Hello guys!I am back with a new fanfication
I am going with the present track

Ragini has realized her mistake and returned all the property to durga prasad
Dadi has went back to baadi
Laksh realized his mistake and accepted ragini
Swara has left the house and no one knows about her whereabouts
Shekhar,Sumi,Ragini blame sanskaar for allowing swara to go and for not listening to her words
Sanskaar gets to know that swara has started loving him

Sanskaar goes to annapurna and sujatha and says:-
Sanskaar-badi maa and maa i am going to bangalore as i have a meeting there and I will be back in a week
Sujatha and annapurna say ok sanskaar go but take care of yourself and even we are also going to govind devji temple in jaipur
the afternoon and will be back by tomorrow for asking god to return our swara
Sanskaar gets sad and teary eyed and says bye badi maa and maa and takes blessings and heads to the airport

Laksh gets up in the moring and does not find ragini by his side and gets freshen up and comes down
He asks sujatha and annapurna that where is ragini?
They say that she went to baadi and laksh u get ready we are going to jaipur in the afternoon
Laksh says but why?
We are going to govind devji temple for praying for swara’s return and also inform ragini too

Sanskaar opens his laptop and sees swara pic on his desktop and cries and says please return swara your sanskaar is incomplete
without you

Annapurna comes to laksh room and sees him lying on the bed and sleeping
She comes near to laksh and says laksh get up we have to go
He acts and says i am not felling well
Annapurna calls DP and says everything
Dp says ok inform ragini and tell her to come and take of Laksh
Annapurna informs ragini
Ragini says ok i am coming in twenty minutes
Annapurna and the whole family goes

Precap-sanskaar reaches bangalore and goes to a office for meeting and sees swara working there ragini comes home and does not find laksh and goes to their room and she gets shocked

Credit to: akshita


  1. Tara

    Akshitha have u ended ur last ff ? I really miss rags of ur ff .. raglak dev … i didn’t read its end ??? By d way good start dr

  2. Niti

    hey..they r currently 24-25 yr after 15 years they must be around 45 year..???!!
    so is it that after 1.5 year or 15 months ? just check it out once..other vise nice track..

  3. K.praveena

    Really nice. Espefically laksh and ragini scence. But precape y ragini getting skcoed. I waiting for ur next ff.

  4. anu

    hey after 15years leap??? till that ragini will rule like that and again if sumi , shekar blame sanskaar ok but why ragini blame him for swara going out of house.. she only did as per the track na why she blame him… is leap 15years ah?


    ok guys thank u for your comments and and i will change the leap into 5 yrs and i am sorry i continue my old ff

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.