The pain that continues…(episode 9)


Hi guys ….thanks for all comments n here we start .
Episode 9 :
Scene 1: maheshwari mansion.
Its 11pm now . but aaradhya still awake . she tried hard to get into sleep but no use . so she gets up n comes out of her room n goes to Arjun’s room .she as soon as she enters she see some ghost like structure on bed n frightens about to run but hears ghost laughing which is similar to Aadit . she goes near it . its nothing but arjun doing something with his laptop with blanket over him n looking similar to ghost .Aaradhya goes near him removes blanket over him . now arjun gets afraid now n about to shout aaradhya keeps her hand on his mouth n switch ons the light.
Aaradhya : me bhai…
Arjun : u scared me…

Aaradhya : its my dialogue …u getting mad day by day ….wat r u doing in this night like thief?
Arjun : why is it necessary to tell u everything ?
Aaradhya : hmm…question to question means fun in on right .
He hides his laptop .
Aaradhya : bhai u hiding it from me . give it bhai .
Arjun : no….
He runs with laptop n aaradhya runs after him .now both were tired now .
Aaradhya : hi badepapa..
Arjun : where ?(he turns)
Aaradhya takes his laptop .
Aaradhya : oh…chat with girl .
Arjun : u r impossible yaar .
He sits beside her .
Aaradhya :new girlfriend n why u hiding it from me ?
Arjun : bcoz I don’t want to make fun of myself once again .
Aaradhya : so again break up with rithika …
Arjun : yaa… don’t know y but when I propose someone they simply say we r just friends Arjun ….i’m fed up .

Aaradhya Keeping hand on his shoulder .
Aaradhya : bhai she is damn stupid to loose such a nice person . I pity on her . I think u r wasting ur feelings on these stupid girls . u must wait for the right person to enter .
Arjun : so u mean everyone have someone perfect in their life right .
Aaru : exactly .
Arjun : so there will be someone special in ur life too….
Aaru : bhai plz ….
Arjun : why aaradhya u urself said everyone have their soulmates .why not u accept there is someone in ur life too..
When she about to leave arjun stops her .
Arjun : ok fine sorry . tell me why came to me ?
Aaru : i want share something . without telling u i think I wont get sleep tonight .
Arjun : what ?
Aaru : today I met Aadits mom n she is really sweet exactly like what u said about my mom . she fed me kheer by her hands n talked really sweet . it reminded mom bhai .
Arjun : is it …so u must be very happy right.

Aaru : yes n I really wanted to meet her soon . ok bhai gud night . now I think I can sleep now.
Arjun : so this means my lil sister can’t even sleep without sharing her talk with her bhai right ?
Aaru : of course . or else where I can go ? u r my whole family . since childhood I shared every little matter with u . I didn’t expect I would become my habit . when I wont share naa then I cant even sleep .i have worlds best buddies rithu dhruv n mandy they r my world but family means just u bhai . I can even hide anything from anyone but cant stop myself from telling u .
Arjun heart filled with happiness n they both hug each other .( cute brother n sister moment )
Aaradhya : senti haa… sleep bhai n I don’t know about myself but there is someone most special in ur life n soon u will meet her . then I will kill u if u don’t have time for me .
Arjun : no time for u can it happen..?
Aaru : impossible right .
They both smile n Aaradhya leaves . laksh had seen all this …n enters Arjuns room .
Arjun : chachu …
Laksh holds his hands .
Laksh : u r everything to Aaradhya . brother ,father , guide , friend n everything plz take care of my child even after me .
Arjun : chachu she is my sister n my responsibility plz don’t worry n see soon she will accept every one .
Laksh smiles …

Morning ….
Aaradhya gets ready n comes down .
Aadarsh : Aaradhya this is for u.
Aaru : for me…hmm looks like party invitation .
Aadarsh : u r right … tonight there is party in Mehta’s resisdence n their son probably of ur age organizing the party n invited u n sadhvi …
Aaru : n that too boring pool party .(she sees Arjun n decided to tease him) ohh…Mehtas party invitation n must be awesome .
Arjun : shut up yaar … just grow up learn some responsibilities like me, see I’m still away from parties n all stuff . my service to family .
Aaru : oh then wat about last Saturday….( Arjun closes her mouth )
Arjun : I think u getting late to collg . its my responsibility to send my sister in time to collg . bye…
Aaru : bade papa I will tell u in evening bye .

