The pain ( A Shivika OS)

I broke everything around me. My knees gave up and I fell on the floor. It feels as if there is shard of glass and it hurts me each second.

Why did you do this to me? Is this the result of loving you? Why did you break my heart, my trust? I didn’t believe in love but then you entered my life and cultivated the trust in my heart. For you. For love.

Shivaay Singh Oberoi to whom naam, khoon, khandaan ( name, blood, lineage) mattered the most, changed his ideologies for you. A girl without all of it.

The heart is soft and fragile but when broken it gives you the most terrible pain.

“It’s all part of a game,
Everybody is the same.
Ask they do is just pretense,
To me it doesn’t make sense.
Selfish is a human array,
Let it stray. ”

You were selfish. All you cared about was yourself. You did not care about me and my feelings. You played with my feelings. It was all a game for you. You were different or so I thought. No! I was wrong. I had never been so wrong in my life.

You were just a blo*dy good digger. You pretended to love me, care for me but it was all fake. You turned out to be a snake.

To once I loved you, now I wish to hate you. Alas! I can’t even hate you Anika.

“Really Shivaay? The blush lessons, the dark padta had game was all fake?” My heart questioned me.

“Of course! Today she showed her true colors” my mind said.

“Taking a bullet for you, fighting against everyone for you was all fake? Why was she ready to die for you? Because she loved you”

“Cut it. If she really loved him then why did she break his heart? If she really cared, she wouldn’t have broke his trust” my mind argued.

“Not everything we do is for our own good, not everything reflects our thoughts. Sometimes it’s for others and sometimes it’s helplessness.”

” What could have made her break his heart? ”

“Stop it” I yelled to no one in particular. What have you done to me Anika? You have made the Great Wall of Shivaay so weak.

Defeated, I leaned on the wall and something pricked my hand. Looking at it, I saw blood oozing out but I couldn’t care less. It’s nothing compared to the pain you gave me.

There was a sound of the door opening. I did not bother to look who it was.

“Bhaiya ” I heard Rudra’s voice. I looked up only to find him looking around in horror.

Then I noticed, my room was messed up and so was my life. The room perfectly shows the condition of my life right now. Messy.

“Condition of my life” I gave a dry laugh. ” This is what that gold digger..” I was cut off by him.

“Not a word against my bhabhi ” there was something different in his eyes. Something that I have never seen before.

“She’s not your bhabhi anymore. She is just a blo*dy good digger. ”

He stared at me for a while, before saying ” You’ll regret your words Bhaiya. You’ll regret every bit of it” with that he walked away.

” I regret my very own decisions, rudra”

The pain. The betrayal brought tears to my eyes. I got up and looked at my reflection.

My pride was everything to me. I was proud of myself for not being weak, for holding back my emotions but you broke it.

My eyes were red and puffy. Tear marks visible. I hate seeing myself like this. Weak and vulnerable.

I couldn’t see myself like that. I picked up a bottle of perfume and the it hard against the mirror. The mirror broke into pieces.

The mirror was me and the bottle was your words. Just mere words. It is indeed true that words hurt you more than the physical pain.

I fell on my knees. Tears tricked down my cheeks. Sleep engulfed me easily as I was tired.
Three months later-

You did not even leave my dreams, Anika. You have invaded them but those dreams aren’t dreams anymore. They have started to become nightmares for me.

Your memories don’t soothe me but put me through a battle. Battle between my heart and my mind.

Memories are like shards of glass, the tighter you hold on, the more it hurts. Sometimes it’s better to let go than holding on. But my heart isn’t ready to let go your memories. I can’t forget you, not even after what you put me through. So now I put up a mask.

Some stories are meant to be incomplete and maybe our story was one of them.

It was a usual morning and I was going through some files when I stumbled across a medical report.

It was DNA test report. To what I saw next, shook me to the the core. It was my and Mahi’s report. In bold letters it was written ‘POSITIVE’

Me and Mahi are brothers. The one who kidnapped, who pretended to be me is actually my twin. I have a twin brother. But if I do how come I don’t know about him? Or at least mom and dad should.

There were a lot of questions in my head so I decided to confront Mahi himself.

I went to happy chawl and asked about his whereabouts. After getting his address, I walked to the house and knocked the door. He opened the door and stood amused and shocked to See Me at his doorstep.

“May I? ” I asked and he moved aside to let me in.

We sat on the bed and I began awkwardly “Look Mahi. I know that you are my brother though I don’t know why you are doing this” he cut me off.

“Hell! That question kumari told you? ”

“Question kumari? ”

” Ugh.. your wife, Anika.” he replied.

“She’s not my wife, anymore” I replied with pain.

“What do you mean? ”

“Yeah” I narrated him the story and I felt the weight on my chest decrease.

