pain hidden in her eyes…. Episode 2

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So here is our next part☺?☺
In mandir…
A girl is sitting is shown.her eyes which is filled with tears is shown.her eyes are hiding a big pain…
Next her lips are shown which wanted to burst out something but couldn’t. Next her hands are shown which is trembling in fear. Now her complete face is shown which wet due to her flood of tears…
Ragini in her mind:
Bhagwan ji aap me meri sath a is a kyu kiya????.Maine a is a kya kiya Jo aapne mujhe itna bad a punishment kya??????these was the only 2questions which ragini used tao ask god.with this she started to cry loudly as if she was bursting out all the pain…
Shekar who was seeing this from far was also cryinig but he didn’t go to console her. Because this was her usual practice in one this two years shekhar never stepped into mandir.
In maheswari mansion..
A boy is shown sleeping peacefully..
His sleep was intrupted by his sis

Uttara: sanskar bhai common wake up. U have promised me that today u will drop me to college.
Sanskar: what is this uttara let me sleep na
Uttara(in anger): OK bhai u sleep as much as u want. For u ur sleep is more important than me. So I will not talk to u
Sanskar: by hearing this he woke up and said there is nothing more important than my uttara.OK now go let me get ready.
By saying this he went to fresh up.
At breakfast
Ap:sanskar today u r so happy why?
Sanky: (in mind):today fresher’s are coming so of course maa I will be happy na
Ap:sanskar where are u lost?
Sanskar: much nahi maa
After breakfast sanky headed to college.
Gadodia mansion
Ragini and shekar returned
Dadi:ladoo dadi ki pass aavo
Ragini:went near her
Dadi:hugged her and said may u get all the happiness .
Ragini:didn’t utter a word. She just stood like that.
Sumi came and put her hand on ragini’s shoulder and said
Sumi:ragini beta I have made ur favorite today pander butter masala. Come have it
Ragini: nahi maa. I am not hungry and she went to her room.

Ragini and swara sitting in sofa and watching TV.
Sumi came near them and said pander butter masala is ready
By hearing this ragini jumped and hugged Sumi and said thanks maa for making my favorite. U r the best mom and she completed the whole thing without giving anyone
Fb ends.
Sumi was crying and said mujhe meri ragini vapass chaiyee.pls ragini come out of ur pain…
Episode ends with the split faces of sanskar and ragini’s teasry red eyes.

Precap:ragsan first meeting.

So how is the episode
Thank u sindhu.,kavya,janebetty,kriya,joona,cute girl, lakshm,Lila,aarti for reading my ff.and also silent readersu

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