Aadarsh : bye Aaradhya .
Scene 2 :college
Mandy roaming here n there in corridor with impatience biting his nails.
Dhruv : mandy will keeping roaming like this. see everyone looking at u idiot .
Mandy : I don’t care . still Aaradhya didn’t came …
Rithu : look Aaradhya coming …
Mandy posses like hero
Aaradhya : hi guys … n u.. wat happened?( to mandy)
Mandy with heavy tone keeps hand Aaradhya’s shoulder
Mandy : look Aaradhya I’m sorry to tell u but u know wat I saved full Sunday evening ,our work completed before evening . I know u must be tired by doing work all Sunday with ur fav patner . poor Aaradhya first time ever in her life wasted her hangout Sunday .
Aaradhya throws his hand away n now she places her hand on his shoulder .
Aaradhya : ahh…so worried for me right . but no need beta cuz I enjoyed my Sunday as usual our work done Saturday itself .
Mandy(shouts ) : no…this cannot happen even in dreams…the work too huge to complete by Saturday itself.
Aaradhya : chill mandy there is big difference in daydreams n reality . soon u will understand my dear . lets go to class guys .
Classes ends by 4 p.m .

Mandy : finally projects n submission n all crap ended for this month too…
Rithu : true…. N one more thing guys wat about party tonight in mehta s resisdence .
Mandy face glows ….after hearing this .
Mandy : yaa I totally forgot about it ….
Even mandy n rithu got their invitations since they too r from rich families .
Aaru : look at u mandy …don’t know why u r super excited about it . boring types hai …
Mandy : for a girl like u from 90’s everything is boring .
Aaru : don’t call me like that … see dhruv ..
She sees he is upset .
Aaru : wat happened buddy ?anything wrong .

Dhruv : u guys are invited . i think am the odd one in this group .u all guys from rich families n I’m from middle class . I think u guys should remove me from this group…
Before he could complete his sentence Aaradhya holds his collar …
Aaru : how dare to say that ? I will kill before u complete ur stupid statement . when u started separating u from ourselves . we are invited to that stupid party bcuz of our families . if no maheshwari in my name no invitation . do u feel for such parties where not persons but surnames , money n status are invited .

Dhruv : Aaradhya i know….but
She cuts his talk .
Aaru : wat u know ? u know how to break our friendship . seriously dhruv from when these differences started b/w us . once they arise, for sure it breaks our bonding which I can’t even think of . guys we are world for each other . especially for me . from school we are more than friends for each other . we are like crazy family . we are incomplete in absence of anyone in this gang .
Rithu : yes dhruv u can’t separate urself from us n should not even think of it .
Aaru : n I don’t know wat we will be in future but for sure u will be on top by ur work not by anyone support that’s wat matters . everyone like u as u r are . even your girl friends loves u for ur never give up attitude . look at mandy since from school trying to get a girlfriends still on waiting list …
Mandy : too much ….no matter where topic starts it ends at girlfriend n is it that much necessary ? n one more thing for sure I will get a girl friend this year it is this years first resolution then I will show u chudel .
Rithu : I think its ur previous years first resolution too…

All laughs …
Mandy : shut up guys…I know my current phase is bad n hello madams wat about u haa…u both too don’t have boyfriends n especially u rani sahiba (pointing aaradhya) u r the ultimate looser in this issue .
Aaru : shut up …. N dhruv today u r coming with us to the party .
Dhruv : no Aaru …it will create problem .
Aaru : when my best friend wants come to the party then we can handle everything .
Mandy : dhruv u r coming n yaar who can fight with this rani sahiba .
Aaradhya about to scold Mandy but sees everyone smiling so she stops to keep that cute smiles on her friends . they share group hug . Aadit is seeing all these .
Aadit (to himself ): not bad Arrogant Maheshwari .

Precap : Aadit falls into pool n Aaradhya laughs at him Aadit pulls aaradhya in to pool n duo starts their fight at party .

Credit to: honey

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