pain hidden in her eyes…. Episode 1

Sorry I forgot to mention few things in intro so here it is.
Sanskar is the son of Annapurna and durga prasad.
Sujatha and ram prasad have only one daughter uttara.
Adarsh elder bro of sanskar and his wife parineetha
Coming to laksh he belong to thakur family.they are in USA.but laksh is in Mumbai.
Gadodia family has shifted to Kolkata due to some reasons which is related to ragini’s past.
So here we go

A beautiful house is shown. A lady is praying.she is praying that god why did u do this with my daughter. What did she do that u have given her such a big punishment.I can’t bear my daughter’s sadness. How long will she bear this. Pls god give her strength to overcome. Give my ragini the strength to fight this. Tears where rolling down through her cheeks……
Suddenly dadi called her sharmista pls come..
Dadi:is swara still sleeping?

Sumi: haa maa
Dadi:ye ladki bhi naa
Sumi:I will wake her and she went to swara’s room.
A beautiful room is shown which is painted with baby pink color and full of dolls. The room is very pleasant and it gives positiveness
After that she went to take bath.
Dadi:sumi where is ladooo?
Sumi:maa u know na after that incident the only place that she goes is mandir.
Dadi:ladoo has changed a lot in this two years.
Sumi:we lost our bubbly chatterbox ragini. Today is her first day in college.let this be a new beginin g for her. Let she forget her past and move on.
Dadi:sumi everything will be alright.
In mandir……

Precap:ragini crying vigorously in mandir..

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  1. awesome wen wl u reveal hr pst?

  2. it’s nice but plz make it longer

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  5. Guyzz I have posted my second episode also. But in the title I wrote pain hidden in ur eyes sorry it was by mistake. It is her eyes. Hope u will like it.

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  7. Nice but make swalak and add swara also

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