HER PAIN….. Part 1

Heeelllllllllooooooooo everybody thank you guys thank you sooo much for your response. Now before starting the story I want to clear all your doubts……….
• Of course this is a swasan story.
• Yes it is followed up after the 6 months of leap. But it contains swara’s pain during the whole show.
• The story has little or more changes.
• Yes Sanskaar was there in every step to support her but still I felt something was incomplete in the show.

So now enough of my bak bak and lets start with the story.

Her point of view:
As the rays of the sun were piercing from the curtains and saw the time. Oh god its already 7:30 shit how could I sleep till this state..

I rushed to the kitchen thinking oh god! I have to make coffee for Sanskaar, I have to set his belongings on the table, I have to make bade papa eat his morning tablets how could I sleep till this late but all my thoughts vanished as I got a call from vraj. He called me to ask whether I was ready for today’s presentation. I answered him that yes I was and hung up the call as reality strike me and my eyes began to tear up.

Yes these were all the jobs that I used to do early morning after waking up I wondered how would it be back at home. HOME I chuckled thinking that do I have a right to call it a home now of course not. Because I have left everything there those memories, that early morning romance, our early morning romance, our silly fights and then the black memories of that tragic day that snatched everything from me yes I know that I did a grave mistake by leaving Sanskaar no no not even a mistake but a sin by leaving the person whom I love the most the person who loves me the most but do I really deserve such a big punishment in return? I am I not a human? Even I make mistakes like everybody does then if everybody gets a chance for correcting their mistake do I not deserve a second chance too.

I know that I gave him too much a pain then did I not feel pain while speaking those words to my love my life. Did I feel leaving him alone fighting with the dark bearing all the taunts alone. It pained me as much as it pained him or even more than it because no matter whatever happens we will always remain TWO BODIES ONE SOUL and his pain is always felt by me I never told him to forgive me for my this sin but atleast I deserve a punishment right he refused to talk to me to even see my face… why am I even thinking about all this right now I have to go to office now let me get ready for that.
Pov ends

With a quick shower she got ready in a dark blue frock which ended at her knees with full sleeves. A simple watch in her left hand kajal in her eyes with a transparent lip gloss was all she did ans got ready for the day. She looked angelic without make up just the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes was missing but that could only be back when she meets her love.
Taking all her files and required things she marched out without even caring to take breakfast.
As she reached the door near the shoe stand she chose her blue and white coloured sport shoes to wear.

Seeing them she again got lost in her thoughts the memories of her happy time.
One fine day when our swasan went for shopping.
Swara : Sanskaar its enough yaar why are buying so many western and office dresses for me I don’t wear all these clothes now and you know that too.

Sankaar : common swara I know how much you are comfortable in them okay, and I even know that still when you look at them an urge arises in your heart to wear them. You don’t need to hide your wishes from me jaan you can tell it openly and don’t worry not in front of family members but you can wear it when we go somewhere alone [smiles naughtily] and even in our honeymoon too.

Hearing the word honeymoon she starts blushing while Sanskaar smileas feeling content to see his love happy.

Swara : Sanskaar stop it.
Sanskaar : jaan I haven’t even started anything still.
Swara : Sanskaaaarrr
Sanskaar: okay okay now come on let us buy sandals for you chalo

In the shoe shop
Sanskaar was looking for some sandals and heels for swara while swara had her eyes stuck at some place..
Sanskaar : [to the salesman] yaa show something modern and show some heels as it will suit western dress more.

Swara : no Sanskaar I want to buy sport shoes.

As soon as Sanskaar hears it he starts laughing.

Sanskaar [laughing]; ha ha swara you want sport shoes don’t you know only boys wear sport shoes and ypu are going to wear sport shoes on western and formal frocks ha ha ha that is funny really you have a bad dressing sense.

Swara [fuming] : oh hello mr what do you mean by that haa haven’t you seen any girl wearing sport shoes and it will look awesome on frocks too ok. And I am not comfortable to walk in heels ok so I will buy it only if you have any problem then keep it with you ok.

Sanskaar [teasing] : oh my god swara you don’t know how to walk in heels you know in my
office all the girls wear heels only and they walk so gracefull in that..
While swara got jealous listening to the praises for some other girl from his mouth and sanskaar who knew how much his jaan was possessive about him was enjoying her jealousy.

Sanskaar : [ saw swara fuming and cleared his throat] ahem ahem swara can you smell something burning.

Swara [confused and trying to smell] : no I can’t .

Sankaar : arre jaan you are burning in jealousy
Swara [ shocked and fumbling] : me no no I I am not jealous ok.
Sanskaar : yes you are .
Swara : no am not.
Sanskaar ; yes yes yes
Swara : no no no a hundred times nooooooooooooo

Swara who got angry wuth his teasing thought something and smiled naughtily.
Swara : by the way Sanskaar don’t you want to know why I am telling no for buying heels.
Sanskaar : y?

