“My pain”. ~ Swara (Episode 9)


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Episode 9
The evening was blissful because both sanskar’s mother’s walked in delightedly and disclosed the news that the wedding muhurat was in 2 weeks. Hearing this Sanskar started blushing while his ever ready siblings started to tease him while his dear Bhabhi came to his rescue.. Aree Chachi wasnt there a muhurat even earlier see my Bhai he is turned a tomato and u see his eyes he is also sad coz now he has to stay away from Swara till marriage. Oh my god. It’s so damn impossible for him..
What do you think adarsh Bhai said Laksh..
While adarsh acting be on his side at the beginning turned out to be teasing him as well.
Adarsh said, Lucky what are you saying don’t forget that he is your elder brother , though I think what you are saying is completely right..
Sanskar now was a lil embarrassed. And then came his lil sis to complete the teasing and take it to the next level..

Uttara shouted STOP at her 2 bros who were teasing Sanskar and then said actually you know what , Sanskar Bhai is going to miss Swara Bhabhi that I’m sure he will go and meet her secretly. Kyun Bhai ? Am i right??
With that sanskar started chasing his siblings seeing which all the family members were happy and then to escape Sanskar, all of them winked at each other and looking at the door shouted “Swara, when did u come?” making Sanskar to loose his aim and further earning a hearty laugh from his family members, his Bhabhi came to his side after bargaining a pani puri treat on the road side..
Chup keejiye Adarsh, app tho are speaking as if u dint meet me secretly before the wedding and Laksh you tho keep quiet you met Ragini like every other day, so why can’t my devar do the same haan??

With that all of them were shut.. Then came the moment, a rather much awaited one where in all the Maheshwaris dressed up and moved to Bose mansion to officially bring Swara to their house in the form of their dear daughter rather than daughter in law after completing all rituals..
Everyone was dressed up and seeing them at the door Swara was astonished and shocked and seeing them completely dressed she was surprised but still she asked them to make themselves comfortable by the time she called dida , her Bhabhi and champ.. After they came, realising what they were all speaking Swara was teary eyed learning the truth that the Maheshwaris were ready to accept her with her biggest flaw.. Happy was a really simple and small word to actually describe her emotion at the moment.. it was something completely more and different.. After the official talks all the elders left while Sanskar stayed back as he wanted to support Swara as he knew she was in a dilemma and all the more wanted to hang out with her.. Both of them ie Swara and Sanskar moved to her room where Sanskar made Swara sit in the bed and layed down on her lap after giving her short and cute lip peck burying his face in her belly and tightly hugging her as well.. These things brought Swara out of her thoughts and she this started caressing Sanskar’s hairs.. They stayed like that for quite some time when Sanskar noticed it was going to be nearly 7 and that he may have to leave soon..

Seeing his face Swara understood what he was thinking and so requested him if she could lay on his lap for sometime. Seeing his princess request Sanskar felt bad and told her never request me baby, order me I’m all yours.. They now shifted their positions and were enjoying their moment when sanskar’s phone disturbed them, Sanskar answered the call and even before his hello he was greeted by a lot of scolding and shouting, seeing his expressions Swara switched the loud speaker mode and realised that it was Pari Bhabhi who had lost her calm because of her mood swings.. After ending the call, Swara could no longer hold her laughter and went ROFL while Sanskar stood there amused at what had just happened.. He came out of his thoughts when Swara asked him what he had promised Bhabhi and dint do.. Sanskar was surprised by Swara’s question and asked her what made her think so, to which she answered that she was a doctor and knew about a women’s mood swings and anger well. Sanskar was then initially confused but after a good hard thought of 3 minutes he realised he had told his Pari bhabhi in the morning to get her pani puri from the road side shop which he had completely forgotten..
Listening to whom, Swara decided to make the pani puri as she felt that roadside pani puri could be unhygienic..

