pain hidden in her eyes…. Episode 6


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So here we go
Sanky can’t sleep. Whenever he close his eyes , he is seeing ragini.
Sanky to himself: oh my god what is happening to me. Why am I dreaming about her. Why I can’t stop thinking about her….I am going mad because of her. She is just a stranger then why should I think about her.. Am I in love? No no. No no that’s not possible.
Gadodia mansion.
Suddenly everyone heard a big cry..
Sumi ran towards ragini’s room. When she switched on the light
She saw ragini sitting in a corner and shivering… She understood ragini’s nightmare.
Sumi consoled her………

Next day as usual sanky went to college. But today he was little happy as he is going to make ragini friend.
In college ragini eagerly waited for ragini.
Ragini walked through the corridor. Sanky saw her coming! Automatically a smile came into his lips
Sanky:ragini pls wait. I need to talk to u.
Ragini: haa bolo
Sanky: I am sorry for yesterday. I know. Due to my small mistake ur life was in danger…. But still I am sorry.
Ragini:its OK. Galathy meri bhi hai. I should not have slapped u.
And she went..
Sanky:ragini ruko

Ragini:haa abb kya?
Sanky forwarded his hands and said friends?
Ragini:Maine tume maff kiya iska MATLAB yeh nahi hei ki him dost hei.
Sanky: friendship main kya burai hei?
Ragini: muje tumhare dosti ki zarrorat nahi hai.
And she went to library.
Sanky: tum kuch bhi kaho ragini. I will make u my friend.
Sanky follow her throughout the college. In library ragini was taking a book and she got a chit
Inside it ,
mujse dosti karogi?
Ragini saw sanky standing at the other side. She tore it into pieces. And went from there.
In class , when ragini entered she saw mujse dosti karogi? Written in class board.
She took the duster and rub it off.

In her notebooks, mujse dosti karogi.? Again written.
Ragini couldn’t control her anger she threw it into dustbin.
Sanky saw this from window. But still he didn’t give up.
In the center of the basketball college he arranged many basketballs in the manner mujse dosti karogi? By this ragini was very much angry and she shouted at him in front of everyone.
Ragini:sanskar tumhari problem kya hei? Mujhe nahi chayiye tumhari dosti.pls leave me Alon. And she started crying…
Sanky was very much hurt not because she shouted at him in front of everyone but because of her tear, he couldn’t bear her pain.
Sanky silently went back…
In his room,
Sanky thinking something…..

Precap:dosti accepted……..

I will give long updates after 10th…

Credit to: Genita

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