pain hidden in her eyes…. Episode 3

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Ragini’s room
The walls are painted with black color
Curtains are also dark colors
The room is so dark that we could not see anything.
She hates light.
Only one small mirror bcz she doesn’t even like to look into her face. Very rarely she looks in mirror and also most of the time lights will not be there. She is always in her darkness world.
Ragini went to her room to get ready.
Without even having breakfast she went to her college. Shekar accompanied her.

In college
(Sanskar is senior and ragini is junior)
Sanskar: arre yaar ankit(his best friend) there is no girl which is my type. I was very excited today but everything is gone yaar
Ankit: sanskar beta have patience. U will find one.
In car;
Shekar saw ragini’s hand shivering in tension
Shekar:ragini beta don’t worry. Aab sab kuch sahi hoga.
Ragini gave a fake smile.
They reached the college. Shekar dropped her and went.
Ragini nervously entered the college. Ankit saw her
Ankit: hey sanky look at that behenji

Sanky: by hearing this sanky looked and saw ragini. He was mesmerized to see her beauty. But in mind he thought no this behenji is not my type.
Ankit:hey behenji come here.
Ragini looked back as she didn’t understand that they are calling her.
Ankit:hey u behenji I am call u itself come here.
By this ragini was very scared but then she went.
Ankit:what is your name?
Sanky: kya time koi problem hei? Why are u speaking like this?
By this ragini looked into Sanky’s eyes.
Their eyes met for the first time.(Jo tu mera humdard plays)
Even though ragini was a stranger to sanky he felt some pain in her eyes. They was having a cute eyelock.

Ankit: so behenji Jo ur task is to go and proposeshivam and also hug him.
Ragini was shell shocked by hearing this….
Ragini: nahi. How will I do this. I can’t plsss. She said politely.
Sanskar: u will have to do do what ur seniors say. Otherwise it won’t be good for u.
Ragini, tears were rolling down her eyes. She was shivering…..

Precap: will ragini propose shivam?

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Credit to: Gennita


  1. Hey gennita!! I too am having my exams from tomorrow actually today…so all the best and write later first focus on you studies

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