he kept his face between her b***** He was caressing her with his Lips he turned his face started caressing her one curve with his lips

He was caressing her n****e with his tongue he was touching it sensuously feeling his touch more her legs are getting week she was unable to stand sensing that Sanskar holded her tightly soon he lifted her and she locked her legs around his waist

Both went out of the washroom but still Sanskar didn’t Stopped caressing to give him more pleasure she was pressing him more on her both where in different world

Both reached near bed he slowly placed her on bed he came upon her soon he captured her lips again both are kissing passionately Both are trying to dominate each other Soon both break the kiss to breath

He then slowly get down and started giving kisses to her belly she was holding his hair in her fist She feeling ticklish for his touch
Swara: sans…. Sanskarrrrrrr
He caressed her thighs soon both Started Their love making session
He was thrusting her hardly To which she was moaning in pleasure
Swara: mo…..more faster Sanskarrrrr

Sanskar was smiling seeing his love how desperately she wants him he followed has she said and thrusting her Madly

Soon both reached into climax and slept in each other embrace

After some time
Swara slowly started opened her eyes she didn’t even look at him Boca she know if she saw him she can’t control without giving peck but to Her bad Luck he already woked up Without knowing this she was trying to get out from his slowly

Sanskar: shona Wt r u doing (lifted her eye brows)
Swara saw him with shock Sanskar chuckles seeing her expressions
Sanskar: u didn’t answer me shona
Swara: I was escaping from u
Sanskar: (confused) wt
Swara: ha I’m hungry if u woke up na again u will do same thing u know wt u already did 3 times with me only at 1 night showing without any mercy and again in morning u started doing that’s y I’m escaping from u But again u woke up early before me (pout)

Sanskar: then wt can I do Mrs khanna seeing ur cute expressions I can’t even resist myself and that to this is our honeymoon trip then how can I stop myself
Swara: Mr khanna honeymoon doesn’t meant only for this we have to explore the city enjoy overself there will many more okie

Sanskar smiles seeing – okie them my wife wants to roam city
Swara: of course we came to Venice for our honeymoon but u u r doing same work
Sanskar: ohh hello don’t blame only me even u also enjoyed with touch na
Swara: ha that’s y I hate u r touch it make to lose all my senses (pout)
Sanskar: ? okie madam don’t give that expressions we will go out tomorrow
Swara: wt y tomorrow y not today
Sanskar: bcoz its evening now
Swara: wt??? Saying she saw time it’s was 6:00
Sanskar: Now get we will eat dinner In a nice restaurant
Both got up and got ready for dinner Both went to a nice restaurant and had their dinner
And came back to u Villa and sleeps in each other embrace

(guys swasan came for honeymoon they forgave sujata Ram and uttara but not mm family and laksh still didn’t given chance to ragini bcoz he still want swara in his life even knowing after swasan love he was not able digest that and shemish where dying in guilt)

Laksh and ragini applied for divorce and court gave Order them to live in same house for 6 months and ragini was trying to Make place in everyone Heart again seeing swara she got to know how wrong she was thinking how ragini was changed
All are having their bf ragini was trying to make them believe that she is changed now
All completed their bf and laksh went to his room followed by ragini

She went to their room and gave files laksh But still he didn’t paid any heed to her she feels sad seeing this
Laksh went to office and got to know that swasan went to honeymoon he was fuming in anger he left to cabin directly

Laksh: (anger) how can u move on so easily swara I know u still love me u r just acting In front of me u r mine swara only mine I will definitely make u mine don’t worry swara we both will soon get married and lead our life happily swara then this Sanskar and ragini can too anything to us now Sanskar has to go out of our life’s swara (said like a psycho manner and smiles evilly)

Ready to go out of our life’s Sanskar bcoz if u only my swara is not with me now I will make her mine for sure saying he called someone after cutting to call Smirks ? Now after ur honeymoon it will be ur last day Sanskar after that no one will come between us swara

Raglak Room
Ragini was crying thinking about all behavior now she was listening dadi talks bcoz she doesn’t want again to go on wrong path
Ragini: (monologue) plz laksh plz give a chance after that I will make sure not to give u any chance to u for any complaints plz forgive me soon I’m dying for ur forgiveness

Both swasan roamed all over the city in this 1 week now it time to back to India both are happy and feeling blessing but for swara an unknown fear started occupied in her mind fear of losing

Swara: Sanskar I don’t know but I’m feeling restless Sanskar (tears) plz don’t leave me
Sanskar: (cupping her face) don’t cry shona ntg will happen to me and
Before he complete his word she hugged him tightly Not letting him go away

Sanskar: (caressing her hair) shona ntg bad will happen it’s just ur thought shona now plz stop crying
Swara: (innocently) ntg will happen na u Won’t leave me na
Sanskar smiles and nodded his head
Sanskar:(pecked her forehead) Now chalo we will leave it’s getting late for the flight
Both went to airport soon both reached India

Both are waiting for their car but the driver was not old driver
Sanskar: who r u where is my driver
Driver: sir my brother not feeling well so I came to pick u both
Sanskar: okie
Both kept their luggage on the dikki both settled on the back seats
After they both settled down the driver started his journey to mansion both swasan where talking random and swara was also doing something with the phone
Sanskar: shona wt r u doing with phone
Swara: ntg playing game
Sanskar confusingly said okie
After some time Sanskar saw the road and was thinking it was wrong before he say something the driver made both of them unconscious

Driver: Sir work is done where to come
Man: come to our closed factory
Driver: okie sir
Man cuts the call and smiles evilly
Man: Now u will be finish Mr maheswari Now swara will be mine and the person reveal to he laksh

Screen freezes on laksh evil face

Precap: surprise………..

Keep smiling ? ?

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