The pain that continues…(Episode 4)


Hi guys…i’m getting really less comments . did my ff getting boring guys ? Let me know plz .comments really mean a lot to me.

Episode 4:
It’s Wednesday. morning 7 am
Scene 1 :Aaradhya’s room .
Aaradhya still sleeping hugging her pillow tighter she was dreaming something …
In her dream Aaradhya is in island enjoying sun rise . suddenly she realises she is all alone in the island . she starts crying turning back sitting on knees . position is like sun is at her back side.
Aaru : why i’m all alone in my life??
Suddenly someone from back keep hand on her shoulder .she gets up turn that side she can’t see the face of man bcoz sun is at back of the man and the rays from rising sun is so bright that she can’t see his face clearly . she could only see his smile .the man starts speaking…
man : not anymore ….
Aaradhya (confused tone ) : who are u???
man : ur life….
Aaradhya : what???
The man holds Aaradhya’s hands n says…
Man : soon u will believe …
He is about to leave her hand but Aaradhya holds his hand tighter.
Aaradhya : who r u ? what u saying ? show me ur face …
He smiles.suddenly sun rays becomes so bright that Aaradhya leaves his hand n closes her eyes. Suddenly she opens her eyes n sees the man going far away from her .
Aaradhya : plz stop …..u can’t go like this . atleast show ur face…
She runs behind him but no use the man went so far that she couldn’t see him now…she stops there.
Aaradhya(shouts) : who r u ? what does it mean???
Suddenly she gets up from sleep n realises that it was just a dream .still her heart beats so fast n she even had goosebumps …
Aaradhya : what all these crap??? What kind of dream is this ?so strange . this never happened to me before…
Suddenly she hits her head.

Aaru : this is why people says not to watch too many romantic movies…but no u won’t listen naa .. u hate love still watch those kind of movies …see bcoz of those movies u spoiled ur sleep. Stupid weird .even i’m becoming so filmy . keep it clear Aaradhya there is no chapter called love in ur life.
She looks out through window . still thinking about that dream and why it happened to her ?
Aaradhya : why today weather is so pleasant …air is so fresh . do i’m feeling that or really it is ?
Still she looking out with little confusion . Arjun enters her room.
Arjun : what happened sis didn’t u find sun outside today ? Looking so confused . let me help, it is there . ( he points out into sky)
Aaru : shut up bhai…not that . today i’m feeling something really strange . i feel something going to change my life.
Arjun : what really? This happened to me when i met her first time…..
Aaru : who? rithika..
Arjun : yes…i felt even more when i met Jiya…
Aaru : how many times u feel that bhai???
Arjun : wats ur problem madam? Feeling hi toh hey…n it’s absolutely free…
Aaru : haa….absolutely free. be careful it won’t cost u a slap from them.
Arjun: here i’m trying hard to get u world’s best bhabhi n u r making fun of me instead of helping.
Aaru :oh..! for me . thanks bhaiyu. why can’t u take help from Aadarsh badepapa?
Arjun: oye! no need i can do it myself …but i promise to get u a best babhi no matter how hard it is…
Saying this arjun leaves . Aaru smiles remembering his hardwork regarding his girlfriends . she forgets about the dream .she gets ready in blue jeans and white top n she is wearing multi colour stole actually its her favourite one.
She leaves for college…

Today campus is more clumsy . students moving here and there .suddenly one black Audi car stops at parking slot . all girls can’t take their eyes off but they are not looking at car they are looking at the guy getting out of the car . he is the most handsome hunk they have ever seen . he is soo charming . his looks are dashing .he starts walking towards the campus . he gets call .
Guy : hey bro…just reached where are u ?
Voice : coming bro just 5 min.
He starts walking n talking something to other person in phone .here Aaru reaches collg she is walking checking her phone she is approaching the guy in opp direction but she didn’t see him neither the guy saw her .they came so close n passes by without looking each other . aaru’s stole struck with his watch . she didn’t notices when she steps forward suddenly the guy pulls his hand . Aaru comes back suddenly by that jerk n about to fall n the guy catches her waist .he sees Aaradhya eyes n almost lost in her eyes . he forgets the world around him . suddenly comes to sense by Aaradhya’s voice .
Aaru : hello …!
He made her stand…Aaru sees her stole was torn because of his watch .
Aaru : what u did? My stole was torn bcoz of u….
Guy: what i did..? it’s ur stole’s mistake not mine.
Aaru : what rubbish? I need same new stole . u should get it…
Guy : for a second i thought u might be a very nice person . but u proved me wrong . u r really rude…
Aaru : i don’t need my attitude certificate from u…understand …i need new same stole.
Guy : what if i don’t ?
Aaru :oh really..!
She holds his hand and takes his watch n throws it away.
Aaru :Now no problem.
Guy: what u did? Do u know how much it cost?
Aaru : i don’t care. My ego satisfied now . gud bye..
Aaru leaves from there..
Guy (to himself) : but mine didn’t satisfied . i will teach u what ego satisfaction means…
Aaru enters the class n greets her friends .professor starts his lesson . suddenly they hear some voice.
Guy : excuse me sir can i get in ?
Sir : oh sure so u were the new guy principal told about u..
Aaru is busy in checking her notes .where all looking at the guy .
Rithu : Aaru look he is so cute….looks like siddarth malhotra..look na…
On seeing rithu’s excitement Aaru looks at the guy as soon as she sees she beats her forehead. yes he is the one she met n fought.
Sir : ok introduce ur self to all .
Guy: hi guys,i’m Aadit…..Aadit malhotra .
Rithu excitement reaches its peak level hearing his surname malhotra.
Aadit walks forward to take his seat n sees Aaradhya n smiles . he sits in other row .sir continues his class .he takes a white paper writes something on it n folds it n asks another guy to pass it to Aaradhya . Aaradhya reads the note . it contains
“hi friend, glad to meet u in same class .hope ur days were quite good till now . but not anymore .ur count down starts…. urs best Buddy” reading this she tears it into pieces n blows it into air n gives carefree look to Aadit . Aadit raises his one eyebrow n smiles at her .

Precap : Aadit plans for his revenge .

******** ************** *************** ************* *************** ************
Is this start of new revenge or its time for Aaradhya to create some space in her heart for love …? Time knows. Anyway hope u guys liking it . plz comment.

Credit to: honey

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