pain hidden in her eyes…. Episode 5

I hope u are liking my ff. Or else pls Do tell me.
Sanskar: oh my god it is inhaler. She might be having problem.sanskar yeh tum nr kya kiya.
In storeroom;
It was almost dark.
Ragini was crying and scared,
Ragini:pls someone help. Open the door. Open…..
Now she is not able to breathe. She fell into the ground.she is lying in the floor and breathing heavily.
On the other side sanky was rushing through the corridor.
Calling ragini ragini
Sanky at last reached but he found that door is locked..
He pushed the door and came inside. He saw ragini lying in the floor and breathing heavily.
Sanky ran toward her and made her head on his lap and gave her the inhaler. Without knowing tears were rolling down his cheeks.
Sanskar: ragini how do u feel now?
She didn’t say anything.

Sanskar: tell something yaar ur silence is killing me.
Ragini: I am OK.
Sanskar: I am so sorry ragini. He saw much meri vachass he hua hai.
I didn’t know my small revenge will try to take someone’s life.
I am sorry.
Ragini:revenge? She asked in a questioning way?
Sanskar: sanskar lowered his head down due to his guilt and he said everything.
Ragini: she didn’t say anything but silently went from there.

Ragini(in mind): oh god! I slapped him mistakenly in front of everyone. Even though he took revenge from me he came running for me when I was n danger. I should apologize to him.
Sanky(in mind): what was I going to do? I was putting someone’s life in danger just for a blo*dy revenge. But why I was restless when I came to know she was in danger. Why my heartbeats so fast when I see her. There is something which pulls me towards her. I think mujhe usse dosti Karna chahiye. Tomorrow I will make make ragini my friend. So miss ragini gadodia sanskar ki friendship keliye thayyar ho jao.

Precap: ragsan apologizing to each other. Sanskar asking ragini to be her friend? Will she accept him? Stay tuned to know that…..

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