The pain that continues…(Episode 6)


Thanks for all ur love . i’m back with another episode . here we go……
Episode 6:
Both Aadit and Aaradhya enters the class .both looking each other with anger whole the day . bell rang . there ends today’s battle . everyone leaves except Aaradhya she still packing her stuff . when she is done, about to go out suddenly Aadit enters the class .
Aaradhya : now what ??? Still some stupidity of urs left.
Aadit smiles and locks the door .Aaradhya was shocked .
Aaru : what u doing? Why u locking it?
Aadit don’t even utter a word. He starts walking towards Aaradhya . she starts stepping back . she collide with wall now he came so close to her . when she about to run . he pins her to wall .now he getting even closer . she want to free herself but his grip is so tight .
Aaradhya: Aadit leave me .wat all these nonsense ?
Aadit keeps his finger on her lips.

Aadit : shhh…no fight anymore only romantic talk i would like to hear now .
Aaradhya : romantic talk that too b/w us . r u mad ? Stop all these drama.
Aadit: that’s wat i’m asking stop these drama . i know u like me n we both are awesome together. It’s ok if u can’t but i can make things better .
He leans forward about to kiss her . Aaradhya closes her eyes in fear .suddenly he bends to her ear n whispers
Aadit : don’t worry i’m not going to kiss u now .
Aaradhya opens her eyes n looks at him
Aadit : after all i live on rules and procedure . first u should propose me then i should accept it after we have to share passionate kiss . that’s the procedure right n i’m very strict about it .i’m very eager for tomorrow .i came here to help u as u r going to propose someone first time in ur life that too the great Aadit malhotra i thought u need some training to get into romantic feel.see how i helped . now my work done . bye sweet heart .
He goes near door n turns back

Aadit : n one more thing . this fear suits u more. Bye.
Aaradhya was completely disturbed now didn’t understand wat just happened after sometime she takes her bag n goes out .
Mandy : there she comes…
Dhruv and rithu looks Aaru
Dhruv : i thought u r going to sleep there today how much time u need Aaru ?
Rithu notices Aaradhya feeling disturbed .
Rithu : what happened buddy? Why u looking so dull?
Aaru : guys he is just a monster . he wants me to propose him tomorrow infront of whole class.
All were shocked .
Mandy : wat ? now what we will do?
Aaru : don’t know…but i have to do it tomo… ( suddenly she realises something n starts laughing)
Dhruv : have u gone mad ? at this time u laughing.

Aaru : guys it’s tomorrow ….
There is excitement in her eyes where everyone are confused .
Mandy : haa tomorrow wat??
Aaru : my dear tubelights come here .
She says something n everyone are relived now they give hi fi to eachother .
Finally it’s the next day and all classes ends .
Rohan : the day is over . she didn’t proposed u till now
Aadit : have patience bro .
Aaradhya comes near them
Aadit : so u ready
Aaru : yes .Aadit i….
(when she about to tell he stops her)
Aadit : i said infront of whole class ….
Aaru : r u sure …

Aadit : yes…………….
Aaradhya claps to get everyone attention .
Aaru : guys kindly pay ur attention please . today i’m gonna confess my feelings . i really love someone in this class.
Everyone were eager to know who is that guy .some boys getting their fingers crossed . Aaradhya goes near Aadit .
Aaru : Aadit i love u . i want to hold ur hand for life time .
Everyone were shocked .even Aadit looking her with surprise . Aaradhya looks at Mandy signals him something .everyone comes to reality by the sound of party poppers .
Mandy n dhruv (shouts ) : happy fools day guys.( ya it’s april 1st today)
Everyone realise she did all these coz it is fools day .Aadit face turns red now he leaves from there with anger n Aaradhya looks at him.
Guy 1 : u guys really made everyone fools today .
Guy 2: true …but y Aaradhya proposed Aadit only .?
Mandy : or else u expected me to propose u . ok then next time pakka…
Guy 2 : no thanks ( he runs away )

Mandy and dhruv laughs …but Aaradhya looks dull now . she comes out of class .suddenly someone from back pulls her n it’s aadit he twists her hand by turning her to his side n pulls her closer to him n says …
Aadit : much smart haa…awesome i didn’t expect it from u . having fun by making someone fool.
Aaru : honestly i dont get fun doing all these . u r responsible for all these . still i didn’t made ur insult in all . everyone thinking it’s prank on all not especially on u . so u must be happy that i didn’t done completely wrong to u even after all ur stupidity .
Aadit : oh really .but still u r not completely free u still have to follow condition no 1 .
Aadit is still holding her . they share eye lock . sadhvi comes there with her friends sanvi n madhu n sees them in such position .
Sanvi : look ur sister with someone…
Sadhvi : wow making big words i hate love blaaah blaah here romancing someone. by the way who is he ?( she cant see Aadit)
Aadit leaves Aaradhya n turns to leave . sadhvi remained stunned seeing him.
Fb : on Aadit first day in college . after fight with Aaradhya he is about to go to class but accidently collides with sadhvi.
Sadhvi: i’m sorry

Aadit :’s my fault too.
He picks her books fallen on ground n gives it to her n leaves
Sadhvi : he is so sweet .
Sanvi : oh love at first sight .
Sadhvi : shut up..he is cool .ofcourse anyone can like him .don’t name it love .
Fb ends….
Sanvi : i think he loves ur sister .
Sadhvi : why u always keep interested in pairing every one . it’s not yet conformed . but yaa there’s something fishy between these two .i must know it .
Scene shifts to maheshwari mansion

Aaradhya lying on bed remembering everything happened till now b/w her and aadit especially todays incident . she feels really sad n gets up n looks at ragini’s pic .
Aaru : mom i really don’t know why i’m feeling so sad about wat i did to Aadit today . i think he is really hurt .i never felt anything like this before whenever someone does anything wrong with me i will give them back wat they did to me n it never bothered me . but i don’t why today i feel really bad seeing him hurt . i know he did wrong with me but still i feel guilty . so strange . he is hurt n why it bothering me …wat i did today? is it correct ? wish u were here mom.
Scene shifts to malhotra’s residence.
Aadit taking shower he too thinking about Aaradhya n incidents that happened till now .he holds his head.
Aadit : how could i be so stupid ? wat happened to me did i lost my senses? how could i force a girl to propose me infront of whole class without her wish in name of revenge . it’s matter of her respect .how can i even thought to play with it? n wat Aaradhya did today is right n unnecessarily i made her hurt by my behaviour .how stupid i am?
He comes out n gets into his leisure wear .
Screen divides in to two showing Aaradhya and Aadit .both lying on their beds.
Aadit n Aaru (together ): should i apologise?

Both suddenly gets up shouting
Aadit n Aaru : no….what am thinking ..?
Aaradhya : till now i didn’t apologised i just returned what he gave me .no need to apologise monster malhotra.
Aadit : yaar why u feeling that much? don’t force her again on stupid conditions .that’s wrong . but little teasing she worth it . condition 2 is absolutely wrong but condition 1 is reasonable n neccesarry for Arrogant Maheshwari .
Episode ends…

Precap : sadhvi pulling Aaradhya’s leg regarding Aadit matter indirectly infront of whole family
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Did really Aaradhya n Aadit feeling bad about their deeds or they feeling bad for hurting eachother feeling? who knows even both were unaware of their feelings. Hope u guys liking it . plz comment .

Credit to: honey

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  4. they both r feeling for they deeds & hurting also.. I think sadhvi is not that to bad but just always trying to annoying aaru..

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