Moving to the kitchen Swara stayed mixing the dough while Sanskar in the name of helping her was fodling her hands indirectly romancing with her.. A couple of minutes later, the pani puris where ready and Sanskar noticed there were too many and asked Swara about the same when she said she had made some for uttara and Ragini coz she knew both of them liked pani puri as well..
With that, Sanskar bid bye to Swara and moved to mm. Where he gave the pani puris to the ladies and told them to enjoy while he freshened up for dinner.. Swara on the other side had moved to her room and was now reminiscing her moments with Sanskar when it finally dawned on her that, she would never face these mood swings, tears flowed out of her eyes uncontrollably and she refused to have dinner coz she wasn’t hungry though her bhabhi wasn’t satisfied she informed dida who felt that her shoru was not fine and moved to her room.. seeing her shoru breaking down she felt very bad and supported her and made her sleep after which informed Sanskar of the ordeal.. Sanskar was really tensed and on questioned about what happened Sanskar told all the family members on how Swara was feeling right now.. All the members were sad for a moment but then realised that they had to support Swara..

The next morning all the Maheshwaris were in deep thinking in how to make Swara’s mood right and then all of them decided to celebrate a simple family engagement that night and make it memorable where Sanskar was gonna surprise Swara by ………….
In all of this everyone forgot that the next day was DP’s birthday.. But Swara came to know of it thro another source and decided surprise her badepapa coz he was truly the one who showered her with fatherly affection , love and support..
While in mm, everyone was preparing for the engagement here Swara was thinking deeply in how to surprise her badepapa.. Finally she decided to gift him his dream car..
Ordering the delivery of the car outside a specific place at exactly 12 and paying excess amount of Lacs for the short notice delivery she made her decision to present her badepapa the car at 12 and arrange a grand party the next day evening coz it was his 60th birthday..

IN MM, The arrangements were all done and it was nearly evening when sanskar realised he hasn’t gone to pick Arnav from the airport who had come postponing all his meetings to be part of his sister’s engagement.. When he was about to leave he was greeted by Arnav and his friends Viren, Virat and his dear sisters Jeevika and Manvi.. Letting them to settle he called up dida and told her that everything was set and all she had to do was to bring Swara to mm at exactly 7..
Dida along with Khushi and Aarav were completely decked and asked Swara to get ready as well though Swara dint have the mood.. She wore a simple lehenga and got ready.. Dida blindfolded her and they reached mm in matter of minutes where Swara was moved to a particular spot after which her blindfold was removed.. On opening her eyes excitedly Swara was crossed by darkness on all sides and before she could make out anything she was in the middle being showered continuously by different flowers while Sanskar was on his knees proposing his dear lady love all again..
Swara trust me, I know no cheesy lines but yes I want to make all our moments special.. Swara, I always dreamt of a life partner like you, I wanna grow old with you and yet continue to love you even more than what I do today.. I wanna stay by your side during all your moments of happiness, sorrow, joy and everything.. I want to wake up in the morning to have a glance of your smiling face and remember you even in my dreams, I wanna be your best friend whom you trust the most and most importantly I want to be part of everything you are going to do in order to accomplish all you dreams. Swara do you know why you are being showered with all colour roses.. Swara it was you from whom I learned to live life and it was from you I learnt that every colour is special in its own way.
yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. I’m Glad of our Friendship, I really feel a new beginning when you are with me. I care for you and you are my friend that to forever. Love you friend.
like the pink roses your Gentleness, Grace, sweetness made me realise that I want to be with u forever. And I promise to be with you forever dear.
Like the dark pink rose I will never let u down. I will never leave u. And I want you to trust me and stay with me till eternity…
white rose indicates Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility. I heavenly found u worthy of me. And I want you to be my White rose and forever…
like this orange rose your elegance made me realise my enthusiasm towards you and life. And I want you by my side making me realise this feeling everytime and anytime possible..
Last but never the last least the red roses, I love ur Beauty. I love ur Courage and Respect. I love every quality of u and “I Love You as u are.” And I want to love you more and more everyday.
Do you love and promise to be with me forever..

