pain hidden in her eyes…. Episode 4


Hii guyzz I got a little free time. So I thought of writing.
Episode 4
Ragini hesitantly goes near shivam.
But then a girl comes there and stops her.
Girl: hey if u don’t want then why are you doing this.
Ragini: didn’t speak a word. She was crying.
Sanskar:hey ladki tum apne kaam Karo.
Girl:I just don’t know why are u all torturing us being seniors.
Being juniors that doesn’t mean that we should bow our heads down.this is 21st century, not.18thcentury.pls understand that. We are not slaves for anyone. Ragging is just for a fun and not for torturing.
Sanskar who was very much angry was about to slap her.
But ankit dragged him from there.
Girl:hii I am Tanya.
Ragini: ragini.
Tanya understood that she is very much scared and took her from there.

Sanskar: voh kaun hei? Jo seniors KO question kar re?
Ankit:leave it naa sanky. I think we was also little over.
Sanky in mind I will not leave that behenji and jungles Billi.
Bell rang and they headed to their classes.
Tanya and ragini are in same class.Tanya started talking to ragini a lot but she silently heated her.

After class
Ragini was going back to home.
She was waiting for shekar outside the college.
Sanskar was also coming near to gate suddenly he saw a truck coming near ragini ad he ran towards her and hold her, they both fell down and now ragini was on top of sanskar. They had an eye lock. Darmiyan plays….
Suddenly ragini stood up and slapped sanskar for holding her.
She didn’t know about the truck. Sanky tried telling but she didn’t listen and wnt from there cryingly.
Sanky felt very much insulted by this

In baadi,
Ragini came back and hugged Sumi. Without saying anything she went back to her room.
In her dark room ragini was crying bitterly reemberin some flashbacks. On the other side sanky was sitting in his room keeping his hand on his cheeks and thinking about today’s incident. He is thinking to take revenge from her.
Next day in college, ragini was in class writing Some notes.
A girl came and said thaT principal is calling her. She was through the corridor but someone pushed her to the storeroom and locked it. It was ankit doing as per sanky’s plan.
Sanskar went to her classroom to take her bag so that everyone will think that she left and the whole night she will have to stay in store room. While taking her bag something was dropped to the was an inhaler. Sanky saw it………

Precap:ragini breathing heavily and sanskar rushing to her.

How is it guyzz? Are u liking it, I will try to add swalak scenes also.pls do tell me ur opinions.

Credit to: Genita

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