“Look Shivaay. I don’t know what made her do that but I know for a matter of fact that she’s the best for you. There must be a reason so as to why she did it” he paused and poured me some water. “There are a lot of things you need to know”

“What? ” I cut him off.

“I’m afraid that I’m not the right person to tell you that. You need to get to the roots of this by yourself ” he patted my cheek. “Have a good day, brother”

I drove back to the mansion with a lot of questions. Now only OmRu can help me. I know for a fact that they are hiding something from me. Something I deserve to know. Well, they can’t hide it for long, after all I’m their big brother.

I strode in Om’s room where they were discussing something and we’re startled to See Me. After a lot of persuasion, they finally told me how Mom blackmailed Anika. How she forced her to do all of this. Though they did not tell me what mom blackmailed her with but right now that didn’t matter.

What mattered was Anika. Tears spilled out of my eyes as the truth finally hit me. How could someone love a person to this extent!

All the memories, the accusations came back to me.

“You were right, Rudra. I regret every bit of it now” my voice cracked.

“I’m sorry Anika” I mumbled.

“Bhaiya, you need to apologize to her. She’ll definitely forgive you, for as far as I know her, she’s very forgiving. She’s hurt just like you” Rudra said.

She was indeed very forgiving. She forgave me every single time. I have hurt a kind and pure soul.

“You need to correct your mistakes, Shivaay. You need to apologize ” My heart told me.

“You are my moon, Anika and I’m coming to take you soon” I smiled at the thought.

I left the room and made some arrangements.

“Get ready Mrs. Oberoi” I smiled as the memory of me announcing as her as my wife, came to my mind.

Smiling, I wrote down a note for her. I’m sorry Anika but I have to do this.

“If you want your husband safe and sound. Come to the house near the woods. Make sure you’re alone”


I waited patiently for her to arrive and she came in after a few minutes. Worry written all over her face. As soon as he saw me, she threw her arms around me and asked if I’m fine or not.

“I’m fine Anika”

“Anika, I’m really sorry” I said, kneeling down. ” You have always forgiven me , do it for the last time. I’ll try my best not to hurt you. To trust you. Please give me a chance.” Tears trickled down her cheeks.

“We cant- can’t be together” she said, her voice not more than a whisper.

“If you think, I don’t know the truth. I do. I know mom forced you to walk out of my life. Though I don’t know the reason” I paused.

” So Miss. Anika you or should I say Mrs. Oberoi, are you ready to bear this tadibaaz for your entire life? Will you marry me once again? ”

She just nodded. What I felt in this moment was pure bliss. I engulfed her in a bone crushing hug. We felt the warmth of each other after 3 months. If I would have to call something perfect, than that would be this very moment.

” I really really love you Anika” and I could feel her smile through her tears.

” I love you Shivaay” she said in a soft voice. Those words made my heart flutter. These three words filled the gap of three months.

I kissed her hairs lovingly. This moment was eternity.

“Let’s create heaven, let the rest of it forgotten.
A/N- I hope you like it. Do let me know by commenting. Feel free to point out the mistakes. 🙂

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  1. Nita D

    Wow this is amazing…..the whole story…..but the part I loved the most was the description of Shivaay’s pain….it was a reading delight….

    1. Kriti249

      I’m glad you liked it. It was actually the main part (Shivaay’s pain) the title is also based on it.

  2. Fffan1234

    Super awesome. Please continue and show Pinky’s OMM by Shivaay

    1. Kriti249

      Thanks dear and about pinky’s OMM I think I’ll try to write a one shot on it. It will take time, though.

  3. Sairish

    that was superb…..
    can’t say much…just “speechless”
    TAKE CARE di

    1. Kriti249

      Thank you so much sweetie. It really means a lot. Do check out my other works. 🙂

  4. Tanz

    It was just amazing…. flawless….it was just like a beautiful poem…. Even most of the lines were rhyming too….
    This was an exceptional work Kriti….well done ??

    1. Kriti249

      Thanks so much dear. You don’t know what it means to me.

  5. Navz

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    Amazing os

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      Thank you dear 🙂 do read my other works.

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    Nice one dear

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      Thank you so much dear. You have been such a loyal reader. You have supported all of my works. I’m so glad to have a reader like you. 🙂

  9. Pui

    Beautiful ??

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  10. Ankita27

    Amazing OS…

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  11. Amazing… Loved it

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      Thanks dear 🙂


    1. Kriti249

      Thank you so much dear 🙂 It really means a lot.

  13. Sagithya

    Awesome yaar..

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      Thank you so much dear 🙂

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Wow!! As far as I know u r the first author who wrote Shivaay’s pain(only Shivaay’s pain) very well! Really excellent work dear. I loved it!!

    1. Kriti249

      I’m glad you liked it. And about me being the first author to write it, I really wanted to show what he felt in that heartbreak. I wanted to show how much hurt he was. Plus, I really wanted to write something new 🙂

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