The pain that continues…(Episode 2)

Thanks for all comments and i may not reply don’t get me wrong . really i dont know how to react to compliment . but i really love reading ur comments .i got some requests to change sadhvi positive . but guys i don’t have idea towards changing track. But give me some space to think of it. Sadhvi is not a big villain she just hate aaradhya and even aaru hates her. some misunderstanding b/w sisters. Will clear as story proceeds…

Episode: 2
16 years passed. Years skipped really fast but cant able to heal the scars that past left .nothing had changed much .misunderstanding remained unchanged.
I thought to introduce Aaradhya , sadhvi and Arjun after 16 years to avoid any confusion.don’t worry guys Aaru is my main lead . though she is a bit rude she is sweet from heart .
Aaradhya : Aaradhya looks so gorgeous that no one can take their eyes off her . Aardhya is a girl of modern times . trendy girl loves and feels comfort in modern clothes . to be frank she is far off from traditional wear . all thinks she is arrogant but to those who knows her from heart knows she is down to earth in nature . she never tries or bothers to be good in anyone’s sight . she like to be herself never minds what others think. Her terms with maheshwaris didn’t change much . she hates them . all these y ears she didn’t even talk to her father .she behaves good with parnetha and aadarsh as she feels they are ones who never gave pain to her mom . her bonding with arjun is great . infact this is the relation she accepts in that house .she is not of bearing type whenever anyone hurt or teases her she sets the score off . she strictly believes in tit for tat formula. She wont hide her nature for anyone praise or to be good for anyone . she loves to be herself . in maheshwari house she can’t feel free as she hates them .so tries to be out all times . outside the house, her crazy side cracks off and feels as light as bird. She has three close friends .with them she is really very close. In her gang mandy , rithu ,dhruv . aaradhya shares everything with them not her pain of her family . mentally she is not attached to anyone . but mandy,dhruv,rithu loves aaradhya . they know what she is…above all she hates “ love” she feels that, it is the thing that destroys people as it did with her mom . so she keeps herself away from those feelings .
Sadhvi : she is typical girl . she tries to gain everyone attention .she feels the only problem in her life is Aaradhya .

Both aaradhya and sadhvi really hate each other infact more than that in childhood .literally they are called enemies of same blood .whole maheshwari family worried about their bonding . once they start fighting surroundings changes to war atmosphere . whole family pushes Arjun in between them to stop it. Poor Arjun really scared of those girls don’t want to interfere but was forced . fight ends after throwing him out of the ring . both girls leave in opposite directions. Poor arjun…..
Arjun : great fun loving guy . he loves and atmost cared to his sisters especially more to Aaradhya.really scared of girls fight .He shares all his fun parties matters to aaru which whole family is unaware .all family thinks he is boy of 90’s . he maintains atmost secret about his fun stuff. He wants aaru to get gel with family and let go off the past. But he wont say anything to aaru he knows she really feels bad infact he is afraid if he talk about that issue his sister will go off from his life. He can’t take risk . He can’t see aaru getting upset .he really loves aaradhya .they share great bonding.
Arjun completed his graduation joins maheshwaris in business . actually he wants to enjoy but he will be kicked out if he wont join them in business .(lazy pop). Aaru and sadhvi studies in same college but different groups . Aaru chooses computer science . both are in end of first year of their college .(as age difference is only 5 months).

Aaradhya’s room :
The room is quite spacious n painted with light lavender colour with modern wall papers . she had her bed near big window as she loves fresh air and keeps herself near to nature and reality .her room is designed by herself . one wall has ragini’s big photo frame. Another wall is filled with cute frame of her at centre and around it there are many crazy frames of her with her crazy gang but not even one frame with family . the outlook of room is pleasant but in maintainance resembles more of boy’s room . clothes here and there . aaru too a bit lazy types . but tries hard to keep it clean herself wont insist whole work on maids .
Scene 1:Aaradhya’s room.
Morning 8 am cold breeze dares to enter aaru’s room it passes through aaru’s cute face still deeply in love with bed . by coldness of breeze a cute smile appears later sun rays disturbs her . but still madly in love with sleep aaru turns other side . the solution she found not worked much time as alaram in phone starts ringing . after some struggle finally aaru opens her eyes .still in bed she off the alaram in phone and sees at her phone.
Aaru :’s Saturday not again…
She sees ragini’s pic on wall
Aaru : gud morning maa….see maa it’s again Saturday.
Generally youth looks forward for weekend but aaru hates weekend since these days no collage, she should be at home as we know she hates the people there .usually she maximum avoid being in home , goes out and hang out either with friends or alone depends on aaru’s mood.
Aa ru : where should i go today…..? don’t know why these weekends comes so fast…?
Breaking her selftalk Rano (maid in house ) enters her room .
Rano (murmurring) : all clothes here and there, even arjun’s room is better than this .
Aaru smile widens at her murmurring .
Rano : so u are awake . tell me what’s all these mess .n why r u laughing.?
Aaru allows Rano and shambo kaka even to scold her. she never treats them as maid and servant they too treat aaru as their child so they even scold her . where as they wont utter a word to anyone in home when it comes to aaru as she treats them well they feel she is their child.
Aaru : nothing special asusual my aunt murmuring on usual things. Neither u get bored on these things nor I get some gyaan…
Aaru gets up and sits on bed.
Rano : what Aaru ? Girls should learn some household works. When u go to Ur in-laws what they think on our upbringing..?
Aaru : what bademaa I’m still Ur lil kid u r thinking about getting me married..? n u know what child marriage is an offence in India.
Rano: achha then when this kid grows up.
Aaru : soon but not now. U don’t worry about room I will clean it in evening.
Rano: wat about now???
Aaru : now princess need some air from outside…gotta go…
Rano: true…..then go n get fresh up ..come soon to breakfast ..
Aaru : sure…

Rano leaves and aaru keeps smiling suddenly she see laksh standing at door..her smile vanishes n she gets off the bed takes her stuff goes to restroom.laksh really gets upset but goes from there silently .Aaru comes out gets ready in jeans and western top with 3’4th sleeves. With loose straight hair n with some soft curls at end. Aaru is really looking very cute .she takes blessing from her mom’s pic n goes down. Everyone at breakfast table looks at her. she goes sits beside arjun.
Sadhvi: again late..we all got up so early
Aaru :wat happened my sweet didi breakfast is not tasty, u r eating my brain early in morning…
Arjun controls his smile…sadhvi dont know wat to say..after while aaru completes her breakfast n goes out.
Annapurna: 16 years passed still aaradhya is angry on us…..
Laksh: mom i’m really scared now . will she accept me ever before i die . she is my only reason to live but she is far away from me .
Aadarsh : even the pain she have is not less na laksh . she would have easily forgiven if it matters anything but it’s her mom’s life . she needs more time . don’t worry .
Sanskar : really laksh even my hearts says everything is going to be well soon . our aaru returns to us.
Sadhvi (to herself) : my sense says nothing going to be good . All are fools after all everyone knows how stubborn she is…still hopes she will accept all.
Episode ends.

Precap : aaradhya and sadhvi leaves for college ….fun convo b/w aaradhya and her friends .

Hope its upto Ur expectations…upcoming episodes will be quite better than this.srry for any grammar mistakes.

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