Helloooooooooooooooo everybody I am sooooooooooo happy seeing all your response. Thank you so so much for supporting me.
And guys the character of vraj will be introduced as the story progresses and you can imagine any actor you like for him so now without wasting any more time lets start the update….

The Maheshwari mansion…..
The Maheshwari mansion stood there in all its glory just like the way it used to but was it the same like before? Were the things same as they were before?
Naah everything was changed, mansion from which earlier the laughing and giggling sounds were heard had now turned all gloomy and silent. And how can it not be when the happiness of this house was not present. Isn’t it said that a man can just build a building but it can be transformed into a house only by a woman.
As we move inside the house we see all the family members sitting on the dining table having their breakfast but there was something very unusual there. All the people were eating their breakfast without uttering a single word until it was necessary. But were all the people present there. No someone was missing but who? Hmm let us find out.
Moving towards a room which is painted in royal blue and white colour with a balcony on its outside which was apparently closed the window curtains slightly open and sunlight peeping through it.
A handsome and cute guy was sleeping on the bed in sitting position with a laptop in his lap and a few files scattered around him. As the sunrays fell on him disturbing his sleep he got up shouting something.

Sanskaar : swara swara please close the curtains I want to sleep for some more time swara where are you yaar swara [and he got up shouting her name]
And that’s when the reality hit him that he was all alone in this room fighting with loneliness. These 2 months and the 6 months of their separation were still not able to change her habbit of waking up without her sweet torture, he was still not able to find his belongings on his own, he still did not got habituated with the taste of tea that his badi maa or his mom or ragini made for him, he still did not remember his daily vitamins or he still did not like the food made by someone other than his princess, he still would sometimes forget to wear matching socks or would forget his wallet or handkerchief at home, he still did not remember which of his project files were of which colour and where it was kept.
He never did realise that he was so habituated of her until that fateful day, he always expressed his love for her through big surprises or dates but he never understood that she expressed her love for him by these small small acts of her. By daily keeping a track on him, by waking till late nights when he would be doing his office work and she would sleep only when she was assured that he was sleeping, by calling him everytime in office to make sure that he did his lunch on time and wasn’t stressing himself much due to workload. Every small act of her clearly depicted her love for him and now that she was not here there was no one who would take care of his such small needs. He was trying to find her from 2 months but there was not a single clue about her and he was loosing himself now. He can’t stay without her even for a minute and now it had been already 8 months . his patience was slowly decreasing and he began to feel suffocated now.

Sanskaar’s point of view.
And there it was another day, yet again a new day a new morning without her without my princess all these days I just I I don’t even want to say that I feel this or I feel that because I even don’t whether I feel something without her, I guess that I feel only one simple thing and that is what people call it as emptiness. I know even she can’t live without me and I know wherever she is fighting with herself, fighting so that she can not remember me fighting to not let herself weak fighting so that those tears don’t make a way out of her beautiful eyes fighting so that she doesn’t return back to me fighting so that she doesn’t jump into my arms crying her heart out and letting her pain flow off. I know she is staying there to punish me but princess why are punishing yourself I know that whatever she tells but she still loves me so damn much that I can’t even imagine she will be punishing herself more for hurting me I know that because that’s what she has been doing for all the 6 months we were separated for all the 2 months she is living far away fom me for all the time I have known her. She seems to be strong na and indeed she is for the outer world but she becomes a fragile doll when it comes to me. I chuckled thinking about our sport shoes incident.
My sherni was being so feisty fighting about girls right to wear sport shoes but thinking that I was angry on her which I was obviously not she was almost near to cry when I comforted her.
My trance was broken when I received a call from my cell.
It was from vraj he is swara’s childhood best friend and a complete mad person just like swara. You should see both of them fighting for things for exactly no reason I was jealous seeing my princess so close to some other man then me. Oh god why am I even lying to myself now I am still jealous of him. Thinking all this I picked up the call.
Vraj : hey bro why so much time for picking the call?
Sanskaar : nothing like that bro its just that huff leave it why did you call me like EVERYDAY
Vraj : what bro can’t I call you.
Sanskaar : nothing like that tell me the purpose for calling I have a meeting in the next hour.
Vraj : oh so after working for all night you are still thinking about work.
Sanskaar : [suspicious } how do you know that I was working all night.
Vraj bit his tongue and answered fumbling : wo wo haa what can a great businessman like you do other than working right soo
Sanskaar [ still feeling suspicious but covered up] ; ahh nothing like that
Vraj : achcha leave all this tell me if you had your breakfast and you vitamins after that?
Sanskaar [ for a minute he thought that his swara was saying those words]: umm no am just going to take them.
Vraj : no no no no excuses okay you have your breakfast and tablets and then inform me okay.
Sanskaar [ feeling overwhelmed with his care and also his suspicious as he was just talking like swara]: ok I will inform you. Bye [ cuts the call]
After cutting the call he headed towards the washroom had a quick shower and came out wearing a towel around his waist and drying his hair with another when as he moved towards the dressing table his eyes fell on the yellow coloured butterfly shaped clip and he was drawn into flashback.