Swara was completely blown down, she couldn’t utter a single word and sensing Swara’s happiness and state of mind Sanskar said Swara, yaar please jaldi bhathana, my knees are hurting kahi, let me not break my knees before my wedding please.. Answer me love..
Swara was now overjoyed and accepting sanskar’s hand she shouted loudly. Yes Sanskar, I promise to be your friend forever, be with you till eternity, trust you every second of my life, be your White rose forever, make you realise your feeling of love every moment I’m here by your side today and promise to be for hamesha and more than anything else I love you.. with that she bent on her knees and hugged Sanskar tight and in a few moments came the lights making her blush on realising that there were so many people around.. Then came the 2 mothers who came forward and gifted Swara a beautiful and grand lehenga informing her that it was her engagement and before she could say anything she was dragged to the room by Pari, Ragini and Uttara to get her dressed. Amongst all this Swara realised something and informed the 3 ladies helping her dress that it was their badepapa’s bday tomorrow and they had to surprise him in the evening and also about her plan.. the ladies then promised Swara to inform the rest of them as well.
Swara’s lehenga link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMs-WjOgu97/
Swara then came down decked up and so was Sanskar now.. They came to the centre where an elevated stage was set up and performed all the rituals of the engagement..
The engagement ceremony came to an end and then was the wishing and gifting all the family members were doing..
Laksh and Ragini danced and enacted their love story while uttara did a stunning performance and gifted them a pretty portrait or rather painting she had made making the couple completely happy. Amongst this Pari and adarsh did their bit and in return were surprised when they were gifted with 9 gifts as token of becoming parents..
Then was the turn of the elders wherein sujatha, ram along sumi and Shekhar performed on the song kal jisne janam yahan paaya from vivah while finally came dadi, dadu along with dp and ap playing a picture slide show of all the moments from the kids being lil babies to know which they had recorded along with dida..
Finally came her Arnav Bhai and bhabhi who gifted them a set of platinum ring bands with complementary designs.. amongst all this Araav moved from the place and returned with a lil treasure hidden in his back, he gifted his dear bua a lovely pic of her with all her kiddo patients, a pair of simple earrings and finally a bouquet of roses..
The time had now passed by and it was time for dinner. Everyone enjoyed dinner whilst pari wanted to eat something sour and spicy and was now asking everyone of the youngsters to get something not letting anyone to eat..
Swara then moved to the kitchen and prepared a veg Bengali dish and Pari was contended with it and sat down in couch all tired while her devars started massaging her feet which very ugly because of swelling while adarsh had gone to bring her medicines.. Amongst all this everyone missed the time until DP’s phone rang loudly and snapped everyone that it was now time for their badepapa’s surprise. All of them followed dp as he moved out and finally when he was astonished seeing his dream car he was wiped of his shock with a loud shout of surprise bringing him back to the present. That’s when he realised that someone had done this for him on purpose and he was completely delighted.. Turning to them he asked them who had done this and everyone pointed finger at the other and then on a more serious questioning everyone pointed at one person who had her eyes closed in fear of what was going to happen.. Though she thought her badepapa might get angry she was happy when he came to her and thanked her..
(The car’s pic, guys check it out it’s like a costly car and it’s like a super duper cool one : https://www.google.co.in/search?q=lamborghini&client=ms-android-letv&prmd=inv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiOvt3PyZfRAhXMN48KHVPoDqUQ_AUIBygB&biw=412&bih=652&dpr=2.63#imgrc=Pcg5iEXKXlYe3M%3A )
Following this everyone moved inside where they cut a simple cake made by ap and retired for the night.. Swara moved to the Bose mansion along with dida, her bhai, Bhabhi, champ and managed to doze of in the car due to her tiredness. On arriving at the mansion everyone were astonished to see Swara in deep slumber with a cute smile looking completely like a kid.. Seeing dida about to disturb her Arnav stopped her and picked Swara in his arms while Khushi picked Aarav and they moved inside where Arnav made Swara sleep in her room and came out after covering her with the comforter..
Then they all changed and moved to their rooms to sleep when Swara was disturbed in her sleep and noticed that it was all because of the heavy dress. Then changing to comfortable clothes she dozed of again with a bright smile..
The Maheshwaris were all happy and everyone were sleeping and so was the case of the Gadodias coz they noticed that their daughter still loved them and had forgiven them though she still was upset..
The night was a peaceful one for all the families and all had slept of thinking of all that and how the wedding may happen..
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Love u all. ??❤?????????
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