Swara : you know once I woore heels and was walking but suddenly I got slipped and you know my best friend vraj he saved me from falling
Sanskaar who was enjoying a few minutes before got really angry listening to sone other man’s name from his wife’s mouth. He held his fists tightly while she was just enjoying his jealousy.
Swara : and you know people also complemented us that we make a cute pair.

Listening this sanskaar’s anger was beyond its boundaries and he immediately dragged swara to a corner. He pinned her to a corner and began kissing her wildly pouring all his love, jealousy, anger and possessiveness in it.

While swara was just too shocked to repond Sanskaar feeling it bit her lower lip making her to regain her sense. Sanskaar left her when he was out of breath while both looked into each others eyes breathing heavily.
Sanskaar : swara don’t even dare to take any other man’s name from your mouth I am really possessive about you and it hurts me , hurts me more than you can ever imagine.
Swara [ guilty] ; I am really Sanskaar but I was joking really.
Sanskaar who heard her voice knew that she was close to crying. So strong she was to the world but when it comes to him she was just a fragile doll who would began to cry even by seeing a small scratch on his skin.

Sanskaar : achcha ok ok now stop romancing with me and common lets buy your sport shoes we have to go to home also madam.
Swara [shocked] : what it was me who was romancing it was you ok.
Sanskaar [teasing] ; oh god the sherni is back again..

And they continued their shopping laughing and teasing each other…………

Flashback ends

Swara came out from her thoughts when a call came on her cell displaying vraj.

Swara : ha vraj yeah am coming………. Meet you there ………. Ok bye………

Precap : Maheshwari mansion after leap……….

Huff so guys that’s all for today. I hoped you all liked it any doubts or criticism are always welcome. Please do give me your previews meet you all in the next part till then bubye…………….

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  1. Very nice. Flashback was osum

  2. Wonderful…. before leap swasan romance was awesome

  3. Mahavir

    neptu….!!! omgggg u know..!! i bcm fan of ur writing..!! yaar like really..!! ur each nd every xplainations is just awesome buddy..!! i also dont know when tears welled up in my eyes..!! i was like…!! seriously buddy no words..!! loved it loved it loved it..!! :-* post nxt soon plzzz from now onwards i wont miss ur stories..!! nd yeah now only i read the prolouge also..!! so sry for not commenting in that buddy..!! keep writing nd keep smiling..!!

    1. Neptune

      nk you sooooooooooo much my junior virat kohli i am glad you liked it and even you are an awesome writer dear by the way are you a fan of cricket because i am

      1. Mahavir

        yeah buddy i m a cricket fan but more than that i m a virat ki deewani..!!

  4. Superb dear…..fb was awesome

  5. Manasvi

    Dii!! Mane tamara mate ekk naam shodhvu padshe!!?? fakt dii nathi gamtu!!
    That flashback was so awesome!!
    Even I agree to the point that it was not only Sanskar who suffered, Swara also faced the same.. And in some sense, more than Sanky?
    Love you dii!!

    1. Neptune

      thank you sooooooo much mannu and ha tu maara maate koi pan naam shodhi sake che naa made shru ne puchi leje she is an expert in keeping my names

  6. Phoniex

    Really crazy flashback

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    one question now where swara lives???n this part was amazing…

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  12. Kakali

    Too good.!! Somehow you are right,in all the STLR journey Swara’s life was filled with pain..!! Urghhh but without pain she wouldn’t have gotten all the happiness na! That why sometimes Pain is too good! 😀
    I loved it Neptune..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

  13. Shrutu

    Do u really think it was surprise for me , i think it was kind of shock …………………and yes truly said “u both make a cute pair” & yes
    i m not talking to u hmmmmmmmmm
    i m really very angry
    do u really think it was a surprise
    i think it was ur treat for him …………………and u r badly mistaken this surprise is not at all for me …….go tell him about ur surprise becoz nowon i m not going to listen to u …………..never
    Bytheway episode was really amazing!!!!

  14. Neptune

    omg omg omg i think something is burning here don’t you think soooooooooo
    and you really think we make a cute pair i am blusshhhhiiiinnngggg soooooooooooo much huh over acting ki dukan we are just friends no no best friends and you too know that chal ab udaas na ho next epi ma pakku taara maate pan surprise raakhis
    and ha te maaro os a brothers voice vaachyo a me specially taara maate lakhyo che

  15. Seebu_s

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    Swasan in flashback was really cute

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    really good dear

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    loved it
    I read prologue also
    continue soon

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