The pain that continues…(Intro)


The Pain That Continues…(Intro)
Hi guys , this is my first fan fiction and this ff is not about swara and ragini . it’s all about the next generation of maheshwari family . First let me clear something i’m big fan of tejaswi . but what i found in swaragini as ragini is highly disappointing . She dont have equal importance like swara . sometimes they frame ragini as most weakest and sometimes evil . . . never shown as strong as swara . anyways i can’t do anything with that .
Coming to ff : all characters in swaragini are same . the story starts where ragini and swara find out kavya’s truth and solves all problems and misunderstanding . Laksh realises what he did was too stupid and apologises to his family and they accepts him . laksh realises that the love ragini had towards him is true and pure . he pleads ragini to come back in his life and promises never to hurt her again . ragini accepts laksh as she can’t resist herself from loving him , no matter how many times she gets wounded in his love . but this time laksh seems sincere towards ragini . all family members get them married .

Story line takes leap for one year . Aardarsh and parneetha have their first baby boy and names him as arjun . after two years , Swara gives birth to a girl and name her sadhvi . ragini also gives birth to a girl and they name her Aaradhya . Aaradhya is very cute looks like small angel down to earth . her eyes filled with world’s brightness and ocean’s deep . laksh promises aaradhya to be the best father . Aaradhya is younger to sadhvi by 5 months . Both ragini and swara feels very happy on seeing their loving daughters and feels they both will share great sister bonding as they share . but what they know what fate needs . ragini takes atmost care of aaradhya . she want her daughter to be strong in any situation unlike her and not to step in wrong direction for any cause . she decide to give aaradhya full freedom to choose her way of living , dressing , career and life partner too . she is super excited to see her daughter’s future .
After one year as happiness won’t last in ragini’s life she dies in car accident . all family lost in sorrow . Laksh’s sorrow is uncontrollable . he felt ground under his feet vanished . he felt no reason to live without ragini . And decides to end his life but when he heard aaradhya’s cry he rushed to her and hugs her . he realises he can’t leave his aaradhya alone and for her he should live . he looks into sky and sees ragini image in sky and promises to take care of aaradhya till his last breath .
Time changes everything but some misunderstanding can’t be erased so easily . both sadhvi and aaradhya growing up but their bonding is not at all good . Don’t know what problem they have with each other they both fight on every matter . sadhvi always tries to take aaradhya’s things even aaradhya is not easily giving type like ragini . Aaru is so stubborn especially when in fight with sadhvi . aaradhya always manages to win over her . sadhvi develops jealousy towards aaradhya . even aaradhya had some kind of hate in her heart for sadhvi . but never have thoughts to hurt sadhvi . Unless sadhvi irritates aaradhya . aaradhya never interested even to talk with her . she minds her own work . But sadhvi can’t resist herself with out irritating her . Once fight starts aaradhya never back off . laksh finds aaradhya growing completely different from ragini . but he feels it’s good to be like that so that no guy like him will be able to break her like he did with ragini . except sadhvi and aaru fights , it’s quite good until aaradhya was five years old . she was pampered atmost by everyone especially parnetha and aadarsh . all tried to keep her out of the feeling that she don’t have a mother . but mother’s place can’t be taken off . whenever she sees swara feeding sadhvi she feels there’s something major missing in her life . She decides to know why her mom is not there in her life ?

Will aaradhya know about her mom’s past ? what happens when she comes to know about her mom’s pain in past ? will the past be successful in bring space between aaradhya and laksh ? will she accept maheshwari family . . . ! ?
Hope it’s good atleast a bit . let me know through comments … srry for any grammar mistakes .


Credit to: honey

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