While Sanskaar had bought a yellow coloured beautiful knee length full sleeved simple frock for swara which she was wearing for a trial and Sanskaar was just seeing her with a loving gaze.
Swara was confused about what hairstyle she should do and just then her gaze fell on a beautiful yellow coloured clip in a butterfly shape which recently her 4 year niece had bought and she liked it soooooooooo much that she took the whole set from her and Sanskaar teased her a lot about that for taking something so childish for taking it from the little girl instead of giving her but she just ignored his teasing.
She did her hairs in a side puff style and then used the butterfly clip to fix it. [guys just imagine swara in this way she looks sooooooooooo cute doesn’t she?]
Here Sanskaar who was gazing at her lovingly was now mesmerised seeing his jaan looking so cute and beautiful she just looked like a Barbie doll to him.
Then she did her hair in a pony with the same hairstyle and again she was looking very very very cute.
Sanskaar teased her for making child like hair but she cared less about him and was also astonished about how his wife still looked so cute and beautiful without any make up or jewellery.
Flashback ends.
My eyes got teary reminiscing the happy times we have spend together. She is still a kid and very innocent how would she be staying in an unknown city all alone this thought is enough to make his heart race in worry.
Sanskaar’s pov ends.
He proceeded downstairs only to find his mother standing there waiting for him.
Sujata : chora come have your breakfast, come.
Sanskaar : no mom please I will eat something in office.
Sujata : us ladki ki galtiyon ki saza tu khudko or hum sabko kyun de raha hain. [ why are you giving punishment of that girl’s mistake to yourself and to us]
Sanskaar : mom not again please, anyways I am going to office bye.
Sanskaar went from there hurriedly in order to avoid any further argument with his mother. Besides him it was only Uttara and his bade papa and his dad who missed swara, the others were too involved in blaming her that they never thought about the pain she was suffering. But he knew that it was useless arguing with them as they will only think the way they wanted to and neer will look at the other side of the coin.
Her dear sister ragini never got time to think something beyond her laksh ji she was too busy and happy enjoying her life that she almost forgot about her dear sister due to whom she is living her happy life with her laksh ji.
When laksh was missing swara readily left Sanskaar to be with her sister during her pain, but was ragini capable to make the same enough sacrifice for her sister?
Naah she always preferred her laksh ji above everything even above right and wrong above truth and lies, was this really true love? Or was this her obsession for him?
Sanskaar who reached his office went to his cabin and had his breakfast and vitamins and called vraj to inform him, it had been his daily routine. And he sometimes even wondered how he knew all about him but he was too busy in finding his life to acknowledge the fact.
After sometime Sanskaar received a call from his detective whom he had given a job to find swara.
Sanskaar : yes akshay tell me…………. What!! what are you saying yaar this is not possible……ok, ok I am coming there today only…
Sanskaar immediately called his pa.
Sanskaar : book my flight tickets to ahemdabad right now and yeah book the earliest flight possible and send me the details right now ok.

Hmmmmmmm so this is all for today and now you people think and answer my questions…
Did you all imagined swara in the look I told you ? did you people like that look of hers? What do you people think why is Sanskaar rushing towards ahemdabad in such a hurry? Think and answer me.
And yeah guys actually I am having an entrance test at 28th may so maybe I will not be able to write any of my story till the end of this week. So sorry for the delay and I hope you understand. Bye bye meet you all in the next part

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