The pain that continues…(Episode 1)


Thanks to all those who proved mine is atleast a bit worth . my intension is not to hurt any swara fan .it’s my story line what can i do yaar? In my ff Aaradhya is main lead and Sadhvi plays a negative one.when story matter there must be someone to play negative one right…here this episode is a view from 5 year old kid (aaradhya). Forgive me if u feel if i hurt someone.
Episode :1
Here dadi means ragini’s dadi . aaru calls her sometimes dadiji or pardadi.
Determined to know past of her mom aaradhya asks her father that she wants to go to baadi to spend her weelend .she will not tell him about the intension behind going baadi. Laksh drops her at baadi and asks sumi to take care of her and leaves .
Dadi: arey ! meri bacchii finally you came to meet your old pardadi.
Aaru : yes pardadi. I will spend this weekend here with u only .
Sumi : very good but only u came where’s sadhvi.
Aaru gets irritated by her question just goes inside without uttering a word. every one follows her .

Shekar : so beta how’s your school studies and friends ?
Aaru : quite good dadaji. Infact my dad joined me in the best school obviously as he is such a best dad he chooses best things for me.
Dadi : achha hai atleast he loves u whole heartedly….
Suddenly realises she slipped her tongue.
Aaru : atleast you means ? ?? what….?
Shekar : she means he loves u more than anyone.
If there were any other 5 years old kid he/she would have easily convinced but with aaru it’s not easy she is too smart in understanding mysterious things. She feels there’s something about her mom they are hiding from her.
At night after dinner all went to sleep.
Dadi : aaru beta today you sleep beside me..
Aaru : ya i too want to sleep with u .

Dadi: come beta i will tell u a story and so that u sleep happily listening to it.
Aaru :haa dad ii really wanted to listen a tale from u today so that i can sleep happily whole my life.
Dadi feels some thing strange in aaru’s words
Dadi : so tell which tale do u wanted to hear?
Aaru : my mom’s.
Dadi : what…. ?
Aaru : yes dadji please tell me what happened in her life since from beginning. Begin from telling who is the lady in the picture. (she points out at janaki photo )
Dadi : there’s nothing important u should know about it. Just leave and sleep.
Aaru : what nothing important means ? it is really important to know about my mom’s life. And u cant tell like this dadiji. I am asking only you to tell because i trust you the most. tell me truth .
Dadi : beta u r too young to understand it .
Aaru : A daughter is never too young to understand her mom’s pain . plz dadiji tell me . u r the only way left to reach my mom’s past . dont close it . i beg u .
Seeing aaradhya’ s strong will to know her mom’s past she decides to tell truth as it is not wrong.

Dadi : ok beta i will tell everything . but promise me u wont take it deep in ur heart .
Aaru : no i cant . my mom is in my heart and every matter related to her will be in my heart .
Dadi : ok beta she is urs mom’s mom. (pointing janaki’s photo )
Aaru almost in shock
Aaru : what my dadi? Then what about sumi ji ? you all told she is my dadi.
Dadi explains her everything and tells ragini life story from beginning to end .
Aaradhya is in tears hearing it.
Aaru : this much pain and betrayal in her life how did she easily accepted everyone . how could dad love another girl after engaging to my mom and how swara could love him breaking my mom and later sanskar who showed her wrong way and how he became good later . after all these drama how could swara tell it’s childish love then why the hell she broke my mom dad relation first . then why at that time she didn’t realise that her love is childish . again dad betrayed her marrying kavya . is she a toy to play with . i accept my mom went wrong path at some points but if every one wrong and played with her she did right one . she loved dad truly so that she cant able to loose him . ahhh cant bear it . this means sumiji is not my dadi and swara not my mom’s sister infact these people spoiled my mom’s life no…they destroyed it . poor mom never felt happiness completely .
She breaks and cries vigorously………..dadi hugs aaradhya.
Dadi : beta it’s past leave it . now ur mom is in peace..don’t worry she can’t see u crying..plz control beta…

Aaru : what about the pain who will compensate it dadiji..?
Dadi : it’s fate beta we can’t change the past.
Aaru : yaa dadiji fate…there in maheshwari’s house everyone head is raised even today after doing all these things to my mom . they are happy today enjoying luxuries there. even swara maasi no i won’t call her maasi she is nothing to me .
Dadi : no beta don’t tell like that…
Aaru : yes what i said is right she is nothing for me after all she destroyed my mom’s life . i hate them i really hate them….even my dad chee…! i cant forgive him for my life..
Dadi : beta u r scaring me dont be that much hatred towards them atleast to ur dad.
Aaru looks like burning flame in her anger. pain is clearly in her eyes.
Aaru : dad no he dont desereve to be that…dadi thanks for opening my eyes . really thanks . now i understood everything . perfect it is clearer now .
After some time both goes to sleep and aaru still have tears in her eyes .
One night truth brought many changes in her life……..
Morning aarvi gets ready to leave to maheshwari mansion.
Sumi : aaru take this milk.

