The pain that continues…(Episode 3)


Hi guys thanks for all ur love. keep encouraging me . i will try to give my best n happy holi everyone .
Episode 3 :
With some hangouts and cleaning her room Aaru manages to spend her weekend .finally it’s Monday .
Aaru gets ready in her routine style and goes to living room .
Aaru : bademaa i’m leaving to college .
Parneetha : what ? atleast had ur breakfast beta…
Aaru : no..maa ….i’m not hungry now. i will take something at 10’o clock in canteen if i’m hungry .
Parneetha : beta take care of ur health too .this is the last time i’m letting u go without having breakfast . next time i won’t . no matter if u r hungry or not u should eat at home .
Aaru smiles at her concern.
Aaru : fine bademaa. I’m getting late. Bye.

Aaru (to herself) : what’s the need to take care about myself what left in my life . i lost everything with my mom .
Aaru comes out n sees shambo kaka cleaning her car . she rushes to him n takes the cloth from him.
Aaru : how many times i told kaka ,call me when u want to clean the car. I will help na.
Shamboo : what do u think, do u think ur kaka became old . see i’m still young.
Aaru : haa super young right . i feel shame when i see my kaka cleaning my car .
Shamboo : i don’t feel bad to clean my child’s car .
Aaru : kaka plz call me next time we both will clean the car together. Not u alone .
Shamboo: fine beta…now u getting late go .
Aaru : ya.. bye ….
Laksh sees all these and feels happy at her kind behaviour towards them . he wishes if his daughter talks to him soon like this . the car was gifted to her on her 18th birthday by arjun not actually laksh made arjun to give it without her notice. It’s laksh present . Aaru don’t know that .
Aaru reaches college . infact most of boys had crush on Aaradhya as she is that much gorgeous. many tried hard atleast to talk with her. but no use . she is never interested in those feelings as i said she hates love . As soon as Aaru reaches college her eyes searches for her friends .
Mandy : hey Aaru how’s ur week end ?(he knows that she hates it but he just asks to tease her)
Aaru : as irritating as u are ….
Mandy : thank u..

Aaru : that’s ok .where’s rithu and dhruv ?
Mandy : u know rithu mam will be present on time even before 1 hour in classroom n dhruv didn’t came upto now.
Dhruv : i’m here finally .
Aaru : wat dhruv u getting better than us day -by-day . wats the matter haa.. ?
Dhruv : nothing guys just struck in traffic .
Aaru : struck in traffic or struck with girl friend…
Mandy : shame on u…for a girl u getting late to college u have blown our gang respect in air especially mine .
Dhruv : oye hero do u have respect ? even i have GF i came minutes late . without GF u r late always wat if u have, it takes years to see u in collg…so shut up.
Aaru : guys stop it ..let’s go to class or else rithu will shoot us if we r late this time .
Mandy : for this insult it costs u more mr.dhruv kashyap..
All leave for classroom ……
After 4 pm college ends …but Aaru goes to a coffee shop near by ..she goes to changing room in coffee shop comes out wearing coffeeshop’s tee shirt and cap ….yes u guys right.. she works there as a waitress for a cause . after 6 pm her shift ends for that day . she comes out in her outfit .where mandy, dhruv and rithu comes there .
Mandy : a girl from one of the rich families in city works as waiter in coffee shop just for 5 thousand per month .

Dhruv : yaa yaar Aaru whats the need for all these stuff .? if u are intended to help shamboo kaka give it from ur pocket money .
Aaru : guys my pocket money given to me by my family for my needs as they give to arjun and sadhvi . how can i donate someother’s money . i want to help my kaka by my hardwork . if u want to help someone we must know value of it . unless i earn by my hardwork i don’t know it’s value .
Mandy : it’s really hard to argue with u .
Rithu : guys stop .Aaru u r doing right thing don’t stress on these monkeys .
Aaru : that’s my rithu . guys dont worry just for few more days i will get the money needed .
All leaves to their resp homes .
Aaru goes straight to her room . she gets into her nightwear .takes money from cupboard and starts counting sitting on bed .
Aaru :(seeing ragini’s pic) mom just some more money needed i will get it by end of this month . shambo kaka really feels happy if i give him naa…
She keeps money in cupboard again .then goes to sleep.

Precap : entry of new guy in Aaru’s life .

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Credit to: honey

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  1. Wow I love aru a lot. Di pls show some arjun and aru sweet moments as u said they share a great bonding. I m eagerly waiting for their scenes and the care for arjun towards aru. By the way u r a great writer di. I just love ur story a lot

    1. It’s awesome.. aaru is smuch a sweetheart ??

  2. Aru is awesome yaar……..actually may i ask u one question…
    who is playing Aru’s role? Not only Aru’s role ….but all new characters…..Sadhvi , Arjun , Rithu, Dhruv, Mandy

  3. Who’s playing arus character….it vry nice

  4. aru- tejaßwi
    new entry- parth

  5. Wow wow falling in love with the story

  6. U nailed it

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