Aaru : it’s Aaradhya . and i’m not interested in drinking that .
Saying this aaru picks her backpack and leaves to living room . sumi feels what happened to her.
Laksh already arrived there to pick her up . on seeing aaradhya he smiles .but aaru didn’t even look at him went straight to car and sat .laksh feels a bit hurt but goes to car .
Aaru trying to keep seat belt when laksh tries to help her she resists.
Aaru : i can do it myself . it’s enough what u did upto now.
Laksh was shocked by her words . he didn’t understand why she is behaving like this .
Laksh : aaru what happened ? why are u rude to ur father ?
Aaru : no u r not my father it.

Laksh : plz tell me what happened ?
Aaru : what u thought when u hide truth from me i wont be able to reach to it . then u people are absolutely wrong. Now i knew what u and ur family had done to my mom. For that i’m not going to forgive u .
Laksh : beta plz dont say that i know i have done wrong . but ur mom too did bad things . we both did mistakes .
Aaru : no …mom were never wrong infact u and swara betrayed her all through ur lives. Even she did wrong but started by u , swara and sanskar bade papa.
Laksh : sorry beta it’s our fate .
Aaru : wow …! mistakes are done by people and the one blamed is fate …strange. whatever let me clear something, u guys made my mom cry alot for that i wont make u guys cry because my mom can’t see me doing bad deeds . but i can pay respect for her pain by removing u people from my life. U all were nothing to me . but i will live in same house since it’s my mom’s in-laws house and i have right to be there. But people there are nothing to me .incase i may forgive anyone but not u and swaraji. i will hate u both all through my life .

Laksh was in tears and thinks she is just 5 years old but her words are so deep he fears really she started hating him but consoles himself that she is kid now she is angry later she will become normal . silently he rode to maheshwari mansion. As soon as car stops near house aaru gets off walks faster . everyone are present in hall . aaru enters the house followed by laksh . as soon as sadhvi sees aaru she started her routine work.
Sadhvi : arey u came . u must have been there for some more time the house is peaceful without u.
Aaru who already in pain and her anger fuelled up by her words .
Aaru (with anger ) : hey u.! cant u mind ur own work . who the hell are u to tell me to be out of house and what rights do u have on this house . it’s my father’s . i have my right as u have and when peace matters it’s really strange to hear that word from people like you who themselves create mess.
Swara : aaradhya why are u so angry .? she just made fun.

Aaru : fun…..!? ya fun . yes in this house u have rights to make fun of my mom and ur daughter have rights to make fun of me…right. but sorry swaraji i wont let that happen to myself.
Swara : what are talking ? who made fun of ragini ?
Aaru : oh god ! how these guys act so naturally .? see swaraji i know u know everything. anyways fabulous acting . just tell ur daughter to stay away from me . she have no rights even to make fun of me . got it .
All were shocked and aaru went straight to her room and shut the door with loud sound. Laksh is in tears .
Sanskaar : what happened to aaradhya ? why she is talking to swara like this and she didn’t even call her maasi just calling swaraji what happened lucky???

Laksh : she have known about ragini’s past…she blames me for her mom’s pain . she started hating me and said she will never forgive us especially me and swara .
Saying this he breaks in to tears everyone consoles him .
Annapurna : don’t worry laksh she is just a kid slowly we will make her understand .
In room :
Aaru crying near ragini’s photo .
Aaru : mom they did really wrong with u and i’m not going to forgive them . i will hate them all my life .
Episode ends.

Precap : story takes leap for 16 years . introduction of aaradhya and sadhvi.

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Guys i don’t mean to hurt swara fans it’s my story . if u feel i’m hurting u guys then plz don’t read this . bcoz in my story sadhvi plays negative role . this ff mainly revolves around aaradhya and her struggle with the past .

Credit to: honey

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  1. Please I want aaru to be positive and sadvi to be negative. Aaru should be brave, independent and a lot of people should love her especially like orphanage people and other people because she should help them and take care of them. Aaru should also love Lakshya because she is the only reason why is still alive and he shouldn’t get remarried.

    1. I’m sorry all this is just a request.

  2. Fantastic.. Loved it…

  3. Amazing!!! Waiting for the next part…

  4. I like the story…. in fact I love it…
    But I do have one request…
    Please don’t show sadhvi as negative…
    Make her change aaru’s mindset or whatever…
    Swaragini was supposed to be a story about 2 sisters but the writers notched it up for Soo long…
    Please , you change the track… but this is just my personal opinion… every story need not have a bad character.. see the rishta…that serial has never had one villain in the family….
    If you feel I’ve been very rude im sorry… I will read ur story to see how it progresses…
    But I love the way you’ve written…I can understand aaru’s pain… awesome honey…
    Please consider my request… but it’s your story…write what you want from ur heart…

  5. OMG it is amazing I thought it would be more for 5 years old but you made it convincing keep going on

  6. wow….it was awesome…..but plzzz make sadhvi also positive afterwards….dont make her negative for life long…….nd Aru is soo cool…..

  7. Guys listen, there are many ff where swara is main lead so anybody having problem with swara being negative can read it.And honey pls keep writing Remember it’s ur story.write for urself

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  9. i just love ua story line …whatever the roles maybe +ve or -ve u r just rocking it n waiting for next epi make it soon

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